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Time Is Eternal

By on September 15, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Susan Vivyan,
Guest writer,

You look at time as minutes on your watch; as hours to gauge your activity for the day, weeks, months, the year. We are asking you to set aside all activities for the moment NOW and be present; breath in the air of your being which allows you life on this planet. Right NOW breathe in the air: at least 3 FULL breaths, maybe more of your choosing.

As you continue to focus on your breath, time becomes an illusion. The watches, calendars, to-do lists disappear in the air of your breathing. Do this more often (consciously we might add) and you will find some of your cares, concerns dissipate in the wind. Not all, but some in the moment of non-centration on those concerns.

We ask you to be more in the flow, focusing on the areas that bring you joy, love & peace. Allow your tasks you find so important to flow around the center of your being. Let them be in the periphery as you focus on your breath, your moments of joy & no concerns.

You hold your issues so tightly that you resolve in their “knottiness” to tie you down. Release the ropes of worry, fear, guilt, shame & allow time as you know it to heal, to restore your center being.

Time is illusionary, is transparent, circular, never ending, looping. You sights at this time confine time to a particular event, day, hour. We ask you to expand your vision and see time as eternal; never ending, healing, expanding. Time resolves all differences, issues, problems as you perceive them.

We return to the Source that is All. Time; therefore, is an illusion created to separate, divide and maintain our “concreteness”. We are becoming more transparent (not disappearing) and so must learn to ride the new time paradigm of fluidity, acceptance and allowance.

Enjoy the flow! Life is meant to be a joyous ride, not one to clock in, clock out. Navigate the wave as a surfer….finding the arc of the wave and allowing the surf to carry you out, up, returning to shore…exhilarated!

Susan Vivyan; M.A.T. (Art Therapy), B.S. (Art Education); Art Transformative Facilitator/Educator, Writer, Artist. You can find her Soul Essence paintings on Facebook @EssenceArtBySusanVivyan  

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