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Tips On Sacred Geometric Tattoos, Elementals, & Energy Portals

By on January 3, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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Tips On Sacred Geometric Tattoos, Elementals, & Energy Portals

by Casey Francis,
Contributing Writer,

If we perceive of our bodies as a vessel for our spirit or soul, capable of holding a certain capacity of our true frequency and light; we can then begin to understand the effects that tattoos, especially those incorporating sacred geometry, can have across our energetic bodies.

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Placed on our body, tattoos have the ability to act as amplifiers which can either enhance or detract from the frequency or range that our bodies are currently vibrating at.

In the same manner that a trombone amplifies the reverberating vibration of music, so too can sacred geometry act as an amplifier, or gateway, of energy, helping to place our bodies into different realms and consciousness experiences through their power.

This is why we must especially take care when choosing both to get a sacred geometric design, along with what accompanies the sacred tattoo; as whatever frequency the attached object is vibrating at will be enhanced and magnified exponentially out into all facets of our consciousness and energetic bodies.

For example; a Flower of Life symbol surrounded by skulls, a quote of sad temperament and an overarching theme of low or dense emotion will provide the ‘wearer’ with a consistent energetic flow of sadness through this energy gateway; due to the perpetual ability of the design to magnify that which is around or placed upon it.

On the other hand; a Flower of Life surrounded by a quote of joy and abundance will bring with it an amplification of joy and serenity to the ‘wearer’.

The above is of course simple in theory, but the reality of branding oneself with these designs does in fact run even deeper. Even the original intention of the reason to get a sacred geometric tattoo plays a major role!

Do you, as the individual, want to get it to ‘show off’ or impress others?

The tattoo will as such amplify this egoic perception.

Alternatively, is the intention for the tattoo to create a beautiful work of art, dedicated to the magnificence and beauty of creation at it’s most infinite levels?

The design as such will help to being beauty and ground frequencies of love both into yours and the earth’s energetic fields.

Tattoos are important.

Tattoos are sacred.

Tattoos CAN create nightmarish energies to attach to your body.

Tattoos CAN and WILL create and draw in frequencies which relate to the design.

Those with sight can attest to the fact that horrific depictions of creatures in a tattoo can manifest in an ‘elemental’ or energetic being which hangs around your body in that form. Do you want to run the risk of feeding that matter with additional power with the use of geometry?

This continues further, even down to the mental state and intention of the artist who is branding your body:

Are they joyful whilst creating this piece of art?

Or are they in a foul mood, loathe to do the design due to it’s complexity?

These energies will be permanently imbued into the tattoo’s energetic imprint.

Added to this, what are your emotions and thoughts doing on the day of getting the tattoo?

Are you excited?


Are you sad or currently mourning?

What is the best mind-frame for you to be in for helping to manifest the intention of the tattoo design?

These energies will once again be inherently held within the energies of the tattoo.

Be careful what you brand your body with. Don’t create a portal that will allow negative energy to attach to you.

Physical ink takes on a much deeper meaning when combined with symbology; especially with something as powerful as sacred geometry, as this acts as a portal to higher (and lower) dimensions. Used appropriately, these can help raise our consciousness incredibly!

Utilize your body-temple wisely and try to do things with the purest of intentions 🙂

Casey Francis

About the author: Casey is a 24 year old who experienced an abrupt awakening and has had to learn and adapt through numerous world-twisting experiences in the last 12 months; now spending his time writing, creating art, creating music and performing healings amongst various spiritual and galactic encounters. Please visit Casey at | Instragram: Caseyandhoney

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