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Top 10 Ways Meditation Will Quicken Your Ascension Process

By on June 12, 2017 in Meditation, Spiritual Awakening
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Top 10 Ways Meditation Will Quicken Your Ascension Process

by Milena Powell,
Contributing Writer,

Just mention the word meditation and you can hear the internal groans begin from those around you. We have so many preconceived ideas about what meditation is and how we interact with it. So many people say, “I would if I could, but I just can’t keep still”, and others think of it as an archaic spiritual practice. Some have dabbled in it yet perhaps never have gone deep enough to reap its many benefits.

Meditation can be your best friend! There are many ways we can enter into meditation, and the benefits of developing your meditation skills are absolutely immense. In this article we will focus solely on the benefits of meditation with regards to the Ascension process, though there are also countless mental, psychological and physiological others.

As we dive deeper into a meditative state, we are able to push aside the mind and its imaginations as well as the unconscious thoughts and subconscious energy patterns that run our lives. We become open to all possibilities, and are able to enter into receptivity. We are no longer doing, but just being. In this place we are able to receive clear impressions from the Akasha, work on multi-level healing, and simply raise our frequency.

10 ways meditation will take you deeper into your Ascension

1. Meditation is a Direct Route To Your Higher Self or Soul Level.

Through meditation you can go deeper than your subconscious patterns to the unconscious mind where your Higher Self or Soul resides. Our mind has a lot to say every day. When we look at an object or are involved in a situation, our mind is working, judging, thinking, and strategizing, often in tandem with the habitual patterns of the subconscious running in the background. In meditation we focus the mind on a single point and just allow the thoughts to flow by, not getting caught by any of them. When we are no longer doing the bidding of our 3rd dimensional mind, we are able to hear from a deeper place. The subconscious mind loses control, and we have the ability to be open and to hear more of what our Higher Self is guiding.

2. Meditation Stills the Mind So You Can Receive Information and you can Gain Easy Access to All of the Akasha

What do you need to know? What do you want to understand? Meditation gives us the practice of quieting and pushing the constant chatter of the mind aside, and we can enter into stillness and peace. We move towards receiving and receptivity. In this place of receptivity, our mind is not there to access our preconceived ideas. We are uplifted to higher energies when our mind is not constantly rooting us in 3D, and we have clarity as to the information being received, is not through the thoughts and opinions of the mind. It becomes easy to ask a question, enter into the stillness, and allow the brain to receive the information we want. We don’t have to worry that what we are downloading could have been created by our imaginations. We are in pure receptivity, beyond the mind, and in the Universal Mind of the Akasha.

3. Meditation Raises Your Vibration and Soothes and Aligns Your Energy Fields

Thoughts begin the process of creation. Every thought we have brings in energy, releases energy, raises the body’s energy or lowers it. Our thoughts affect the neural pathways linked to biological responses in the body. From just our thoughts we can easily create endorphins (feeling good) or cortisol (stress hormones). As we focus our mind on a single point, our breath slows and deepens. As we breathe vital prana into the body and lessen our constant negative impact on the body’s energy field, our energy will begin to naturally align. We remove stuck energy in our fears and worries, so our vibration will rise.

4. Meditation Breaks Through Mental Barriers of Belief Systems.

If we think we can’t do something, we never will be able to do it. Thought is that strong! If we don’t believe anything is possible, we will never experience more and more beyond what we believe we are capable of experiencing. Our mind defines how we react in the world, how we hear things, and what we believe. When we meditate, we begin to see the mind for what it is- sometimes our friend, but usually it limits us. When we can go beyond the mind through the practice of meditation, we understand we can do anything we wish- if we truly believe we can. We can change the world with our thoughts, we can become psychic, more intuitive, become healers – anything we doubted in our 3D reality construct. Our beliefs about our mind become multidimensional, so we manifest more of that!

5. With Meditation We Become Less Susceptible to Ascension Symptoms

Meditation and the intake of pure, clean prana make our energy field more stable and we become less susceptible to outside Influence and Ascension symptoms. We become more grounded and our energy flows up and our frequency rises. We are more of a match to the higher energies coming in right now so symptoms of discord dissipate, and we become balanced and strong.

6. Meditation Will Help You Become a Pure Energy Channel.

When we are not running subconscious energy patterns, our energetic biofield doesn’t get caught in knots and energy loops, but instead flows more freely. When this happens we have an easier time circulating energies to our whole body. You become a vessel for increased energy flowing through your body. And after a bit of meditation practice you will begin to see that the energy channels in your body become clear, strong and active, and you can easily reach higher levels of energetic experiences and pull through energy to help this planet and others on it.

7. With Meditation we Can Understand People and Communicate Better Without Words

As you become a clear energy channel, you will be able to walk up to a person and be less personally interactive with their energy field. Projections and reactions from the mind are lessened by the habit of meditation, so you see, feel and ‘read’ a person or a situation more clearly. This means you can intuit things about them, and receive communications from them without you or the other persona ever saying a word.

8. Changing Your Light body Vibrational Frequency No Longer Allows Lower Vibrational Energies into your system.

Once you begin on the path of accessing and allowing higher energies into your vessel through the changes that happen with consistent meditation, raising your vibration becomes almost self-perpetuating. The clearer your vessel is, the clearer it wants to become. You become more transparent, so to speak. As this happens, it is much harder to stay aligned with low vibrational foods, music, situations and people. Moving up the path of Ascension continues almost on its own, and at some point, it no longer becomes a choice but a natural necessity!

9. Supercharge Your Healing Abilities

Meditate an hour a day and it’s enough to take care of the next 23! You begin to live in the world as an integrated being. We become able to listen to the Higher Self (which is always there but perhaps not so apparent) who knows how to heal us in any situation. In addition, as we have more access to the Akasha we can see clearly what is helpful to a situation or a person. As our body-vessel becomes a clear channel, we are able to use its energy meridians and bio-field to flow through healing energies not only for ourselves but for the world!

10. Meditation Will Take You Past Your Mind, and Into Your Heart.

We all want to feel our heart expand and spend more time guided by our heart – it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world! Yet due to our collective societal conditioning, most of humanity is taught to be guided by the decisions of the mind over the heart. For making money, we feel safe with the rational and analytical decisions of the mind. Same for getting our basic needs met. But they don’t call it the Monkey Mind for nothing! Meditation will allow your mind to go off and rest. The more you are able to identify and put the demanding mind to rest, the awareness of the heart is able to come into play, and the more you acknowledge it and nurture it, the more it will stay with you. In addition, in my personal experience, the vibrational experience of Love energy appears to be “built in” in the higher dimensional realms. Meditation will help take you there!

It may take a few attempts to begin a meditation practice, so if you have difficulty, the important thing is not to give up! Just know that the effects will be cumulative, and it will become increasingly easier over time.

If you encounter difficulty being still and focusing your mind, no problem! Try to use a candle to stare into. This allows your gaze to steady and it will help bring your awareness first to only the candle, and eventually inwards. Or you can try playing some shamanic drumming music in the background. Try not to listen to any music with distracting melodies, but instead use a simple rhythmic drumbeat. This allows your focus to settle only on the drum, and that too can eventually turn the mind inwards. It will keep attention on the sound, and the distractions of the mind are kept at bay.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to meditate is to sit comfortably (but try not to lie down – the propensity for sleep can easily become overwhelming) close the eyes, then turn the focus of the eyes and your attention to the point between the eyebrows. As thoughts show up, just let them float by. Don’t get attached to the idea or imagination and follow them. If that happens, no worries! As soon as you realize you are off in a thought, simply bring the attention back to the point between the eyebrows again. Your breath will naturally slow and deepen, though there are some yogic breathing exercises you can find online to help prepare you for a meditation. They’re not necessary, but they could be helpful to ready the body for a deep meditation.

An hour of meditation a day is said to keep the other 23 hours in check, but that is a recommendation. Even in an hour of meditating, it usually takes the mind about 40 minutes to quiet down, and the last 20 minutes is where the real benefits of meditation begin! Start small and work your way up. 5 or 10 minutes to start, twice a day will get you on your way.

Good luck and happy meditating!

About the author: Milena Powell is a Consciousness Explorer, and Energy Healing Facilitator and author of the book Living in the Light, Living as the Heart, which discusses how to expand our multi-dimensional awareness and grow in our ascension as well as feel and flow energy through our body-vessels. She is an energy worker in Santa Fe New Mexico and does sessions in person or remote over video or phone.

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