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Transformation Of Our DNA

By on July 23, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Transformation Of Our DNA

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by Teri Wade,
Contributing Writer,

Transformation Of Our DNA

We have been stuck in a Universal time Matrix meaning the DNA of the human being has been cut off from the higher frequencies of higher dimensions. Our DNA is now starting to catch up with those higher frequencies.


The human race is now realizing that the 97% of the DNA we do not utilize will bring us to a reality that most can’t even comprehend, a higher purpose and this Awakening of the human race is happening for the first time in our species history. But remember we agreed to do this to ourselves.

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We are breaking through those restraints that have halted our progress for thousands of years. A soul awakening requires the expansion of our existing beliefs beyond our programmed belief system. I know I sound like a broken record but you have to unlearn everything that you have been taught to be true.

We come in to this Earth plane knowing our Universal truth but as we grow up in this programmed holographic society we disconnect from that knowing and we are taught programmed beliefs that are passed down from generation to generation which erase much of that knowing. The foundation of this 3D Matrix creates restrictions thru those beliefs, the Universe has no restrictions.

These boundaries and restrictions limit our spiritual growth. Our DNA not only exists biologically but dimensionally as well. The scientists cannot get past DNA being nothing but biological but what they don’t understand is it is our galactic signature. It’s our individual harmonic resonance in flow with the Universe. So, like I’ve said before if you flow with these frequencies you can see how everything will just fall in to place but if you resist the flow you get friction that causes chaos and that chaos can be something as simple as a fight with a spouse or a sibling or that chaos can be planetary. BECAUSE EVERYTHING CONNECTS!

Makes sense? ?


If we were to hear the tone, the harmonic resonance of each strand of our DNA we would find out it creates a certain harmonic frequency. That harmonic frequency is our Universal identifier. In essence we exist within our individual harmonic resonance.

Our DNA frequency is like a transmitter and receiver and is our biological and energetic connector to everything environmental and Universal. Healing with sound frequency lies within man’s power. Creation was brought on by waves of consciousness via vibrational frequency and the origins of man is a by product of this creation.

Man is pure energy in wave genetics. The junk DNA functions in a infrastructure of super codes and wave communication. Again, everything is vibrational. The human genetics are a larger part of the Universal hologram of wave communication. IT ALL CONNECTS!

Remote sensing, remote healing and telepathy are all part of the Human protocol and we will all find this out soon. Our so-called scientists that call our 97% of DNA junk cannot see the extremely important use for it…Yet! ?

When we entered the Photon Belt in 2012 which is an ocean of light of extremely high frequency which we entered at the back end of the Age of Aquarius… That 97% of our DNA that our scientists call junk started to spiral up through those two biological strands and are starting to re-organize. Hence, the Awakening of the Human species. We are transitioning from a two strand double helix to a 12 strand helix. Advancing man into a leap of evolution!

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Our current solar system goes thru major Universal cycles. I’ve talked about one quite a bit…Precession of the Equinox which is a major game changer in our current reality. Everything gets an upgrade with these higher torsion waves whether you’re ready for it or not.

This leap in human evolution that were feeling and seeing brought on by these higher frequencies is called Ascension. The Ascension process happens routinely in our solar system to other planets as they evolve. This is a major reason the Ascended Masters have returned and the human race is being contacted by beings that have already advanced past this evolutionary process they are here to help us ascend. Those who are open and are ready will receive contact by these beings and will be guided during this process for this exact time in our history.

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Those who are awakening on this planet as of now are starting to seek higher answers and processes. We need to clear out all past issues, forgive ourselves, release all negative energy patterns. What it comes down to is you need to open your mindset on a Universal level.

Basically, we are going through a programmed energetic evolution. Third dimensional humans experience themselves separate from each other and deal with issues of survival, fourth dimensional humans will be self aware and will understand the connectedness of oneness to each other.

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Some people say that a 3D physical body and it’s DNA will not be supported in a 4D existence that is not true because we are doing that now. Again, the human being has always been an experiment and this Ascension process is the PINNACLE of this experiment. Many say this Ascension will happen instantaneously, in my opinion, I believe it will happen instantaneously but some cultures say it’ll take three days meaning the three days of darkness we’ve all heard about.

My reasoning for saying that is everybody is at a different vibrational level and I believe it all depends on where you’re at… Meaning, it could take a person that is buzzing at a higher frequency to begin with that instantaneous flash and maybe some that aren’t will take those three days. See what I mean?

When this Ascension happens to you you’ll wake up one day and the colors will be much more vibrant and brighter and when you, let’s say, jump in the air instead of coming right back down it’ll take you 30 seconds to float to the surface. Basically, Ascension is a process that beings go through when they change densities.

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I know many of you are feeling these physical symptoms of this DNA change and this will pass once this Christ seed integrates fully with your physical and non-physical reality. All these physical and emotional symptoms are you just releasing the past. And to all of you that are bummed out about losing relationships with family, friends etc. as you awaken you are just bound to them by biological karma it’s all the process. However, those relationships can be salvaged but only in those new energies without karmic attachments.

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Just remember when you feel like you’re walking between two different worlds or like I’ve said many times having a foot in two different worlds… What you’re feeling is your consciousness transitioning into these new energies and sometimes your physical body lags behind. Basically, it’s like you’re a computer and you’re going through a reboot and sometimes you just need to shut down for a brief period of time in order to load this new sophisticated software. But, remember you are never alone. ?

Teri Wade

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