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Twin Flame, Celibate, Or Single – Who Knows?

By on July 1, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Jennifer Moreau,
Contributing Writer,

I declared and made a pact with the Universe to be single until I found my twin flame. Over the years I have remained single, only once did I stray from my pact, but did I? Time will tell.

I read years ago about twin flames and I haven’t really strayed from that original introduction to the concept. I have entertained a few of the more recent ideas but truly deep within I still feel the original article I read was accurate.

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I have been through asking…bring me a soul mate, then a life partner, a twin flame….and all the other kinds of relationships that you read about. All the while, saying for my highest good. Which really never ends up to be what you really want, it is what you need to move along your journey. False twin flames……no, karmic balancing and growth. LOL

I have also looked at a monad. A monad briefly is you and 144 soul extensions. You belong to a monad and you have a monad as well. There is a group of 12 and I do believe that those 12 souls in that level of a monad are potential twin flames. Not all will be incarnate right now, and with 7+ billion people on the planet, well those are pretty amazing odds that you can find one. Not impossible, but the Universe will need to be on its game to adjust a meeting for you.

Today I read something Magenta Pixie wrote about twin flames and I really resonate strongly with what she said.

“Your ‘Twin Flame’ is you. Your higher self/source aspect. Many potential partners can mirror that frequency if you are in alignment with your mission. As a Starseed you are highly likely to meet a person who mirrors the twin flame frequency for you. If things do not work out with one ‘twin’ then if you remain in alignment you will meet another. Sometimes you can be with a person for several years before the relationship holds ‘Twin Flame’ energy. It is the relationship itself that is the twin flame not the ‘other person’ for you are both mirroring one another’s higher self. The way to know if your relationship is holding the twin flame pattern is to look at the sacred geometric construction that is the vesica piscis. The circles are you and your partner and the central point is the creation between you. Are you in a creational relationship and creating together?”
Magenta Pixie

I love this explanation because it resonates with me. I was speaking about sexual energy today and said this:

“Sexual energy is life force energy. I do believe it is creative because is comes from within. And all creativity comes from the soul. I think people are constantly searching for better and better sex because it is pure energy. When you have that deep connection to the Universe and your soul, you no longer need to search in a sexual for the energy because you have it. It truly has nothing to do with the other person you are with it is pure egoless connection to Source, God, the Universe whatever each person calls it.”

It occurred to me while listening to an Osho recording again that being celibate is not the answer either. However, we all do at some point in our journey loose interest in finding a partner. Even if it is for a short while, this is the time when we are finding our own soul. I feel we are finding our authentic self and becoming whole within.

I have written an article called “Finding Conscious Relationships”, this could almost an addition to that article. I talk about how matching physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects with a potential partner is a good place to start. If you are both not available on one or more of those aspects then things will potentially be out of balance and that’s not the one. I also feel that when we do find “the one” then we will come together to be mutually supportive and really have our own lives and creative ventures, goals and be able to compliment each other, balanced. I think as we begin to heal and balance those things within ourselves then our relationships and needs of our relationships change. Partners and friends as well.

I declare…I know nothing, but some things from experiencing.

Jennifer Moreau

About the author: I have been doing intuitive readings for a few years as well as one-on-one teaching and alternative perspective guidance. Studying Ascension and putting it into practice has given me a practical knowledge for others who choose to follow the path of higher growth. Energetic work has become a huge part of my journey since everything is energy. I use many different tools in my work from oracle cards to energy clearing and healing to soul activations and even the pendulum. and

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