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Twin Flames – Opening Up To The Trinity

By on July 17, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Twin Flames - Opening Up To The Trinity

by Tamara Maat,
Contributing Writer,

Writing that title, my eyes are pulled to look at the clock that reads 11:11. Simple—clear.

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Now the stakes are high, and the fears seem higher, but they aren’t. They aren’t at all. We, the Twin-Flame collective, have got this.

Before I go further into what this article is about, a sweet reminder is called for. Twin flames know who they are. They are divine beings that are powerful lightworkers, each with an individual gift of their own, coming to Earth at this time to maximize the healing of the world first through their own talent, and, second, by their twin-flame journey that leads to sacred union. If this is not the story, one has probably confused being a soul mate with a twin.

We, twins, have got this. We are rising, and we are taking the places that the Divine has created just for us since the start of creation. We have had accelerated healings, ascension and upgrades these past months that would be enough to make other people busy for lifetimes. The work is still in progress. We have been busy clearing our own systems and the world’s, preparing for the sacred day of the Event, when all pain finally goes.

Bearing the twin-flame symbol in mind, it seems that we have done incredible work adequate to unite the two circles together into infinity. True. Yet, most of us are still scared of and intimidated by looking up. We have been pointing fingers at the other, blaming them for delays just to avoid such looking up. At this phase, it is becoming imperative to focus on the high point of God, the Sun of Ra. Most of us now have this knowing that this light is bound to come to Earth, through us and our sacred relationship.

We know the day is close; we know it is very close.

“But why should we surrender to such powers?” we ask ourselves. “Why should we ascend from human status to one that is divine? It is surely cool here; we are not asked for more than we truly are. We are still allowed to embrace our faults and shortcomings. We are still allowed to be incomplete…”

Let’s admit, it is usually an advantage to stay in our comfort zone. Why look up? Can’t that light burn? Isn’t it tiring to shine such light every day? Why step up? Why take that responsibility?

The ego has been such an interesting tool in this process. Some of us have claimed we don’t wish to marry at all. Some claim they do not want commitment in any form. Others say monogamy is not for them and design a life of open relationships, sharing only crumbs with their eternal twin flames, and a different group claims a life with a soul mate is much better than all the hassle with a scary mirror…

The list of defense mechanisms against the light goes on, but one moment of Truth clears all that out. Let’s consider Sekhmet and Ptah… Hathor and Horus… Isis and Osiris… Let’s imagine those in an open relationship… Let’s imagine each of those deciding to be alone…

What if Sekhmet shared Ptah with other “cool chicks”? What if Horus just thought a commitment to Hathor would be too much? What if Isis had given up on Osiris for becoming torn into parts and thrown all over Egypt?

Being unable to tolerate such a massacre to great mythology and twin-flame heritage, why do we see it appropriate for ourselves?

Well, twin flames, we have already signed up for this; the ship has sailed. Surrender to our Divine Truth is called for; the time has simply come to claim that Throne. It is time to live up to our birthright, it is time to claim that Light as ours. Thinking it is the other’s fault that we are together could very much change, once we have truly, fully, embraced our own sacred, Light-of-God selves.

About the author: Despite all her attempts to remain sane in the eyes of society, Maryam Massoud, also known as Tamara Maat, has become the first modern Egyptian to be spontaneously initiated into shamanism in the temples of Luxor, Egypt. Her journey included countless readings, workshops, courses, teachers and mentors, ending with the initiations in the temples, and continuing with ascension every day. She now helps people heal on deep levels and find their Truths using the Egyptian-land medicine, similar to how she has experienced healing herself. To connect to Maryam, you can check her FB page @tamaramaat2015 or go to

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