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Twin Flames – What Are They And Are We Just Chasing Our Tails?

By on December 20, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Twin Flames - What Are They And Are We Just Chasing Our Tails?

by Sean Akers,
Contributing Writer,

Words are important. Words help us to describe the world around us and convey concrete or abstract thoughts. In fact, they’re so important that when people start misappropriating words and terms, confusion abounds, and we can’t agree on anything. The following is going to cover a lot of ground, but I must establish a basis of definitions before I move onto the big enchilada. I will also be using the word “God” a lot too. If you don’t like that word, feel free to interchange with Source, Creator, Spirit, or whatever you use to describe a higher power. There is something out there, and while we may not agree on what to call it, I think we can all agree that we are trying to describe the same thing or phenomenon.

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The word God, as an entity, can be very difficult for people to agree on how to define it. If God is everything, or infinite, then God might be beyond definition. In order to assign a definition, the observer would require that an entity be static, or that the entity consistently repeat some sort of pattern in order to identify and describe features and characteristics.

When I think about God, and how I would define it, my mind switches back and forth between two concepts, interchangeably. One is that:

  • God is everything around all things
  • God is everything around you
  • God is everything around me
  • God is experiencing any and all aspects of itself through nature, physical forces, the elements, you, me, and many other ways of unnamed and unknown experiences along with a case of transient global amnesia a majority of the time

A word that could be used to describe the above God-characteristics is pantheism.

The other way that I like to think of God is as:

  • All that is, in a singular moment of time connected together
  • All that is, seated in a moment of eternal contemplation, radiating life out into the surrounding formless void
  • All that is, One, where there is no time, there is no fear,
  • All that is, thinking of new possibilities in which the One Eternal Flame can experience itself and experience other conscious versions of being

I don’t know of a word that would describe the above characteristics. It sort of sounds like Buddha, or Jesus in meditation, or one of the Indian Gods or Goddesses, but those labels are limiting and exclusionary to what I’m attempting to describe. Instead of a label for this concept, let’s use an image.

Figure 1: All that Is, One, contemplating all possibilities in Mind and Spirit.

I’ve been reading Conversations with God over the past few months by Neale Donald Walsch. These books have been a joy to read. The readings didn’t expose me to new concepts, but they validated existing ideas that I’ve held for many years. They confirm and provide more refined ways of describing concepts that have previously only been possible to entertain with my imagination.

A principle example of what Neale validated through his writings compared to my imagination is how I visualize God at its most perfected state.  This is the state of All That Is, One, in the Singular Moment All Connected Together. It’s in that state that Neale goes on to describe that all possibilities are considered and contemplated. Every possible scenario is imagined and thought through, but it’s not experienced. The experiential aspect is where God takes the concept from the All That Is state of being and puts it into practice.  This is accomplished by experiencing the thought scenario in a physical, tangible reality. This is the polar opposite of the conceptual state, All That Is.  It’s God experiencing itself through its conceptions.

In order to perform the feat of having an intriguing experience in a safe environment, the entire structure that encapsulates the environment, space and point of perspective that God is having the experience from is comprised of God itself. This means that God cannot harm itself, no matter the experience. That does not mean that pain, sadness, or other emotions that we commonly label as negative are not felt during the experience. Quite the contrary, those and more might be in overabundance because they are exactly what God intended to experience in the physical realm after having conceptualized them in the All That Is state. The experience from the point of the individual, or animal, or any number of points of consciousness perspective might not be a blissful existence all the way through. This point is important to highlight, because I think that people tend to want to label God with an idea that all the physical permutations that God creates for the purpose of free-will and experience is only going to be blissful, joyous and nirvana-istic. That’s not the case, all the time, when God is having the experiential aspect of free-will being. I think that IS the case when God is having the All That Is, One, Contemplating Endless Experiential Existences.

Holy Hell!

What does any of the above have to do with Twin Flames? What does this have to do with our Soul Mates? What does this have to do with finding our counterpart that is so much like ourselves that they’re practically a mirror of who we are, but are in another body?

“Sean, you’ve spent an awful long time talking about God, and what God might be before you’ve even broached the original point of the title of this writing, which is TWIN FLAMES! And by the way, your description of God and what God might be, is only an opinion, and EVERYONE has their own opinion, so don’t go getting all “This is the Way” on me, good sir!”

Whoa…….hold up. I understand, and apologize. You’re right, it was a rather long introduction before I even typed the words TWIN FLAMES into this entry. I have been told that my writing is long, overly complicated and difficult to digest at times. If that is the case, well, keep working on breaking down what I’m saying, and don’t give up. I am breaking down these rather large concepts the best I can, and sometimes I need to lay a little ground work first. A foundation must be put into place before the rest of the structure is put up. Would you build a house on mud, or on a slab of concrete? Exactly.

I’ve read esoteric topics for many years now. I’ve seen the term Twin Flames more often than I can probably remember, but that term never really interested me enough to take notice. Recently I kept seeing it with more frequency. You know how a person starts seeing repeating numbers more and more often, like 11:11, or 3:33, or 4:44, or 14:14 (military time), or 12:12? It’s the Universe saying, “YOO-HOO! OVER HERE! I’ve got something to show you!”

You walk over, look at the commotion, and then your eyes widen, and your spiritual journey takes off. That’s one way of describing how it could begin, and it’s definitely one to which we can all relate.


Figure 2: “Universal Command, we are GO for spiritual launch.”

“Roger that Houston. Ignition.”

And then, like all things that happen to a person, it’s right in front of your face, like, all the time. This word combination, Twin Flame, what does it even mean? Does it mean Soul Mate? Does it mean your significant other? If you do a search you’ll find that just about everyone who has written on the topic self-admits that they don’t really know what a Twin Flame is, but they’re going to break it down for you into a concise list of ten bullet points that are super easy to understand.  THEN, all will be GLORIOUS and AMAZING and you will be SUPER in-the-know and can apply it in your understanding of life!


Figure 3: Life is now officially “Peachy”

[record needle scratches and the music stops]

“Sean, you’re starting to act like an asshole with the graphic above and all. Care to tone it down and not insult the community?”

Sorry, maybe you’re right. And for the record, because sometimes I do feel like this might be referenced at some point down the road as a calling card to my character, I love spiritual communities. A lot. In fact, I’m a real goof-ball. Now, on occasion, my sarcasm and clowning pushes things too far. If the above offended you, well, I’m not trying to intentionally be offensive. It’s just part of my flare.  I enjoy making people laugh.  Maybe my lightheartedness helps to serve as a reminder not to take life too seriously all the time, no matter the topic at hand. And that includes Twin Flame topics.

“Okay Sean, no need to write a book on why, this, that and the other. Get back to the topic. Please!”

Right! Sorry about that!

So, my point is that the Twin Flames definition, in a general sense of the term, is supposed to be a person that is like a mirror of yourself that helps to point out the character flaws, weaknesses, lessons that need to be worked on in this lifetime.  Twin Flames can also be very, very complimentary to you and they are a joy to be around. Sometimes they are very much not complimentary to you, and that’s the “mirror reflecting your lesser soul attributes” back so that you can see them.


You see, all of that sounds a lot like people who would be really easy to gel with.  They would be people that I would hang around with because they’re like minded. I like to attribute a lot of this to chemistry. There are certain combinations of people that have the right chemistry together. The relationship can be out of this world, and very, very long lasting. Much like a Twin Flame. But my problem with using the term “Twin Flame” to describe a match based on this, is that it’s not the appropriate term.  Call them a “Soul Mate,” “Star-Crossed Lovers,” a “Match Made in Heaven.” But don’t call them Twin Flames.

“Why? People have been using this term for decades. You’re just going to come here and upend the table and appropriate this word for some other usage?”

Maybe, if that’s what it appears that I’m doing, then I might. But stay with me and let me finish what I’m trying to describe and then you decide if what I’m saying makes any sense, or I’m crazy because I’m the only one that would come up with and express this sort of idea.

“Yeah, this guy is coo-coo for co-co-puffs.”

Hey, I heard that!

Twin Flames implies that there is only two of one thing.


Figure 4: Twins Basil. Twinnsssssss.

There cannot be Triplet Flames, or Quadruple Flames, or “higher and higher” Flames. Having stated that, any argument that says you can have more than one Twin Flame in your life time is not talking about your true Twin Flame. They’re talking about a Soul Mate, or a highly compatible match based on chemistry, physical, mental and spiritual planes.

It all came to me while I was taking a jog through a park that a Twin Flame relationship, in order to exist, requires two entities:

  1. You
  2. God

Now, based on prior articles written, and my original proposition above in this writing, God can manifest as you. God is having an experience as you, and if you are reading this right now, then I’m talking directly to you. Also mentioned previously, is that most of the time God, when experiencing ideas in the physical form, often will intentionally self-induce a state of transient global amnesia so as to take in the experience for all it’s worth as that entity. Sometimes God, or you the reader, might not be awake to this concept yet.  You might be in the stages of awakening to this concept, or you might have come to this awareness years ago, and are helping others with their journey where and when it’s appropriate. The point is, if you are literally sitting here right NOW, and are reading this in the state of awareness that you are a God Conscious entity having the experience of “Name that Guy/Girl,” then you might be very well be aware that you have all of the Universal instructions within you. You are a fractal of the entire Universe distilled down to a single person who is spiritually on fire!


Figure 5: Just another day during the Ascension.

So, what does that imply? If you’re a representation of the entire Universe around you, and you are one of the two Flames that comprise “Twin Flames,” then who is your counterpart Twin Flame supposed to be? I think that’s where people are getting hung up.

Most would say, as previously stated above, that your Twin Flame is a person that you will meet who will do A, B, C, etc. You should feel an intense connection with them, and the relationship isn’t always meant to be Happy Times, all the time. They’re meant to help you learn and grow.  They’re you, yet somehow not you.

And that’s exactly what makes people who have read much on the idea of Twin Flames, who have been searching for and yearning for their Twin Flame, become despondent and even depressed when either they cannot find this elusive person that fits the general criteria of a “Twin Flame,” or they have found their “Twin Flame” but the “Twin Flame” is not quite there yet with them on their life journey because they haven’t “grown enough” yet to be fully activated as their Twin Flame.  I don’t know.  It’s so confusing.

Hello!!!! Does this sort of relationship expectation raise any red flags for you yet? Well, this isn’t me telling you what to do, so I’m just going to put that over here and walk away. No need to air dirty laundry! It’s not polite.

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Figure 6: Just tidy away this dirty laundry in the drawer.


Figure 7: Oh comon! Throw me a frickin bone here!

What I’m getting at is if you are a Flame, and you are a representation of the Universe, crystalized into a beautiful human form, and you have a copy of the Universal blueprints as part of the fabric of your existence, then what is the counterpart to that?

It’s not a person. Your Twin Flame is the rest of the Universe from the outside of your skin, and onward.

lucy hale no idea whats going on here reaction gif

Figure 8: OMG. No idea what is going on here right now. Srsly.  What is he even talking about?

That’s right. Your Twin Flame is literally existence all around you. It’s there to help to take care of you. It’s there to be nourishing to you. It’s there to feed you. It’s there to teach you ALL, and I mean ALL, manner of life lessons, and then some. It’s there to provide you comfort, and pain, and happiness, and grief. It’s there to give you the full breadth of the rainbow of living, and I think we’re really just getting started in terms of what is possible.  It’s there to be a reflection of who you are.  It shows you the good, the bad, and the ugly right to your face, and it doesn’t blink.  It helps you grow, and it can tear you down all in the same breath.

“Sean, that sounds like complete horse-shit. Your twin flame is everything around you? And it’s not a person?”

YES! Now you’re onto it. It’s a shocking concept I know. I do much better with illustrations sometimes than I do using the written word, so let me attempt to show you what I mean.

One way of thinking of what God is, is to say that God is All That Is, One. The Eternal Flame.


Figure 9: All That Is, the Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame is All There Is, when in a state of Oneness. This is the state of Conception of Experience. Conception of Experience is only one side of the coin. The flip side of this coin is the Sensation of Experience. While diametrically opposed to each other, or polar opposites, they are connected and cannot exist without each other. When the Eternal Flame decides that it wants to move from a Conceived State of Experience to one in which the Experience is actually experienced, it does so in a tangible, visceral, physical, and sensational way. When this happens, the Eternal Flame splits in two: One flame is the Experience conceived through the All There Is state of being, the other flame is All Surrounding of the Eternal Flame. This All Surrounding IS the Twin Flame. This external Twin Flame is what provides an environment through which to execute the Experience. The boundary that separates the Twin Flames is your skin. It is your external body. You are surrounded by your Twin Flame. The immediate world, and Universe outside of your skin is one-half of the Twin Flame, and your body, your experiential self, your thoughts are the other half of the Twin Flame. So it goes from an Eternal Flame, to a Twin Flame. Both are the same, but one Flame is externalized, and the other Flame is internalized. They are the same Flame but are separated in order to facilitate the ability to take the thought of Experience and provide a support system to tangibly experience the Thought.


Figure 10: When God is in the “All There Is” state, it is a state of being in full unification. Full and Total Thought, the state of Pure Conception. This state is Pure Potential and harbors all feelings, but a majority of which is comprised of Love.


Figure 11: When God is in “The Experience” state, it is a state of being the “All There Is” flame in an incarnate vessel which is fully surrounded the other half of the Flame. The experience conceived in the Pure Potential state of “All There Is” is actuated by shifting from a state of Pure Potential to Pure Kinesis, or Pure Movement. The experience can be ANY experience and depending upon the perspective, the Experience can be labeled as positive, good, holy, or negative, bad, or cursed. The label is just a description, and is relative to the observer. It doesn’t imply good or bad. The Experience is the Experience.


Figure 12: You, as a vessel of All There Is, as God, live and feel the sensations of The Experience fully surrounded by God. Your skin is the tangible boundary between God and God. God created a way to experience God’s thoughts in a tangible way within an environment that provides for complete safety of God, while at the same time constructing a support matrix that provides a consequential feedback system that tests what happens when “The Experience” conceived by “All There Is” is experienced in a way that can be felt and understood in a way opposite from Pure Thought Potential.

“Wait a minute Sean…… my skin is the boundary between God and God? That doesn’t make sense.”

I get that it sounds recursive and self-referential, but the fact is that God is Everything. God is having the experience of an idea, and God is experiencing it through You. You are God, but usually You are in a state of transient global amnesia, and don’t remember that you are God. When in the amnesic state, You have the experience in the fullest, most removed from distraction state possible. Remembering that you are God doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of living “The Experience” or make “The Experience” less real, it’s just recognition of a facet of who you are. There is a great quote by the Persian poet, Rumi. Rumi lived during the 13th century, and TRUE, great wisdom transcends the temporal dimension effortlessly.


Figure 13: Rumi was a 13th-century Persian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic originally from Greater Khorasan.

“Hmmmm…..okay Sean. That sort of makes sense. But maybe I don’t think like you do. I’m not so pretentious to think that I AM GOD. Goodness. Have you been checked out by a doctor? Maybe you need medication!”

Hey! I know that’s a lofty thought. High up there. I get it. I don’t go around in my life discussing this. This is just a conversation that I’m having with you, the reader, or the collective thought complex. If you don’t want to embrace that concept, or you’re not ready to embrace it, or you just outright reject the notion, that’s okay. This entry isn’t about telling you what you should or should not do on your spiritual journey. The entry is about providing firm definitions to words or terms so that there is clarity and precision as our newer, more spiritually online selves come into being. We need a collective agreement about how to describe things and what words or labels we use to describe things and concepts in this current version of reality. Otherwise we get confused and don’t understand each other. Our reality isn’t so fleeting and chang-prone that words are only temporary in their application of describing life. A fish is a fish, a flower is a flower, and a Twin Flame is comprised of You and God, not You and another person for which you are a match on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, or the mirror of yourself.

Let me try to describe and illustrate what I see when I read people using the term Twin Flame as a label for another person for whom there is a strong, undeniable attraction that mirrors your person and persona.

It seems that the internet in general uses the Twin Flame term to describe another person in this reality. If you’re sitting here reading this, then you’re in this reality, which means that it’s the year 2018, Donald Trump is the USA President, Paris is in the throes of violent riotous protests, and there’s this blob of junk in the Pacific Ocean called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. These descriptors are a barometer of reality right now, as I’m writing this.

When a person discovers their Twin Flame, they look longingly at a person, either in a good or bad way. I say that because when applied to a person, a Twin Flame relationship is said to sometimes be an “on again off again” experience because the interactions can be so intense.


Figure 14: Applying the Twin Flame label to another person.

The above, present day application of the term “Twin Flame” is pretty accurate in my books. It’s a term a person gives to another person. But when Twin Flame is interpreted as You and God, for which I have been making the case, then what you’re doing when you label another singular person as your Twin Flame is excluding the majority of God and only focusing on a person. This label can be applied both ways to men and women.


Figure 15: Misunderstanding in the sense that this woman is your Twin Flame. She is a spiritual person with whom there are likely strong, undeniable similarities that bond you together, but she is not the entire Universe outside of your body.


Figure 16: Misunderstanding in the sense that this man is your Twin Flame. He is a spiritual person with whom there are likely strong, undeniable similarities that bond you together, but he is not the entire Universe outside of your body.

To illustrate the whole picture of how Twin Flame should be used, the image below is the concept of “The Experience” in an incarnate vessel (the woman) which is fully surrounded by the other half of the Flame, (all reality outside of her skin) or the “All There Is.”

(Note to you: For the sake of length, I’m going to use just one illustration of this concept. The idea can be applied from the perspective of either the man or woman in your imagination.)


Figure 17: For our temporal reality, a better illustration to demonstrate what a Twin Flame relationship is, which is you, the Experience Vessel, one-half of the Twin Flame, kinetically having the physical experience in concert with the other half of the Twin Flame, which is in God. In this perspective, God is the support matrix that you, God, move through in order to experience that thought conceived in the state of “All That Is, One, Pure Potential.”

“Wow, Sean. You basically wrote a novella to describe this point about what Twin Flames are. You could have just provided the above illustration and gotten to the point instead of creating a 30-minute reading session.”

I know, but this is a discussion of spiritual concepts. We are here to have a dialog about the nuances of spirituality. There’s no need to rush, because there is no finish line, there is no ending, there is no Off. Life has always existed in one form or another, and life finds a way to organize matter into suitable vessels that facilitate experiences with each other. When we slow down, the details really stand out, which is why this writing is exceptionally lengthy.

Look at it this way. Let’s say that in the state of Experience, where you have an Experience Vessel, your body, you are one of the two flames. If you apply the label of twin flame to another person apart from yourself, as opposed to everything outside of you, then in so many words, you’re chasing your own tail like a dog. But your tail is not your Twin Flame. Your tail is PART of Twin Flame. Stop chasing yourself. Oh now! Who am I to bark order.  Go ahead and chase yourself. It’s fun!

You give this person a label of Twin Flame, but that other person is not your mirror. The environment you live in, the world and all its inhabitants are your mirror.

Let’s borrow again from illustration figures 15 and 16. Let’s say that you’re in a state where it’s literally just you and your Twin Flame. Twin Flames together, FINALLY! It’s wonderful. There’s nothing else around you. It’s just you, and your Twin Flame, and there’s nothing else. Literally. But rather than focusing on the whole aspect of your Twin Flame, you’re just focusing on their EAR, and are behaving as if the EAR is THE TWIN FLAME. You’re not paying attention to the rest of Twin Flame, just a part of Twin Flame. Twin Flame is going to get a little confused, because Twin Flame is going to notice that you’re only paying attention to Twin Flame’s ear, and not the Entire Twin Flame.

“Hey, yoo-hoo! My eyes are right here! Why do you keep looking off and to the right? Stop looking at my ear! My ear is not THE Twin Flame, it’s part of me. All of me is the Twin Flame. All of me!”

maletwinflamemistake 1

Figure 18: Panel A of an illustration of a person assigning Twin Flame status to PART of the full Twin Flame, and not recognizing that the true, full Twin Flame is more than just an isolated aspect of Twin Flame.


Figure 19: Panel B of an illustration of a person assigning Twin Flame status to PART of the full Twin Flame, and not recognizing that the true, full Twin Flame is more than just an isolated aspect of Twin Flame.

I’d like to move back to one last illustration I think shines light on Twin Flames and what happens when we move from the state of “All That Is, Pure Potential,” to the state of “Experiential Kinesis/Movement.”

The Mandelbrot Set is a demonstration of fractals and infinite fidelity. Meaning, the more you zoom in on a point of the Mandelbrot Set, the more complex it becomes, and it never loses detail as you move closer. It retains razor sharp definition.  It does not become blurry or pixelated the closer you zoom.

Mandel zoom 00 mandelbrot set

Figure 20: The Mandelbrot Set prior to zoom.

I used this image in combination with a person in the contemplative pose to illustrate the idea of what God might be like in the contemplative state of “All That Is.”

mandelbrot setwithfigure2

Figure 21: God in the contemplative state where all experiences, scenarios, and potential circumstances are thought of in the state of All That Is, Pure Potential.

When God, or You, decides to move from the Contemplative All That Is state to one in which the Conceived Thought can be Experienced, then the zoom starts. The zoom represents both time and depth. As you go deeper, time passes by too. The next illustration brings to life all the wondrous possibilities of what happens when we actualize an Experience. We create our reality.

meditations on the mandelbrot set

Figure 22: A concept of moving from the 2-Dimensional image of the Mandelbrot set, and zooming in, which introduces the dimension of depth, time and crystallized imagination, which is the basis of our shared reality.

Artist Credit and permission to use the above image provided by: Anita Chowdry @

“Are you done yet? My Soul Mate is starting to wonder why I’m taking so long and not coming to dinner.”

That’s excellent! You used the term Soul Mate as opposed to Twin Flame, and I think that’s a more precise way to bestow love to a person with which you have a very deep connection. “Soul Mate” is more than adequate and capable to describe attributes that have historically been misattributed to the term Twin Flame. Relationships are tough! They take work, and expectations must be tempered. You might be with a Soul Mate for a brief period in this life, or you might meet them and be with them for the rest of your life. I think that people can experience the company of many different Soul Mates over the course of a lifetime. Some might experience a Soul Mate over the course of many lifetimes. These things are relative to the person having the Experience conceived by the “All That Is, God, You.”

In the end, if you recognize the Godhead in yourself, and then recognize that God is an Eternal Flame, you will realize you are having the experience of God living life as a human being with specific circumstances. You will know that inside of you is Infinity, a literal drop of the Universe entirely capable of reconstructing everything from the past up to the present moment, if that were necessary. Everything beyond the point of your skin is also Infinity, which is Your Twin Flame of yourself, infinitely outward yet so close to you at the same time. You then realize that you are never alone. Your Twin Flame is always with you and cares for you but speaks to you in many different ways. God is always with you.  You can take comfort in knowing this because God is all around you and God is also experiencing You experiencing God. God provides to you a support matrix to exist and experience life because You had an AMAZING Idea that had to be experienced while you were in the “All That Is, One” state. You made this happen.

Thank you for being you.



About the authorSean Akers is a just a dude and an armchair philosopher. He is the author of Thought Experiments for Ascending Spirits – Volume 1. If you wish to contact him, please send an e-mail to   His written materials and additional shared resources of inspiration can be found at

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