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Two Simple Methods On How To Bend Time

By on February 17, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening

Two Simple Methods On How To Bend Time

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by Marbella Barajas,
Contributing writer,

The dimensional plane we exist in now is filled with a matrix that holds a certain vibration for us to function in. The dimensional plane that helps us bend time in this reality, is the 4th dimension and higher. As spirit, we can move into these different dimensional planes naturally.


When one uses their spirit to travel in different dimensions, they can not measure time there. Because we are human and eternal spirit, we have the ability to integrate both worlds. We can use the body and the spirit to manipulate our current reality. If you find yourself being able to feel others energy, emotions, and thoughts, you are already integrating the body and the spirit to work together in this current reality. Now, you just need to experiment and fine tune the vibration of embodying the 4th dimension with the intention of “bending time”. If you find yourself being late to places and wanting to be on time, you can learn to warp time.

There are two ways to my knowledge of how to warp time. You can command time to speed up, or slow down with a “direct thought phrase”. You can also direct time by focusing on certain meridian points. The meridian point that I have discovered and use is located in the center of the forehead.

When I focus on the center of my forehead and let myself be in a trance like state, but still conscious, I can integrate my spirit to vibrate my body in a different dimension. So, the way I warp time is by having the body slip slightly in another dimension, this will slow down time. Placing the body slightly in the 4th dimension will slow down time in our 3rd dimensional reality. I do this when I drive to events or appointments. While I drive, I focus on the center of my forehead until I feel pressure there. Then I keep the pressure there till I walk into the meeting. Everytime I did this, I arrived on time or earlier at the place where I needed to be. The average speed of the car should have made me late, but I arrived on time. A 15 min drive, turned into a 7 min drive. This should be physically impossible, and it is when you only work in the 3D. However, when you work as a multidimensional being, the impossible tends to be less relevant.

Now the command phrase that shifts your dimensional frequency is a phrase that pushes your belief of mortality out the window. This phrase triggers the eternal spirit to activate and tune the body to vibrate higher. The phrase I use to warp time to my will is… “The queen is never late, everyone else is simply early”, and I say this to myself when I am traveling to a place with the intention of getting there in a timely manner. If you are male, then you might want to replace queen with king. You would repeat this in your head or out loud to shift your thought intention. This phrase is so powerful because it allows you to influence your free will as a human. All the while, helping you create an outcome that is inevitable, simply stated by your belief in it.

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Why is bending time so important? Well, one is that you can get to places on time. But, two is that you can start to realize how powerful you are as a human on earth. So, that you can remember your capability and start to have fun with that knowledge. People are able to enjoy life more when they realize they are creating it. However, don’t get me wrong, there is a learning curve and people first feel pain when realizing they are creating their reality. But, once the acceptance is balanced out, life begins to change and blossom.

We start to find a reason to live outside of the labels we were given. We find a purpose to thrive as a human. Therefore, while experiencing the eternal knowing of being a creator and experiencing the polarity of what it means to be limited in a body, can be such a humbling experience. We are meant to be on earth for a reason, and while figuring that out, why not create some joy in the meantime. Enjoy warping time everyone! Warp time responsibly.


-Marbella Barajas

Go visit her website at for meditation sessions and self-discovery blog.

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