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UFO Enters Warp Drive When Police Arrive

By on July 7, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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UFO Enters Warp Drive When Police Arrive

The story behind a well known Illinois UFO case from early January 2000 involving witnesses from multiple police departments may be rewritten as one new witness came forward July 16, 2012, to offer additional testimony from a vantage point in southern Missouri, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was an assistant fire chief at the time who watched the case being played out on a network television reenactment and called the UFO Examiner to disclose case details that had never before been revealed publicly. After speaking with the witness, both Missouri and Illinois MUFON were immediately contacted to begin an investigation. The witness officially filed a MUFON report with Assistant Missouri State Director Margie Kay.

UFO Parades In Front of Astounded Witness, Enters Warp Drive When Police Arrives

UFO Enters Warp Drive When Police Arrive

The following is an excerpt from the original official MUFON report:

40861-CE1 CAT 2, IL
Illinois Police UFO Chase, Highland IL, January 2000.
Investigators: Margie Kay & Joe Palermo
Case Disposition: Unknown

The witness stated that he was returning from a house fire in St. Clair, Missouri, at approximately 3 a.m. and was on I-44 Highway approaching Union, Missouri, when he heard law enforcement on the county police band radio discussing an unidentified object. The dispatcher said, “Oh it’s this Roswell stuff again,” and that police were chasing the object.

As the witness approached Highway 50 and Highway 47, he saw a large, triangular craft with lights pointing down over the Wal-Mart that was traveling at approximately 25-30 mph.

The witness said that the very bright lights on the object pointed downward, but did not light up the ground, seeming to stop approximately 100 feet up.

The craft was approximately 500 feet above the ground.

The witness joined up with a local officer from Missouri and an officer from the County, and the three of them followed the object in their separate cars for approximately one hour as the object headed towards Washington, Missouri, north of the original position. The object was always in front of them or above them.

At one point, the county officer attempted to tilt his dash camera up in order to get pictures, but it would not move into the needed position. None of the men had a camera with them.

The object stopped and hovered several times and moved very slowly. They were unable to use the radio for communication while the craft was above them.

After an hour, the officers needed to turn back to get back to other calls, so this witness left as well. By this time, the object had moved into an area southeast of Washington, MO, over farmland where there were no roads, and it was impossible to follow. The witness surmises that the object from Illinois continued into Missouri and officers picked up its trail after it crossed the state line.

Source: MUFON:—cops-vs-ufos.html


Images source: YouTube video

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