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Uncharted Territory Of The New Earth

By on March 23, 2019 in New Earth News

Uncharted Territory Of The New Earth

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by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing writer,

Are we having FUN yet? I know this is just a pun to signify all of the soul work you have made and will continue to make. Don’t ever think that what you are doing to heal yourselves is just for yourself. Know that since we are all connected as ONE, this Truth is being passed to and from each soul incarnated on Earth at this time. Like a web, we are all interconnected from the macro levels down to the micro levels. We can study our body system finitely and the same principles apply to one as the other. Divine energy runs throughout ALL of us nonetheless so any ideas of false separation between us needs to be smashed at this point and no longer continued forward.


Do you find it ironic that the false powers that be have decided to “separate you” from yourself? And for eons you have been penetrated with these false ideas that this race will do this or that crime… how about saying that an entire Country is to blame. All of this nonsense is blasted on your television screen to pursuay you and your thought processes with utter bologna and complete hogwash. And it’s not your fault that you have believed all of it or continue to believe it to this day. You have been conditioned to trust and believe in advertised media. You have been blinded to the fact that if it’s the truth, it’s being aired. Never once did you think you have been duped all the while and those in false power “over you” OWN the media, they OWN Hollywood, they OWN social media…. They have been the governmental bodies in power. They have created political parties. They ARE the “Separate” supreme entities that have created separation of the people this way this entire time. Religion is no different. It has been twisted, changed, and most of the truth has been kept from you. And what do they offer you in return?

Guaranteed “separation” once again. All seeming to fight for the same cause or worship the same higher Source energy but somehow you are put in this stance to fight amongst one another like some competition. Do you really think God intended this? Absolutely not. And I have even said it before in another article and I will bring it up again here… that he/she does not and will not judge you. As pure unconditional love, that is not who they are or the energy sent out to all of you in your heart as this Truth.

The Truth is that you are your biggest judge ever in this lifetime and all since in the past, your present, and in your future expressions of time. Time is an illusion also but we can save that teaching for when you are most ready to understand it. So now that you have heard that you are your biggest judge and that perhaps you come to Earth or each incarnation hoping or expecting to learn or conquer X-Y-Z, please understand that this very energy is emphasized for you at this time. You are awakening and finding much truth within your heart and your soul, as you should feel very proud that you have come further than anticipated and have reached such a high level of vibration that you are moving faster and further to each Dimensional threshold.

That being said, this energy is continuing to push you further into yourself. Into your heart and your soul truth. If you have spent time healing these layers of falsehood, much like peeling this onion away from you, you will also feel anxiety around your new found freedoms or boundaries. If you are daring to step into uncharted territory of complete soul expression and taking your power back as the sovereign being that you are, imagine this energy testing you….

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Yes this energy is sent forth to test your proclamations, your heart truth, the wisdom that you speak, your new found freedom, your soul intuition, the path you have chosen, your new business, what you stand for, your connections, your love, who you ARE, what you believe in… and whatever passion that drives your heart in completion and is asking you if you are ready to devote yourself to this notion or that. To make sure that what you are claiming is what you truthfully want for yourself. Do not rehearse your truth as being other than what is in your heart. If you have any doubts, they will be brought to the surface NOW.

I know that most of humanity will unconsciously fall back into these same patterns/cycles but will quickly recognize this to be and consciously change it with intention and desire to be different. We are here now to witness and be a physical part of, changes both within and without. This recognition is HUGE and pivotal. This is the basis for humanity’s awakening to see through all behaviors and actions and choose to react differently from the heart with trust, compassion, love, forgiveness, and strength.


You can see how this new Earth is constructed based on humanity using all senses in a higher light and by sensible creation forward. We are getting there!! One brave step at a time! We have literally stepped into uncharted territory that we can call the New Earth, so step with purpose and with positive creativity beautiful souls!!

Love to you all, xoxo


About the Author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empathic Lightworker who enjoys writing Spiritual and Inspirational messages to encourage the Collective towards Self-Love, Soul-Empowerment, and Higher Consciousness.

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