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Unity Consciousness Is Love-Light Unified

By on July 26, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Unity Consciousness Is Love-Light Unified

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,


Love, light, collective consciousness are unified in5D higher consciousness amongst light beings. If humanity can evolve retaining our individuality and function with collective consciousness, we got the best of Ascension, our glorious days are coming NOW. With unified energies, we raise Gaia, our planet to a higher dimensional frequency, one of the reasons of existence of volunteers, starseeds, higher spirit entities and earths’ indigenous people, all assisting Gaia.

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The introduction of emotion of love is unique in the universe especially an outer edge planet Earth and Arcturus. Earth is first planet of evolving human beings with love emotion as a primordial evolutionary factor concurrent with mental faculties development. This combination is key to raising a person to higher consciousness, to 5d and beyond. Our spiritual heart and minds should be connected as a start to reconnect us to a higher vibrational frequency. Extraterrestrials are around earth, observing, learning from us what this love emotion is all about. We evolve as a civilization joining outer space travel with love and mental faculties developing simultaneously! We have the makings of using warp-light speed thru wormholes-portals-stargates as our scientists have been talking about these new ideas and concepts for space travel. Arcturian starseed volunteers are around and take a human vehicle to teach us this advanced technology. Arcturian Mozart sounds contributed to creation processes with higher spirit as walk in. Other civilizations create with sound.

We have galloped so fast in the last 50 years adopting new technologies. ET’s volunteered to transfer this to USA but Truman chose nuclear technology from the dark forces and look what happened to Earth, retarded for almost 80 years. Your belief or mine, but we have the power of the sun to destroy ourselves- civilization with nuclear bombs and nuclear power plants. Of late, the dark destroyed earth at Chernobyl-Ukraine and Fukushima-Japan and the bad effects are growing thru ocean currents spreading radiation and other disastrous consequences to our oceans and seas not considering radiation diseases brought by these environmental degradation.

UNIFIED FIELD HISTORY – Sananda-Christ, taught the concept of two or more groups praying together- are heard by SE. Thoughts and patterns that serve the higher good are heard by Source otherwise they are cast out to oblivion or removed. These are 1,800 years old writings and preached in group circles and churches. Early 1 BC, indigenous tribes of PH, Aetas, Dumagats, Ifugaos and Mangyans have been taught by their elders and visitors to call on “Allah” God and protect nature and the environment, a direct call by Source thru lieutenants. Hopi and American Indians did the same as they are visited by Arcturians, first hand lieutenants of SE to oversee Earth for 100,000+ years. Curly-haired indigenous people laugh on undisciplined straight haired Filipinos who lack discipline in our affairs in sharing donations during disasters, normal in volcanic-earthquake prone countries and educators taught the new breed PH to be intelligent descendants of Indonesians, Malaysians, Spanish and Americans.

In 1962 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi visited PH and lectured in various fora of what consciousness is all about, teaching unified field of consciousness change worlds for good. Groups of 500 or a certain percent of population praying together change consciousness of a planet. Group consciousness align our thoughts to SE generosity and abundance, teach us our real purpose of living on Earth. The teachings faded when Dr. F. Wallace, a big Pharma MD researcher marketed his consciousness kit where a group can change consciousness thru unified field concepts. He resigned his big pharma affiliations to teach unity consciousness.


1998–the Arcturians said that Forty Groups of forty is an effective way of reaching unity consciousness and it is part of our mission to align to the frequencies of the extraterrestrials. This unity is preparation to our conversion to crystalline form aligned to a higher vibration frequency done thru group energies, the sacred triangle. They addressed the message to awakened humans.

Some of us are volunteers to raise the consciousness of Earth, partly to reintegrate our spirit entities, all our bodies to our spirit entity at 5D. This is multidimensionality. These are great jobs for humans like we are especially people who are not awakened as they are mere words to read by and their beliefs from religion are stronger than collective consciousness. Unity Consciousness with love-light are ingrained in my subconscious by Sananda-Christ last March 2007, March 7, 2015 and to this day the messages of Christ for Unity seems to be a battle cry to raise Earth to higher vibrational frequency. It is apparent that Sananda Christ is in charge on Earth plane with other ETs invited to assist and help us attain a unified field. Volunteers, Adamic or ET DNAs, 300,000+- worldwide per channels, it is part of our responsibility to teach some humans about their divinity-being fragment of the Source. We are brothers, sisters, relatives of higher beings. We are not required to teach but we can spread the love-light, as our little acts of kindness and generosity to other are multiplied automatically by other humans without knowing it. This is a choice.

We live in a very dense consciousness at 3D where people are filled with fear, hatred, anger, worst bring death and violence to others in the guise of serving ‘God’ for their ulterior purpose. In this plane, unity is as hard as the word impossible on 7B people but for awakened ones, nothing is impossible. Active channels, likes of Edgar Cayce, Susanne Lie and David Miller and Sananda tell us unity thru groups of two and forty and they are operating around the world spreading this message. The group of forty grows, one unit rise to higher frequencies-Ascension and this will be a string of continuity for the next group. Organize a group of forty. You can start with two or three what the Rotary Club, Lions, Kiwanis, Scouts did and they are worldwide today. If they have done it, you can duplicate their feat.

Advanced higher beings assist, observe-learn from us that unique emotion of love a market test for the planet from SE. Attainment of unification of group efforts of Ascended Master Sananda-Christ and several known masters like Kuthumi and Mother Mary are residing on sacred grounds on earth. Indigenous people led by American Indians-Hopi love earth, nature and environment beyond reproach and visited by Arcturians; dis-regarded this Hopi concept and ‘developed’ and titled the American lands leaving the Indians out in the forest like outcasts, real owners of the USA land. The third group of helpers are led by Arcturians, Pleiadians and higher Sirians and other ET groups helping us. They manifested in their dimensions-planets ‘Stargates’, corridors and portals and healing huge crystals that process the soul-spirits of all beings from all planets of the Milky Way Galaxy, ascending and transferring to higher realm what we call the stairway to heaven . Arcturus the brightest starat Northern celestial hemisphere is 37 light years away and by comparison is near us, like a blink of an eye thru a portal or corridor, a tunnel of pure white light. Mt. Shasta at CA and CA Peaks at Flagstaff, Arizona are known portals by humans and several groups have established their own headquarters in those sacred places. You are lucky if you live around these places otherwise you do it etherically. These three groups of lieutenants of Source Energy are assisting us qualify for Ascension. Our purpose is to consolidate energies and connect to One-SE, to unify the world for Ascension and transfer to a higher vibration. In their words, some ascend and others will be lost sheep. You would not like to be a lost sheep knowing the talent and hidden love for people you have, caught by the quagmire of tons of ego. Cleanse-heal all our spirit entities and all bodies with it. I was asked daily for two weeks to join the Sananda-Christ group at Golden Galaxy, beg off to teach family, PH and others, my service to others.

THE AWAKENED ONES – To repeat, we are tasked to assist unify all these three groups to make their efforts more effective as unity consciousness is the key to all acts of beings, those from the earth and those from the higher beings. It is a unification of efforts, energies and light of those above and those below. Everything is energy or an energy exchange. Below are the earth people led by the Indigenous Ones who live with nature and us the awakened earth people tasked to assist connect earth together with the Astral group residents led by Ascended Master Sananda, still with us. Unify starseeds- ‘volunteers’ to this mission of several lifetimes. Notice an insignia of unification workers, a sacred triangle with earth around the triangle. This means that the three sides are represented by Sananda, American Indians-Indigenous people, US and Arcturian-Pleiadian Stargates raising Earth. Ultimately we will master this integration of energies. Ascension follows “qualified” people who have mastered love, light and meditation-concentration techniques to connect with your higher self, guides and Source Energy. Spread these unification values, unified love deeds, light of the awakened, and connect the unity generated by the sacred triangle group with us volunteers for the job, earth born, walk in or starseed.

We can help. We can assist. We will prevail and rise to higher frequency dimension with Gaia. We can do it. We have the powers to do it. Photon belt is with us, happening assisting us.

Love and light,

Angel V. Ornedo Jr.

About the author: ANGEL , MBA, CPA, seeks unified acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, created livelihood in Industries in SE Asia-Middle East. Link with him at .

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