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Waking Up At 4AM? Here’s Why…

By on June 23, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Waking Up At 4AM?  Here's Why...

Many people are finding themselves waking up early in the morning, around 4 am. There’s a reason for this…

by Pars Kutay,
Contributing Writer,

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Waking Up At 4AM? Here’s Why…

As WE continue to hold our High Vibrations, WE continue to move up in Consciousness and into those Higher Dimensions of 5D and beyond.

Vibration leads to Higher Consciousness… Higher Consciousness leads to continued Higher Vibration and Frequency and into the Higher Dimensions.

And once WE are in those Higher Dimensions, WE BEgin to Connect more fully with those Multi-Dimensional parts of ourSelves which in turn Connects more fully with our Higher SELVES and the integration of All of us coming into our Higher SELVES.

For WE are our Higher SELVES, and our Higher SELVES are us, has always been, and always will BE.

But it is up to each and every one of us to continue to Allow this process to Flow through us, to ‘Go with the Flow’… Because when WE are in that Flow of ONENESS with All That Is, WE are in those Higher Vibrations and Higher Consciousness.

The BEings that WE are today and the Consciousness that WE have attained through much work WILL attract other Dimensional BEings into our lives that are NOT of this terrestrial planet, and they come to give us a Message of LIGHT, to give us a Message of Connection, to remind us of who WE are, to remind us that WE are Connected to those BEings and All of Everything.

So, if you are getting up at 4 a.m. in the morning and noticing a LIGHT, it is a Message for YOU. What you must do is process this LIGHT to understand FULLY within your Heart-Mind what it means to YOU…

With LOVE and Blessings, <3

Pars Kutay

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