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Waking Up To Higher Dimensions Of Consciousness

By on March 18, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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Waking Up To Higher Dimensions Of Consciousness

by Teri Wade,
Contributing Writer,

The old world we have grown up in is crumbling beneath us. It appears to be going up in flames.

As we watch this blatant inferno happen we’re also seeing the ending of the duality consciousness we’ve only known. The darkness is on its way out. We are waking up from the physical plane to the higher dimensions of consciousness.

Meaning…we are shifting from a fear-based society to a more heart centered society. We live in a war based society on a prison planet. In order for the old world to fall away we’ll have to watch it decline into disorder. Which is what’s happening right now.

The “end of times,” which the mass media portrayed 2012 as to be, is just the end of times as the way we knew them. 2012 was the first dismantling of the veil that protected any form of corruption from truth. We are here to watch it all come down.

The veil of control is visibly falling away. This is a reminder for those who are here to clear their karmic cycles to awaken to the remembrance of your mission.

For those of you that have heard the Clarion Call of Awakening, you are being invited to the forefront of the reshaping of the New Earth.

Keep spreading the knowledge because we are the movement to the next Golden Age.

Teri Wade

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