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We Are Losing Density And Becoming Light

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We Are Losing Density And Becoming Light

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

I am going to share something that may be a bit off the charts with you. On march 18th, after being down for days with hip and groin pain, very heavy fatigue of every muscle of the body, I awakened on Sunday the 17th like nothing ever happened, feeling well. I spent Sunday having a incredible day with family and friends enjoying music and food and togetherness. It was a fabulous day.

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The next day was good as well, as I spent time with Shasta in the yard, working with him.

Then something incredible happens.

I notice in my peripheral vision that light was being emitted from me. I was stunned to see this and then went and just sat in the sun and observed what was happening. It appeared as golden light was spewing from my body everywhere, twelve to fourteen inches long. I also observed many golden sparkles of light all around me glistening and twinkling golden light as it captures and reflected the sunlight.

I just sat outside in the sunlight for sometime as I lost track of time.

I am feeling guided to share this with everyone. At some point, I remember walking in the house to get a drink and it seemed, at this moment, everything returned to normal and stopped.

By early evening, I again became chronically fatigued and had no choice but to go to bed early sometime between 7 pm and 8ish. I slept hard and deep until 10:15 am. Up for about a hour or so, and then slept until just before 6pm. I slept for almost 22 hours!

This has completely been in the forefront of my mind since this all took place.

This morning, I was guided to share this information, which is also light with everyone. Then I was guided to share this following post:

You have forgotten you, but are continuing to remember. Your lightbody gives you access to you in your truest and purest form. The human mind “learns” and the soul remembers as an energetic body of consciousness. These, too, are in direct opposition to each other, yet have a nexus point where infinity meets in the middle.

When one can truly see all separation within, they will have remembered that they have never been separate at all. The human mind creates separation within self, from self and transmits to an outward reality viewed as the physical manifestation in the materialization of all things.

“Remembering” is a state of being as one’s own energy self. It is a state of consciousness. It is felt as one transcends the physical reality/bodies and exists as one unified body of consciousness. It takes one to the moment of creation or even before. To actually merge into a body of consciousness as nothing but just an energy, “leave” your physical body and observe all of humanity from the point of “Before creation.”

Everything and nothing exists all in one moment, one space. The vastness and the simplicity almost contradict each other in a place where there is no contradiction when describing with words that which doesn’t exist to offer a expression of explanation.

We are losing density and becoming light. One unified field and yet still, will exist as a interdependent intelligence with choice point as a singularity within the unified collective field.

This is much like a musical notes coming into alignment to become a symphony. ? ???

This information was also given word by word as it was being typed by something greater than I. It was meant for you.

With the deepest of infinite love and blessings of gratitude.

~ Rosie Neal

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