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We Are Returning To The Divine Plan

By on November 21, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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We Are Returning To The Divine Plan

by Celia Fenn,
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

As we move towards Ophiucus/Sagittarius, we have been “diving deep” with the Scorpio energies.

This has been an intense time of very deep level healing and clearing, both individually and collectively.

Individually, we have been working with deep levels of shadow energy, while collectively we have been working to heal a trauma field that is 12000 years old.

The Maya taught us that the Earth is millions of years old, and that the project “Human Angel” has been ongoing for at least 200,000 years. But 12,000 years ago there was a cataclysmic event that destroyed most life on Earth, an extinction event. As a collective we struggled to survive and lost our way, becoming vulnerable to life forms that tried to persuade us that we were just genetic experiments and that they were our “gods and creators”. No. Not ever. We are divinely created according to the “long plan” for the Earth, to be a Sacred Star Temple for the Galaxy.

We are returning to the Divine Plan as we wake up and remember that we are Star Beings with a Galactic Heritage.

We are not barbaric savages recently “civilized”, but ancient beings finding our way back and healing layers of trauma and deception and manipulation.

We are powerful co-creators of our own reality making our way home to who we are!

So, while it might be chaotic “out there” with all those unawakened souls still playing out their shadow and their trauma, we can wake up and know what is happening. The trauma is over, we are healing and integrating as we approach this part of the Divine Plan…..New Earth.

Where we create our future as Co-creators with Spirit in Freedom and Love.

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This 2020 cycle is the beginning of “Creation 201″……from the Inside out! Only those who are connected to the Divine Light within their “Sacred Heart” will be playing in the Light Fields of Creation and the Field of Love.

It is an exciting journey forward everyone!

Get ready for the upcoming 12/12 and the December Solstice!

See you there!

~Celia Fenn

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