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Weekly Planetary Astrology Forecast January 9-15 2018

By on January 10, 2018 in Astrology
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Weekly Planetary Astrology Forecast January 9-15 2018

by Hillory Skott,
Contributing Writer,

Planets are gathering in Capricorn territory. It’s time to step up and turn dreams into reality with the magic of hard work and dedication. Opportunities are around right now. Don’t scatter- Consolidate. Fortune favors the bold.

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Capricorn in a very steadfast energy. If you need a nice fat dose of reality- this is it. Yet, there is a magic about all this hard work. It’s the secret ingredient of success. Focus.

Mercury moves into Capricorn January 10, PST. It will Join ever evolving Pluto, steady Saturn, other loving Venus and the self centered Sun all in Saturn ruled Capricorn.

This week is a super duper Capricorn Party. Everyone is retreating to figure out the best way to get what they want. Capricorn is an earthy sign that feels a constant inner pressure to achieve. It is aware of the passage of time.

Ambition, discipline, privilege, wisdom, maturity, responsibility and action all roll into a nice package that can feel pretty heavy, fearful and sad. Burdens and regret all fall in Capricorns domain.

Mercury will be joining Saturn to give you an extra edge in the long-term planning department. Now it’s time to figure out how you are gonna build the foundation to the empire that is your legacy.

There is opportunity to tap into the benefits of all this Capricorn energy. Release the past. The traditions that no longer work. Pluto is helping make this happen.

Open up to new, evolved ways to run this ship. Think in terms of future generations. How can we help? What can we do? Who should we be? We can no longer continue to do things as they have always been done.

To tap into this energy spend the week making a plan. The New Moon in Capricorn happens next week on the sixteenth. Use this week to prepare your plan. Contemplate.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I want?
  • What higher quality will it give me?
  • What is the essence I am after?

Use your imagination and visualize what you want to create. Even ‘Who’ you want to create.

Ask yourself:

  • What qualities(skills, knowledge, attitudes etc.) do I want this new person or people to have?
  • What qualities can I offer to others?

If you take a minute and connect to the Solar light and beam Love from your heart to the Souls of those you intend to connect with you are creating a most powerful heartfelt connection, signaling your readiness to begin a beautiful relationship. These are the partnerships that change the world.

Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio are making helpful connections that support this new Capricorn way to be. Scorpio wants to heal the past. Our upgrades can include a sorted out history with no baggage. I mean, you can bring a backpack if you are not willing to let go, but why not drop it all? Leave the old story to create a whole new story. These are pivotal times.

On Saturday there is a tricky combo perfect to bust up any possible stagnation in the realm of your relationships. Uranus is always riding the electric wave of change. Your individual wants may just try and trump the wants of those you love.

On January fifteenth be open to lucky encounters. Jupiter and Pluto our powerful when they cooperate. This is the kind of moment when lucky breaks occur. Luck isn’t just luck of course. You earned this. Put yourself out there. Dream a little dream and share what you know you know. There is magic in the air.

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About the author: I get such lovely feedback and attract very Light conscious people, feel blessed. I was told in 2005 while at a group channeling session, that I was one of the early indigo Children, at the time I was only vaguely aware of what that meant.I was 32 and it was true. Such a gift to find that out and begin to understand my differences were common among people with similar wiring. I have been studying astrology for 21 years, teaching and practicing professionally for 14 and speaking and writing for the last 6. I am also a Mum of a 14 year old unschooled daughter and the life partner to her Dad. It’s a grand little life and I want to help other people exit the matrix and live a life of Love and Light too. My offering is the connection to the energies of the planets and the understanding of our birth charts, our blueprint for our life plans. Please visit Hillory Skott International Holistic Astrologer.

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