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What Do These Incoming Energy Waves Mean?

By on March 3, 2019 in Energy Updates, Spiritual Awakening

What Do These Incoming Energy Waves Mean?

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

We are seeing a number of energy waves coming through right now which are showing tangible evidence of their existence through physical observations. These energy sources include the Schumann Resonance charts, the Sun, our galactic center, our galaxy’s central sun, Alcyone, etc..

Within these energy waves, we are seeing physical commonalities that many people are experiencing, which goes way beyond coincidence. Recently, you may have experienced the absolute need for taking a nap, when normally, you rarely ever nap. You may be hearing distinct high pitched frequencies in one or both ears. You may be having headaches or migraines when normally, you don’t have them. You may have food cravings that are unusual. You may be noticing things that are slightly different in your surroundings as if some minute details have changed.

What do these energy waves mean to us?

Joe Dispenza wrote a wonderful article titled, “What does the spike in the Schumann resonance mean?” regarding how the spikes in the Schumann Resonance reflect consciousness.

In that article, he stated:

“Increases in frequency create increases in consciousness, and when our consciousness increases, we have greater awareness—and that’s what gamma brain waves are. Gamma brain waves, which can be more than twice as high as high beta brain waves, represent an aroused state in the brain, however, they are not connected to the survival states of emergency mode, but correlated with a kind of super consciousness and awareness, as well as higher amounts of love and compassion. As the earth goes through her metamorphosis, maybe we too have to transition through this time of emotional intensity related to beta brain waves before we enter a new consciousness of gamma brain wave states. And wouldn’t that upgrade our nervous system and expand our perception and awareness of reality? Perhaps we are on the verge of a great evolutionary jump?”

We’re all trying to piece together what we can tangibly feel and experience when these anomalies occur. That’s why it’s so important to say something when you’re experiencing something that isn’t normal, like when I mentioned vertigo earlier in the day only to find out that MANY other people felt it, too…

…or when I mentioned how I got tired at the beginning of this SR anomaly, and MANY of us napped when this occurred.

This helps everyone in trying to figure out what these waves mean and how we’re picking up on them as “first responders”.

WHY is this happening?

I’ve noticed a LOT of people saying that they heard a lot of high pitched frequencies and shift changes with this Schumann Resonance anomaly. I hear them 24/7, but I always take notice when a lot of people start hearing them at any particular time of the day. It all has meaning.

Many people believe we receive upgrades when we nap. I would agree. We are also doing multidimensional work in the dream stages, so when these urges come to take a nap, we’re listening and responding.

Incoming concentric rings of plasma waves

I recently wrote an article called Incoming Plasma Waves regarding a vision I had during meditation of seeing concentric plasma waves that are being emitted from the sun.

Initially, I made a brief mention of it in one of my beach videos earlier in the month of February when my friend, Rosie Neal called me and confirmed that she had the same vision…and she didn’t see that particular video where I talked about it (I mention this around the 3:55 minute marker of the below video).

I interviewed Rosie afterwards and we talked about it:

You can read more about that here.

Since then, I’ve had other people come forward confirming these concentric plasma rings.

You can see concentric circles from the Sun in this image:

New energies = Upgrades

What we’re noticing is that when the Schumann Resonance spikes, it can bring a definite change in energies. Sometimes, it feel like you just drank 10 cups of coffee while other times, like this most recent wave, you NEED to lay down and sleep.

Many times, when we sleep, we receive multidimensional upgrades. I read a vast number of comments from people stating that they rarely ever take naps, yet they felt compelled to nap when the Schumann Resonance did its strange anomaly. This is more than just a coincidence! I guarantee there are “normies” who curiously follow the Schumann Resonance from behind the scenes who took naps as well.

It’s all about putting the pieces of the puzzle together, with EVERYONE, because there’s not one person who has all the answers.

What we do know is that consciousness is being affected and likely upgraded through these incoming energy waves.

What to expect

As we exit out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius, we will continue to see these changes all around us. With Pluto in Capricorn until 2023, we will also see a continuation of the truth vibration increasing, which will cause many people to become unhinged, as you will witness seeing these people literally glitching out.

What you can do, RIGHT NOW!

The most important thing you can do right now is to stay balanced and grounded, especially in the midst of chaos all around us. The number one commonality of those who are glitching out is that they are not grounded. Find the time to GROUND, no matter what the climate is where you live or what the weather is like at any given time.

My guides have often asked me to pass on the following things to remember:

1. Love

2. Forgive

3. Express Gratitude

4. Maintain a high vibration

5. Ground

We’re about to see some things in our human evolution that have never been seen before.

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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