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What Do You Carry Within?

By on May 2, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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What Do You Carry Within?

by Paul Dobree-Carey,
Contributing Writer,

What do you carry within?

What triggers you?

What annoys you?

What destroys you?

What worries you?

What frustrates you?

What berates you?

What disgusts you?

What angers you?

What saddens you?

What torments you?

What burdens you?

What reminds you?

What gets to you?

What bites you?

What do you carry within?

What do YOU carry within?

What brings you peace?

What fills you with joy?

What makes you happy?

What makes you cry?

What attracts you?

What pleases you?

What compliments you?

What completes you?

What Loves you and is Loved by you?

Look at what YOU carry within!

Feel what you carry within!

Light or Dark

Which is heavier?

Which would you choose to let go?

Free your Self.

The Time is Now.

With Loving Blessings <3

Paul Dobree-Carey / polaris ab messages, events and articles –www.Polarisab.Com

Online sessions – Paul is available for soul guidance consultations to assist with connection to higher dimensional aspects of self, manifesting and understanding life purpose events, establishing and maintaining higher expanded consciousness states of awareness.

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