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What Has Life Been Teaching You Lately?

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What Has Life Been Teaching You Lately?

by Aurora Serrano,
Contributing writer,

I heard it many times over “there are messages everywhere all you have to do is listen”. This morning I was sitting around and listening to a broadcast and the speaker asked a question that impacted me the whole day and made me think about life at this moment. The question he asked was “What has life been teaching you lately?” It was a simple question, but a question that seems to lead to more questions about life. For example, “Why do we feel alone or go through things alone when adversity seems to come our way? What is my purpose? What is this ascension really about?” These questions ruminated in my head and provided a whirlwind of thoughts.


So, what has life been teaching me, lately? I repeated that question several times throughout the day and the answer I received was “I needed to remember who I was, start living again instead of being stagnate, define life instead of having circumstance define my life.” Life is not about finding our purpose in life, but to remember who we our so we may live a purposeful life. It made me realize this question or lessons was just not about me , but to help others who at this moment was also feeling lost or unsure where and what to do with their life.

So, what has life been teaching me lately?

I needed to learn that the adversity and struggles in my life was teaching me to focus on me instead of diverting my time and energy on others or situation. I needed to stop entertaining the ego and start listening to my heart, so I can reconnect to who I truly am and believe in myself again.

I needed to learn to value myself more than I value others. Stop asking for other people’s advice and look within and realize my thoughts and feelings are as valuable as anyone else. That no one can ever give me better advice than myself. I had to learn to listen to myself so I can be connected to my heart and soul.

I needed to learn to trust myself and not surrender to the fear, which at times seems so overpowering. I realize the more lost I felt the stronger the grip of fear became and cause me to fight/resist the changes that were happening. I was holding onto things that were toxic and no longer aligning with who I was, and that made my life more difficult and was dragging me deeper into a pit of depression and dimming the light that once shined so brightly.

I needed to remember I was not attached to my past and my past was not my story, but merely a chapter of my life. People have a hard time letting go of their suffering but prefer to live with the suffering due to the fear of the unknown or change. The resistant to let go of the suffering prevented me from healing and hindered my spiritual growth which prevented me from creating space for the universe to bring something better that aligns with who I truly am. The resistant to change will only cause an imbalance and disconnection from my heart and soul.

I needed to learn to have faith again and let go of control. That in life what remains constant is change and that life has a natural flow and trying to control everything in life diverted my attention and energy elsewhere creating once again an imbalance and disconnection from who I truly am.

What has life been teaching me lately? A simple question, but with it comes an answer so profound that it helped me remember who I was and why I needed to travel this journey on my own. Life’s teaching is to remind me and all of us that life has many chapters that will test us, but each moment is there to help us connect to our heart and soul. A reminder to honor our value and worth, but most of all to remember to love ourselves so the light continues to shine so bright we never lose who we are again. Like a lotus flower in full bloom, that emerges from the muddy pond we become stronger and more beautiful than ever.

Aurora Serrano

About the author: Have been following my spiritual path for several years and is currently enjoying my journey as I continue to meet so many amazing people and enhances my skills as Reiki Master and Energy Healer, Life /Spiritual Coach, and Motivational Speaker/Facilitator. Check out my Facebook Blog: Spiritual Essence, a place you can reflect and ponder about life.

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