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What You Need To Know About The DMT Experience

By on March 23, 2015 in Awareness

What You Need To Know About The DMT Experience in5d

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by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

In this article, we’ll look at the differences between various hallucinogens, common experiences amongst those who have tried DMT (dimethyltryptamine), personal reports and the do’s and dont’s of using DMT.


I have tried DMT, but then again, everyone has because we all experience DMT in small amounts when we sleep. Outside of that, I’ve never tried DMT, but have done extensive research on it while trying to find the answers to the following questions:

Why is DMT so prominent in humans, plants and animals?

In plants, it is believed that DMT is used to communicate with one another. But why is it also found in animals and humans?

Is DMT a reflection of consciousness by keeping us all united as one living organism? And why, if DMT is a naturally organic chemical produced every night when we sleep, is it illegal to purchase?

The following video, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, will help to answer these questions:

What are the differences between various hallucinogens?

DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is part of the tryptamines family that includes dimethyltryptamine (5-methoxy-DMT), psilocin (4-hydroxy-DMT) and psilocybin (4-phosphoryloxy-DMT). Another prominent hallucinogen is found in the phenylalkylamines family (mescaline).


Salvia Divinorum falls into the Salvinorin A family while LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is a semisynthetic psychedelic drug of the ergoline family. The reason LSD is classified as a semisynthetic drug is because its molecular structure also includes that of some psychedelic phenethylamines such as 2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine.

Ayahuasca falls into the DMT family as it condenses the DMT found in certain plants into a hallucinogenic brew.

What are common experiences people have while using DMT?

One of the initial common experiences is a loud, humming sound as the trip begins. Once you get beyond this humming sound, the trip becomes individualized to the subject. Your ties to your human existence become non-existent as you completely lose your sense of being while becoming one with the Universe. In many ways, a trip on DMT is similar to a Near Death Experience (NDE) but much more intense. Many people report seeing advanced beings, elves or angel-like beings as well. Time and space become irrelevant as colors that were previously thought to be non-existent appear along with various sacred geometry patterns.

One final commonality for people who have tried DMT is the profound life altering changes in how they view the world, the universe and consciousness.

In other words, what we see here in this 3rd dimensional reality is such a small glimpse of what we are truly able to perceive.

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The following is an excerpt from an article on DMT, cataloging various personal reports from DMT experiences:

Explorer O: First DMT experience (female, written communication)

Remember to breathe. Recline and get into position, subsumed by the momentum, before me I see an iridescent membrane, taut and gently pulsating, something stretching and pushing towards me, on the other side, straining to emerge. A fissure rends, tears and inside I glimpse the existence of some-thing/place consisting of a dense whirling body of brilliantly multicolored primordial life/thought stuff, seeping and beckoning . . . I breathe and return into the plexus, center of my being, to witness myself as an outline-constructed 2-D diagramatic shell of many coherent light-points, revolving quadrated vortices, large central to smaller and then tiny outer, phosphorescent green and I . . . exit into utter emptiness, space matrix … Impression of basic colors unmuted blue, yellow and red, shimmering into being, depth imperceptible yet defined within the space, endlessly recurring back from/into the corner when, slowly, from around the edges they peer towards me, watching, eyes bright and watching in small faces, then small hands to pull themselves, slowly, from behind and into view, they are small white-blond imp-kids, very old in bright mostly red togs and caps, candy-store, shiny, teasing and inquisitive, very solemn and somewhat pleased (ah, here you are!) watching me as I meet their eyes bright and dark without any words (look!) or any idea remembered, they only want to convey (look!) through their eyes that I must know that THIS is what they/we are doing …

Explorer O: Her second DMT experience (written communication)

… I found myself once again in the company of the “elves”, as the focus of their attention and ministrations, but they appeared much less colorful and altogether preoccupied with the task at hand, i.e., pouring a golden, viscous liquid through a network of long, intertwining, transparent conduits which led into the middle of my abdomen …

Explorer S: No previous experience of DMT (male, written communication)

My first attempts with DMT have left me with some serious thoughts. … I did less than 10 mg on my second attempt and had a very wierd experience. Not only did I have what I can only call a “close encounter,” I was left with two thoughts. First, they were waiting for me, and they were not “friendly.” … [On the] third attempt [it] seemed like they could not wait for me to experiment. In this event, I did not have actual contact, but rather “felt” them wanting to get into my consciousness. The actual experience was far more frightening than any major “trip” previously experienced. … I was profoundly affected.

Explorer G: Very experienced with DMT (female, Gracie [44], #5)

We each had taken 150 mg of pure MDA. … About hour 4, I decided to try smoking some DMT. … This time I saw the “elves” as multidimensional creatures formed by strands of visible language; they were more creaturely than I had ever seen them before. … The elves were dancing in and out of the multidimensional visible language matrix, “waving” their “arms” and “limbs/hands/fingers?” and “smiling” or “laughing,” although I saw no faces as such. The elves were “telling” me (or I was understanding them to say) that I had seen them before, in early childhood. Memories were flooding back of seeing the elves: they looked just like they do now: evershifting, folding, multidimensional, multicolored (what colors!), always laughing, weaving/waving, showing me things, showing me the visible language they are created/creatures of, teaching me to speak and read.

Explorer T: Several previous DMT experiences (female, verbal communication)

I saw a tunnel, which I flew down at great speed. I approached the end of the tunnel, which was closed by two doors on which was written THE END. I burst through these and was carried up through seven heavens, breaking through each one in turn. When I emerged at the top I was flying over a dark landscape (it seemed to be Mexico). I felt that this was all so weird that I should be scared (perhaps I had died), but I did not feel scared. I continued to fly on, over a ravine, leading up to a mountainside, and eventually saw a campfire. As I approached this, cautiously, I saw that on the other side of the fire was a human figure wearing a sombrero, whom I intuitively knew to be don Juan. He invited me to come closer, and spoke to me.

Explorer V: Very experienced with DMT (male, verbal communication)

I was in a large space and saw what seemed to be thousands of the entities. They were rapidly passing something to and fro among themselves, and were looking intently at me, as if to say “See what we are doing!” … I noticed what seemed to be an opening into a larger space, like looking through a cave opening to a starry sky. As I approached this I saw that resting in the opening was a large creature, with many arms, somewhat like an octopus, and all over the arms were eyes, mostly closed, as if the creature were asleep or slumbering. As I approached it the eyes opened, and it/they became aware of me. It did not seem especially well-disposed toward me, as if it did not wish to be bothered by a mere human, and I had the impression I wasn’t going to get past it, so I did not try.

Explorer M: Each of the following paragraphs is a description of a separate experience.

(i) It was not until my fifth DMT trip that I became aware of alien contact. I took two inhalations from a mixture of 75 mg of DMT wax (less than 100% pure) and mullein. The visual hallucination was experienced as overwhelming, totally amazing, incredible and unbelievable. I could only surrender to the experience, reminding myself that I would survive, and attempt to deal with the sense that what I was seeing was completely impossible. I wondered whether this was what dying was like, and reassured myself, through noting my breathing, that I was still alive. What I was experiencing was happening too quickly to comprehend. At one point I suddenly became aware of beings, who were rapidly flitting about me. They appeared as dark, stick-like beings silhouetted against a rapidly-changing kaleidoscopic background. Although I could not make out much detail, I definitely felt their presence.

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(ii) On the sixth occasion I took two inhalations of about 35 mg of pure DMT in a glass pipe. Immediately upon closing my eyes I was overwhelmed by the usual visual hallucination. This seemed to last but briefly, whereupon I passed abruptly through to another realm, losing all awareness of my body. It was as if there were alien beings there waiting for me, and I recall that they spoke to me as if they had been awaiting my arrival, but I cannot remember exactly what was said. This time, rather than (or as well as) flitting about me, the entities approached me from the front, rapidly and repeatedly, appearing to enter and pass through me. I could make no sense of what was happening. I opened my eyes and made contact with my companions, locating myself once more in the room from which I had begun. Immediately I completely forgot what I had just experienced. The contents of the room appeared stable but weirdly distorted. I was able to recognize and to talk to my companions, but I felt and appeared very disoriented. … The memory of this experience came back only when, later that evening, I smoked the remainder of what was left in the pipe – not enough to break through, but enough for me to remember.

(iii) I got deeply into the visual hallucination. I was barely able to remind and to reassure myself that “DMT is safe,” though I had some difficulty recalling the name “DMT”. With eyes closed, I experienced intense, overwhelming visual imagery. I was seeing a large, extremely colorful surface, like a membrane, pulsating toward and away from me. … I recalled that I had seen this before, on previous DMT trips, but had forgotten it. During this experience I was aware of my breathing and heartbeat, and was careful to continue breathing deeply. The pattern was in intense hues, and its parts seemed to have meaning, as if they were letters of an alphabet, but I could not make sense of it. I was quite amazed. I felt that I was being shown something, and I tried to understand what I was seeing, but could not. I also heard elf-language, but it was not meaningful to me. Eventually the visions subsided, with no breakthrough and no overt alien contact.

(iv) I smoked at around 2 a.m. with little effect and some vaguely unpleasant visual hallucination (harlequin-like gargoyles). This might have been due to being tired and to having eaten substantially a few hours before. There was a sense of alien presence.

(v) Smoked 40 – 50 mg of DMT wax … An overwhelming and confusing experience. My heart rate seemed to go way up, which caused me some concern. I had to remind myself that one does not die from smoking DMT. The experience was disjointed and erratic. There were white flashes, like subtitles in a film, except that they were not verbal but rather like a white-energy-being rushing quickly through the scene from left to right (what I now think of as “the white lightning being”). There was a strange, incomprehensible auditory hallucination. Confusing and unpleasant.

(vi) Upon lying back I became aware of brightly colored, moving patterns, which I remembered having seen before on DMT (but having forgotten about – indeed even now, a half-hour later, I cannot recall them clearly). I was then immersed in a totally weird state, like being in a large multi-colored hall whose walls (if it had walls) were moving incomprehensibly. … Apart from occasional awareness of my breathing I was hardly aware of my body at all. I seemed to be in another world, disembodied, and feeling flabbergasted. I seemed to be aware of the presence of other beings in the same space, but had only fleeting glimpses of them, as if they were shy about appearing to me. In this state I did not know what to do. It was as if I was offered a wish by the dragon but did not understand what was being offered – or even that there was a dragon at all. Throughout there was elf-music, and elf-language in the background. I did not attend much to this since the visual component was so overwhelming. As the effect wore off I felt myself losing contact with this state, and knew that I would forget what was happening. It felt as if there were beings “waving goodbye”.

(vii) I smoked 40 mg of pure DMT mixed with some marijuana … I quickly entered into the trance state without noticing any great amount of the usual patterned visual hallucination … I seemed to be falling away, spiraling into some large, black void, after which I seemed to be in a bright, open space in the presence of two other beings. Their forms were not very clear, but they seemed to be like children, as if we were together in a playground. They appeared to be moving very rapidly … The two beings seemed to be trying to attract my attention, and to communicate something to me, but I could not understand. It was as if they were trying to make me understand where I was. One even seemed to be holding up a sign, like a speech balloon but, as I recall, the sign was blank. I attended to my breathing, and with this came an increased sense of self-identity, and with this a lessening of contact with the two beings.

(viii) Smoked 40 mg spread over mint leaves, in three tokes, sitting upright. My intention was to see what spirits, if any, are currently about me. As the experience came upon me I managed to keep that intention, or at least, “What spirits …?”, and also remembered to breathe regularly. A strange state of mind ensued, one of dynamic, patterned energy, in which I was not sure whether I was perceiving a scene, with a moving being, or not. I finally realized that the answer to my question regarding spirits was that there were indeed many around me, and that they were merry, hiding and playing a joke on me. However, I did not specifically see or hear any.

(ix) Smoked 40 mg of DMT wax spread over mint leaves as usual, sitting up leaning against a pillow. … As the trance came on I was overwhelmed with visual imagery that I did not even attempt to make sense of. I struggled to remember who I was. … [I] turned my attention to the visual component, and what I saw was an incredible amount of stuff coming at me in waves, sort of rolling toward me. There were two beings in the scene, and they were doing the rolling, definitely throwing all this stuff at me – I don’t know why. The scene changed, and there was more visual hallucination, but I don’t remember the details – all happening very quickly.

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Dos and Don’t’s

People who are interested in trying DMT should fully research this subject as much as possible, including how this may affect your health and heart. DMT should not be used by anyone who is taking MAO-inhibiting drugs (commonly used for the treatment of depression). DMT should never be used for the sole purpose of partying.

Experimenting with DMT is not for everyone due to the legal repercussions and possible health risks associated with such a powerful substance. While it is not necessary to personally experience a DMT trip, we all can learn a great deal of insight from those who have.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for research purposes only. The author and this website are by no means recommending DMT or any other hallucinogenic substances and are not liable for the experimentation of such substances resulting from any of the content in this article.

Sending you all infinite Love & Light,


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