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Why Are We Here?

By on October 26, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Why Are We Here?

by Gayle Seibert Hammond,
Contributing Writer,

Good morning dear hearts. Have you ever asked yourself why are you here? What am You doing with your life? Well I am here to suggest to you that you chose to be here. You chose your parents, gasp, what? You also chose your siblings, your extended family, your spouse or spouses and your best friends; …these are your tribe, and you even chose where you were born. Now this may not be news to some of you but for others it may be the first time you are hearing it. For me, I was in total shock when it first presented itself to me perhaps 15 years ago.


My reaction was “no way.” Really, I did.

Those were my sleep walking days.

Since then, because my main focus is near death experiences and the afterlife, everything I have read points to this as truth. We are the architects and shapers of our lives here in this life. Once you come to grips with this it begins to make sense.

If the answer to the question of why am I here? Is to evolve our souls and for no other reason,then you can begin to recognize the growth you have experienced from the difficult times you may have had.

If I chose my parents, I have to say a life lesson for me may have been to love unconditionally Even when I did not want to. I did not like what I saw. I witnessed selfishness and narcissism that led me to believe I was unlovable. Now why would I choose that? Believe me when I tell you I have asked this question of myself hundreds of times.

Charles Fillmore, the co-founder of Unity spoke of the twelve powers, one of which is imagination. And in my moments of silence I have used my imagination to find myself in a heavenly chamber sitting with the elders who, to my understanding, advise and assist in the decision making process of planning a new incarnation. In my imagination, I am assuming that I have been in the heavenly realm for a lengthy period of time, and I am considering making another sojourn to this tiny blue dot. I have decided that the last time I was on the planet I did not do a great job with this unconditional love thing. In fact I was rather narcisstic and selfish, (although I do find that hard to believe.) But we are imagining here so I will continue, so I come to the elders and tell them I need to work on this whole loving thing. And they ask what do I have in mind? I say to them: well I was thinking that if my tribe were willing to assist me I am willing to take on this lesson that is of great importance to me.

Learning to love someone, warts and all. We, my tribe and I, have been on this journey for many centuries. We have lived through wars and famine. We have had disabilities and disappointments. We have also had joys and successes. We each have been male and female, we have been many colors. But somehow learning to love unconditionally has escaped me.

Before I am ready to continue my afterlife with the Creator, I know my soul must learn this lesson. To be more accurate if my reading Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God is correct, to remember what we already know. Because sitting with the elders my spirit self already knows about loving. My spirit self knows this but needs to experience it in human form and so I want to work this out along with my tribe.

Now members of my tribe are present for this meeting with the elders and in my imagination I have a conversation with a fellow soul that goes something like this. “Would you want to be the mother this time and we would have a rough go of it. I would come to you late in your life when you are tired and not wanting any more children and I could show up and you would think I was a pain in your gall bladder and I would just pop out, wouldn’t that be funny? We could play a joke on the Soul who will play my dad this time because I was his mom last time. Wouldn’t that be fun?. And the soul I am speaking to says I don’t think that’s funny at all but if you truly feel this is what you need so you will get closer to God I will do it, because I love you so much I will play this part. And the Soul who will play my dad says. I don’t want to have a child at 48 years old after watching my other children growing up.

But I too love you so much, if you need me to play the part of a distant, over worked older, tired Dad, I will do it also. I hope you remember I am doing this because I love you but I will play my part. I say to them both. Thank you, thank you, I will remember that you love me to the moon and back, thank you so much. However when I got here the veil of amnesia takes over and I did not remember. Nor did I remember that the Soul who I call my husband would we agree to bring five other humans, into this world, all of whom wanted to come along for the ride, That he would survive an automobile accident that would change his brain chemistry and make life intolerable for all of us. In my imagination, he says, this is not going to be easy, but your courage will get us both through and when you come to hate me we will remember that we really love each other. I said of course we will, thank you for doing this for me. But we didn’t remember….No we did not remember.

The elders say to me, “Well, it sounds like you have this well planned and we wish you well on your journey. We will see you on your return. Choose your exit points wisely. Make sure when you leave that you receive what you went for and we will be here for your return. Bon voyage!”

So how does this help us here and now? For me it has allowed me to forgive. To stop blaming. If I made the plan how can I be mad at the person who I think did something to me. Nobody did anything to anybody. When I look back on the painful times in my life. Each one was part of a learning curve designed by me to grow my soul. And look! I am here to tell you about it.

How blessed am I?

When one begins to research this material, it becomes clear that.

1. No one dies with out their own permission, no one!

2. There are choices all along the way.

3. We have no memory of all the planning because it would do our soul journey no good to know.

4. We never die, we just change form.

5. Do not judge anything because you do not know another persons soul contract. You don’t even know your own.

Our free will makes most pre-birth plans a probability rather than a certainty. But be sure, there is a plan, A plan we get to work with ,with every choice we make.

Will knowing this help? I hope so because I believe perspective changes everything. When you realize No one leaves without their own permission. That pain and suffering were part of the learning curve or the remembering curve. That happiness is a choice we can make every day. That there are no mistakes. We really can change how we see the world and our part in it.

This is food for thought. I invite you to join me in this journey of discovery, seek the truth as you understand it. Don’t fear it. It is unknown territory but worth exploring.

Using your imagination allows you to say, “what if”. In your own life what would it mean to you if you understood that you choose it.

I have prepared a list of reading material that is available on my blog site at if you wish to look into this subject.

Thank you and I wish you a blessed journey.


About the author: I am a blog writer who wants to make difference. I have been posting for three years on a weekly basis. I write about subjects that free the spirit. I offer an online study group for Conversations With God and a Daily post for my blog site, Living with Angels, the blog on Facebook. Thank you,

Gayle Hammond

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