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Why Do We Still Get Sick When We Are In Contact With The All Powerful Source?

By on February 18, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Why Do We Still Get Sick When We Are In Contact With The All Powerful Source?

by Phoebe Brown,
Contributing Writer,

I woke up thinking about why we get sick if ‘they’ can heal ANYTHING. My next thought was, “ Maybe this illness was part of your life plan”. That makes sense to me, but also sounds like a cop-out.  How will we  explain this to those not yet awakened when  they say that our explanation is just a cop-out?  I don’t blame them for feeling this way.  It does sound like a cop-out.


Then I started thinking about faith, and how faith comes into play in this scenario. I remember what Jesus said about “Seek and you will find, ask and it will be given”, and,  “You have not because you ask not”  If we want to answer this question, we have to ASK for answers, and have the faith to trust and  believe them when the answers show up.  This is a planet of free will and nothing is forced upon us. We must ASK and SEEK – positive actions taken on our part which will set into motion the response. It is a response we requested, it is not forced on us. Then we are responsible to be on the look-out, to be in a mode of ‘expecting’ an answer. I am sure we have all missed many signs and answers because we were not in ‘seeking mode’. We have to be looking for it, and then we have to recognize that feeling in our soul that tells us “This is it!” and then to trust it.

Too often that is our first, initial response, but then our ego steps in and start to rationalize with the brain to explain it away. Why do we do that?! We truly do want the answer, but then when it shows up we try to explain it away. It is a human trait I guess. However, our goal is to rise above this 3rd density to a higher, spiritual plane. That requires faith and trust in ourselves as well as Source.  It requires action on our part.

I started keeping a journal of all the weird ‘coincidences’ that have happened since my awakening and it serves to remind me that I am not crazy – that these things are really happening. There are so many instances that it can not be explained away as mere coincidence.  It bolsters my faith in myself. After all, I never question Source,  but I tend to question myself. We seem to think so little of ourselves  that we forget that we are great and powerful beings!

So, although I may not have answered my initial question, I feel I am on a path toward the answer, and I am on the look-out and expecting the answer at any moment! Join me on this wonderful, eternal treasure hunt!

Phoebe Brown

About the author: Mother, Grandmother, QHHT Practitioner, and Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Practitioner

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