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Why Your “Twin Flame” May Not Actually Be A “Twin”

By on September 20, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Neda The Mystic,
Guest writer,

Note: Heads up- this is strictly my opinion and personal conclusion after at least a full year of extensive research on the matter and hours of talking to so-called twin flame experts. Don’t take anything in this post as fact just yet. I urge you to just sit back and think for yourself before making any assumptions or taking anything I say as the final verdict.  Whether I am right or wrong, I still feel compelled to express my point of view. Don’t let your ego get in the way. Just consider all the possibilities…

Many of us have convinced ourselves that our twin flame is the love of all loves, the one, the ultimate lover, our divine mate, even more powerful than the romanticized soul-mate.

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Let’s face it: the twin flame concept is largely based on an old belief that each soul has been cut in two parts and some being out there is waiting for you. The shape of the stereotypical heart is a perfect demonstration of this- it is metaphorical for two parts coming together to make a whole.

A lot of us won’t even get married until we convinced ourselves we have found our twin flame. But the concept of “twin flame” can lead to a lot of suffering and confusion. Here is why. So many so-called twin experts say different things, and I believe not all of them are frauds- it is just that several of them seem to define twin flames in a different way than others.  The twin flame can be a vague concept if we throw it around casually. We need to stop doing so and we must consider the possibility that there is no such thing as a twin flame period. /:

In this post, I am called to investigate at least 4 well-known twin flame ideas we have been fed in this New Age world we are living in. You are free to think some of the ideas on this page are a crock of BS and that’s fine, but just question them at least. Whether they are right or false, we are motivated to search for truth, and we all have a divine birthright to the truth. We must be willing to look at it objectively without attachment, desires, ego and just apply our true unfiltered consciousness in this scenario. This is a gradual process, so please don’t expect it to happen all at once.  I am not here to force my truth upon you; I simply invite you to explore these heartfelt notions with me. They are:

Rumor 1: Not everyone has a twin flame because a twin flame is a type of evolved soul that is present on the third incarnation. There are only 144,000 twins currently meaning there are 72,000 pairs

Rumor 2: You have only one twin flame

Rumor 3: You have More than one twin flame.

Rumor 4: Your twin flame has the exact same soul mission and soul signature as you do.

Rumor 5: 11:11 and other synchronicities mean you met your twin flame.

Rumor 6: Twin flames are cut in half

Rumor 7: Twin flames are our only mirrors.

Rumor 8: Twin flame relationships are perfect, romantic dream-lover kind of relationships with no pain, struggle, or abuse.

Rumor 9: Twin flames reincarnate over and over again and meet in their last incarnation.

Rumor 10: sometimes a twin will choose to stay in the non-physical realm to look after its earth counterpart.

Rumor 11: If you are separate from your twin, this means God is punishing you.

Let’s begin……..

Rumor 1: Not everyone has a twin flame because a twin flame is a type of evolved soul that is present on the third incarnation. There are only 144,000 twins currently meaning there are 72,000 pairs. One rather recent belief about twin flames according to some spiritual-oriented folks is that it is not a romantic concept at all. A twin flame according to this definition is a soul that has entered the third incarnation on earth. In its former incarnation of earth, it was a whole soul being. That means it is just not evolved as a twin flame yet. Simply explained, a twin flame is a type of evolved soul. This Twin flame soul is akin to being a junior in high school. But the less mature WHOLE SOUL being is a sophomore.  So what that means according to most recent folks I have spoken to (Will not disclose their names here) is that during the third incarnation of the soul, the soul has split, meaning there is another part of your soul somewhere out there. In other words, not everyone has a twin flame. In fact, these individuals say claim there are about 144,000s out there. Is this channeled information given by some spirit guide? Who knows. But this is one of the new, rare believes I just learned about over the past month.

Do I find this true? Well, no offense to the person who shared such insight with me, but despite your hundreds of positive reviews from people who claim you are the real deal, I have my doubts. One reason is because you are the FIRST person I have come across who believes in such an idea. And it is very possible the ratings were left by people who were paid or just were happy to hear what they wanted to hear. I am not saying you’re a fraud, but I won’t take your word for it just yet. Sorry! Why would someone not have their divine mate? I think everyone deserves one no matter how evolved their soul is.  At least, call the your definition of “twin flame” something else because it is eye candy to us hopeless romantics out there.  There is also a man in South America claiming to be Jesus. Does that mean I should take his word for it? Unless I get more evidence, I cannot say for sure. Sorry!

Do not believe anything no matter if I said it or someone else said it unless it agrees with your own common sense- Buddha.

Rumor 2: You have only one twin flame vs. Rumor 3: You have More than one twin flame

When I was 19, I was absolutely positive I met my twin flame. His energy felt familiar and I felt right at home with him, even though I knew we weren’t mentally compatible and I was more mature than him in a multitude of ways (not bragging). But when you meet the one, you just know. A lot of us beckon for the one. This is why I am most likely to be drawn to Rumor 2 and would love to believe that is true. But the truth is you can absolutely fall in love with someone who isn’t the one, even if the love is not as intense. Honestly, I do consider the possibility that this person whom I feel my very essence in, is just a small part of me because I feel more evolved than him, so logically speaking, I could very well have more than one twin flame. But then again, twin flames could be different from life partners. And maybe he was my miracle, but just not my forever-miracle. I really am drawn to the idea that depending on the type of soul you are, you can have more than one soul mission.

So this leads me to the conclusion that “The one” can change depending on which soul mission you give the most energy to.  This is why it is best when you meet the one, to be in a relationship with one person at a time, (meaning you would be committed to this person and no-one else) because it is so powerful to give the other person your undivided attention, especially when the relationship is in its early stage. When this one realizes you have more than one soul mission in this incarnation (if in fact you do have more than one grand mission), then they will give you permission to be with another intense-sort-of-soul-mate as well. Which brings us to rumor 4 (by the way, I have no doubt that everybody has a unique soul mission- destiny is something proven, and I have already reached that verdict long ago-hope to discuss this concept later. Bottom line is certain things are written in stone or in the stars; every soul has a mission whether it is perceived by others as small or large. Every soul mission is important as it ties in one way or another to the greater good of collective consciousness.  Without that God-given soul mission, we would not be able to contribute to the world effectively. This is intuitive knowledge).

Rumor 4: Your twin flame has the exact same soul mission and soul signature as you do.

Is this true?  There is a Sanskrit saying that goes like “you are your deepest driving desire.” Even performers who are committed to dancing know this concept very well. A true dancer never dances for the hell of just dancing. They have a story written in their souls that beckons to be told. They have something that wants to be expressed. Different emotions and energy is stored in different parts of the body (this was sacred Hindu non-dogmatic knowledge that that sages have taught us but has sadly been buried and covered and manipulated and changed and so on. The Islamic Sufis knew this.

What does this have to do with Rumor #4? Personally, I really honestly don’t think it’s possible for any two people to have 100% the same energy signature. Just like nobody has exactly the same fingerprint, why would someone has 100% the same “energy signature” as the TF psychics call it, as someone else? Is it really that big of a deal if you fall in love with two people and one person has say 98% of your soul mission and the other person 99%? Does that mean you are doomed? We must stop looking for someone else to complete us. Nobody understands us more than God does, whether we like it or not.

The whole purpose of life is self-love-not needing someone else to tell us who we are. They can show us parts of ourselves. They can only show us so much. But we have a duty to show ourselves who we are by giving ourselves permission to live out our soul blueprints.

Another Important question to ask for those souls who are DYING to meet the one, WHY does it matter so much if you meet your divine mate? Even if you do, that’s great. But so what? What happens next? You can still be married and have an awesome, wonderful, beautiful life to someone who isn’t your Divine mate/”Twin” flame. We are already whole beings. That something-is-missing feeling isn’t because you’re with the wrong person. It means you have a calling to fulfill your own unique mission. Your Divine Mate will be a mirror, but it will only reflect so much of your soul. An image is not you- it is only an image. Your soul knows exactly what it is and its mission stands independent of anyone outside it, yet is still connected to serve others. Soul evolution is a complex matter and soul purposes are much more subtle to understand with the rational mind. You don’t have to know exactly what your soul purpose is. You have to feel it. A lot of us assume our soul purpose is simply our careers. But our careers are just a fraction of the divine plan-your profession echoes something much deeper reflected in the soul. The concept of “twins” in my opinion is just not accurate because no two souls are 100 percent alike, even if they do have the same soul missions. So this whole “twin” flame concept should actually be called ‘Divine Flame.” Anything but twin!

Yes, there is a possibility that someone may have our soul essence more than anyone else out there.  But no two souls are exactly the same, even if they do share the exact same soul mission, (at least in resemblance more than any other two souls in the world).  One thing is for sure: we meet our divine mate when we have given our spirits permission to embark on our own soul missions that have been destined for given lifetimes. Two souls that are compatible may have different spirits (one spirit may resonate at a higher frequency than another, which is why divine mates have such a hard time coming into contact), but every love has its own timing, so don’t worry if you haven’t been united with your divine mate in this physical realm yet. What makes two souls compatible is that they have the same soul purpose/mission, which I believe is destined prior to birth (perhaps not 100% identical, but the most similar compared to any other soul.

It is possible that “twin” flames can vary depending on which soul mission they decided to commit to in a given incarnation. Anything is possible. But this if for certain: when you run into a part of your soul and you feel safe with this person when your rational mind doesn’t know why, you’re not insane. The person whether they are your divine mate or your soulmate has something to teach you. Even if you haven’t met your divine “twin yet,” to meet an almost- divine mate ( an extremely close soulmate) is still a blessing). The fact that you can recognize your soul in another means you’ve done a lot of soul work. I remember once me and the person I felt strongly close to, woke up one morning with the same thought in our minds. We were both randomly thinking about that movie “Ghost” one morning. It literally felt like I was feeling my own energy reflected back at me, just a younger part. It was the most beautiful feeling in my life. I felt safe and right.  Even though I was ages more evolved than this person emotionally and mentally.

And I believe this person becomes a physical match to you when you’re 100 percent able to be yourself, although it is possible to not always be yourself around your divine mate because we are creatures of habit, not to mention years of conditioning and social programming. But overall we can share our essense with this person and we can expect that something inside this person will just GET us, even though their rational mind doesn’t understand it yet.

It is very possible that someone who isn’t mentally aligned with us can be more mentally aligned with us later because they share the same soul mission as us. Anything is possible. Soulmates who are not divine mates are not mistakes. Whether we choose to be romantically involved with them or not, they were meant to cross our paths. We have duties towards them we may be fulfilling without even knowing we are fulfilling them. Soulmate missions may not feel as intense as “Twin” flame (let’s call it Divine Flame) missions, but they are still missions and nevertheless, important. It is just a stepping stone. You don’t have to cut this person out of your life for good, but you don’t have to spend the majority of your time with them either. As you tune in more to your soul self, you are pulled closer to your divine mate. It is self-rewarding and healthy. Yes, Divine mates exist, but you don’t need them. Your soul mission does need them eventually, but your soul is already whole as it is. It doesn’t need anyone. This whole life is just a ride.

When we are in deep relaxation, the closer we are to truth. And as Rumi says, the deeper you live in the soul, the mirror gets cleaner and clearer.

Rumor 5: 11:11 and other synchronicities mean you met your twin flame.

Is this true?

11:11 is an auspicious number. As High School and corny as it sounds, people adore this number and hold it dear to their lives like they do with  the Zodiac! You’ve been happy when you saw those number pop out of nowhere when your head just decided to look at your clock. Some spiritualists say that this number means the thoughts you are thinking are becoming true or hold true to you in someway, perhaps metaphorically. It often means a “yes” and is said to be in alignment with the angelic realms. Don’t ask me- I didn’t make the rules. This is just hearsay. But yes, I’ve had some crazy 11:11 experiences and dreams. I woke up to 11:11. I’ve had good thoughts and seen 11:11 or some other repeating numbers. I once asked for a sign if a certain person was my twin and then saw a license plate with the word Twin next to our initials. There are definitely ways, which the Divine communicates with us such as through dreams, but at the same time, to hold on to this belief and be dependent on synchronicities with our lives reflects insecurity and constant obsession with wanting to be reassured. To devote our lives to constant outer signs reflects constantly wanting to feel like we are safe and this is not healthy. Turn within. Don’t constantly look outside yourself for verification.

Many believe that seeing 11:11 means you are about to meet your twin or have encountered a false twin.  I don’t believe too much in this stuff, so you’re free to believe whatever you want. I am not to crazy about the signs. Although I have had thoughts like 4:44 and then saw the clock say the same and weird synchronicities like that, but because I am a person of logic, I definitely consider the possibility this could be coincidence.

When you meet the one, there is no need for marriage in my opinion. True marriage is a soul union you have made with the person. Marriage just becomes a celebration of what already is. Instead of focusing so much on marriage and how things should be, realize that just because you sense your full self in another person doesn’t mean they are ready. They may not feel at one with you yet. That is okay. Marriage is not the be-end-all of existence. It’s not even the reason why we are here.  True love will always be greater than any human institution out there. True love in itself is a blessing, marriage or not, relationship or not.

Rumor 6: Twin flames are cut in half

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This is one of my favorites!  It goes back to that good old saga where the heart was split as the beginning and the two parts of the heart our forever looking for each other. Once again as romantic and beautiful as this idea sounds, does that mean this is necessarily true?

Well, according to one expert, a soul isn’t a chunk of energy that can be cut into half. Rather a soul is like a stream of consciousness. Not all “experts” agree on this though.  The individual who believes in the 144,000 concept thinks a twin flame is the other half of one’s soul, (By the way the clock says 11:11).  Others believe that it is not the splitting of the soul into two, but rather two incarnations of a soul happening at once.  I personally think that souls cannot be cut into half. It is not a completely physical attribute of the human. I don’t like the idea of half, although it sounds rather yummy. It is more empowering to think of two wholes coming together for the greater good of man kind rather than just half a being. I felt whole when I met my “better half.” I spent time with him because I loved him, not because I needed him. If Divine will had a mission for us, then my soul just went with the flow and accepted it. It was that simple. True self empowerment is not about needing anyone. Enjoying fulfilling relationships is our birthright as is food and sleep, but it is not the main reason we came down here. Our main reason can be felt at a soul level, not understood with the rational mind.

Rumor 7: Twin flames are our only mirrors.

Is this true?

Honestly, all relationships are our mirrors. Carl Jung said what irritates us about others can lead us to a better understanding of yourself. And if you’re really grossed out by something on the outside, there is something in yourself which you feel grossed out about, whether you like it or not. When you are numb to something and don’t have emotional ties to it, it doesn’t show up as much. Things that are emotionally charged tend to show up in your life to get you to face yourself, both positive and negative. Twin flames are are mirrors but all relationships will mirror us at some point: friends, enemies, bosses, coworkers, mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin. We may become attached to those that mirror us the most at a given time but that doesn’t mean that those people are the biggest mirror we will ever have!

Rumor 8: Twin flame relationships are perfect, romantic dream-lover kind of relationships with no pain, struggle, or abuse.

Although it is our birthright to enjoy being able to be who we are with our divine mate, there will be challenges. Overall, you can expect profound joy, however things that you don’t want to face about yourself will also be mirrored back at least a thousand fold. This can be uncomfortable which may explain why we are sometimes on and off with our twin. We need our space one day and we don’t the next day. It may feel like a bipolar roller coaster. Everything we have been led to believe about love, masculinity, relationships, family, proper social conduct, is being challenged. The connection can be telepathic and intense, and this will also be the most challenging relationship you will ever have. Hawthorne Heights love is a movie. Reality means that you will have to do some work. This is why most people find it easier to settle for wordly, idealistic, regular soulmates rather than more mirror-like soulmates who are often called twins. But like I said, no soul is 100 percent like, so I don’t believe in the whole twin concept. At the end of the day, the question of compatibility will be called into play. If you want a wordly life of basic survival, chances are you probably won’t lime up with your divine mate. But If you are ready to go to Heaven and stop coming back to planet earth and you are ready for soul evolution and you’ve had it with the ways of the world for the most part, you will line up with your divine mate..  A person who has the ability to understand you more than anyone else can initially be quite abusive because something in them feels called towards you and they don’t rationally know why. So remember, everything happens in stages. Of course, you don’t have to be romantically with them if they are abusive- Love is not a reason to tolerate disrespect. But even if you meet the One, the relationship takes work. And you must confront the demons he or she presents that you deny within yourself. The beautiful thing though is that you will be able to tell them honestly that they are abusive, which is why you can separate without guilt and come back when you trust they are ready again.  But the truth is you really don’t need them. They will come back in Divine Timing, when you finally set out on the path The Divine has made specifically for you. Twin flames can be coworkers, bosses and clients, friends, business colleagues, even cousins. They don’t have to be star-crossed cinematic lovers, but they do often tend to be great friends. Often throughout history, they were have been master and slave and King and Concubine.

Rumor 9: Twin flames reincarnate over and over again and meet in their last incarnation.

This is the romanticized version of twin flames. Although there are some accounts, of people who have done past life regression and claimed to meet their twin flame and channeled their “soul name” many souls have just had one or two past life encounters with a twin or soulmate. They can actually skip in between and meet one lifetime and then again in another. They do tend to meet in the last one to finish up their Earth work, but twins can really meet at any stage. More evidence is needed. It may very well be the case that a person can have a different twin flame per lifetime depending on what they set out to learn for each given incarnation.

Rumor 10: sometimes a twin will choose to stay in the non-physical realm to look after its earth counterpart.

Where one soul chooses to watch over the physical twin from their vantage point in the Etheric non-physical realm doesn’t make sense to me that much because not all twins have as romantic as a mission as Rama or Seeta or romantic fiction like Demi Moore or Patrick Swayze in Ghost. While it is true we all must line up with our Divine counterpart at some point in existence in order to finish up our work in this physical realm and ascend to Higher Planes, we cannot look at them as our Savior or our Superman constantly and obsessively. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and break through the romance priorities in our head and consider the idea the Prince and Princess twin flames can be anything but romantic. It is more rewarding to have a physical relationship with your twin so you can finally fulfill your soul mission so it is better that a twin meet up with you in the physical world.

Rumor 11: If you are separate from your twin, this means God is punishing you.

This just isn’t true. You don’t need your twin to have a content life. But it is a rewarding thing to do to line up with your twin. The higher your self-love is, the more likely you will line up with your divine mate. If you guys are not together, it is not punishment. They will be presented to you when you are ready. You can still have a wonderful life with someone who is not your Divine Counterpart and when you finally do meet your Divine Counterpart, your Divine Counterpart will not expect you to completely abandon the person who are with, because they too are important and are part of the journey. You don’t have to leave the person for your Divine Mate. But naturally, you will be drawn and want to spend more time with your Divine Mate. The more you honor your Divine Purpose, the less you will want to spend time with someone who is not your Divine Mate. Many people who are single are actually protecting their energy. It is not God rebuking you for being bad. You aren’t ready yet. Being single is not punishment at all.  You will line up with them when the time is right, eventually. You absolutely do not need to be with your twin. Your soul mission requires you to. It is all just part of the contract and what was signed up prior to you coming to earth. Your not being with them is just a stage that is destined to pass.

About the author: Neda is a psychology student. She loves screenwriting, art, Rumi poetry, traveling, philosophy, and studying esoteric spirituality and religion. Her favorite spiritual author growing up was Deepak Chopra. She is the owner of She currently offers life-enhancing advice free of charge.

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