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Woody Harrelson Presents: Ethos

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Woody Harrelson Presents: Ethos

Ethos, a powerful documentary hosted by Woody Harrelson, is an investigation into the flaws in our systems, and the mechanisms that work against democracy, our environment and the the common good.

With a stunning depth of research and breadth of analysis, this film delves deep into the inter-connected worlds of Politics, Multi-National Corporations and the Media.

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Most of us have wondered at some point how we have arrived at a situation where democracy is touted as having created an equal society when all we see is injustice and corruption.

Ethos opens a Pandora’s box that has it’s roots in the cross-roads where capitalism-meets-democracy, implicates every power-elite puts profit before people and finally offers a solution whereby you — the viewer — can regain control using the one thing they do care about — your cash.

Humans do not have the power to destroy evil. Evil can only be defeated by resisting it within one self. Fear not, to be cursed by Satan is to be truly blessed. A threat from evil cannot harm you, unless you accept it. You must be like a mirror and reflect it back to its source. The individual can only accomplish this with Divine knowledge, in other words know your enemy.

What is more important is to know thy enemy. most just don’t.. so bare with the fact that everything is an illusion and you got to flip it all upside down to see the real truth.

Woody Harrelson 'Ethos'   Epic Documentary!   Time to Unslave Humanity

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