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Worldwide Revolution – Weapon Of Choice – LOVE!

By on July 15, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Worldwide Revolution - Weapon Of Choice - LOVE!

by Karen Star,
Contributing Writer,

There is a quiet yet undeniably powerful revolution sweeping the planet.

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A growing number of people are waking up to a new reality… Slowly connecting the dots, to reveal the self-serving grasp of control that the current political, media, financial, corporate, education and pharmaceutical systems have been holding over humanity.

The veil is lifting for the masses… It is all out in the open for those who choose to see it.

The realisation that these systems, which we were always taught to believe had our best interests at heart, are actually controlled by a handful of self-serving, elitist families, usually comes as a huge shock… Concepts of reality crumble and identities are shattered… And it’s one you really just have to work through as you venture, often alone, down the Rabbit Hole.

It seems like your whole world is falling apart… And it is, literally.

But the good news is that the old must be demolished before the new can be built. And the New Earth is being created by us finally realising that there has to be a better way to live. It’s only when we hit rock bottom that we are forced to seek another solution – And the only way from there is up.

When we reach a fork in the road like this, our eyes and thoughts need to be on the direction we intend to travel. It’s pointless focusing on the old paradigm if that’s not where we wish to stay… Energy flows where attention goes.

We literally have to step out of the old world and into the new by choosing which world we are giving our energy to….

If we choose to focus on the fear, hate and materialism in the world, that’s the reality we will continue to align with. We will continue to attract people and circumstances which reflect that fear, hate and materialism back to us… By keeping our thoughts and focus on the world we don’t want, ensures that is the very reality that we will continue to see.

So, stop complaining about what you don’t like about your personal life… Stop discussing what isn’t working in local and global politics… And stop criticising everything you perceive as being wrong and dysfunctional with the world… Focusing on what you don’t want is never going to give you what you do want.

Let’s step over the threshold into the New world…

It’s not a physical step, it’s a mental shift…. The world we focus our time and energy enriching mentally is the one which is reflected back to us physically.

So, turn off the news for a start. Television ‘programming’ is filled with propaganda and fear mongering designed to keep its audience firmly entrenched in the emotions of lower frequency. A population living in fear is easier to control. We grow up knowing a world filled with war, fear, crime and hate where materialism rules. This world still exists for many but personally, it’s not the world I choose to live in.

There is another world out there, one filled with love and peace but we cannot see it while our thoughts are aligned with fear and worry. Once we get into the habit of not needing to know everything that is happening on a national or global front, a whole new reality emerges … Every single one of us holds a different perspective on what is currently taking place on the planet, a view which is either reinforced or changed by where we choose to direct our time and energy.

So, let’s focus on the good we can see in the world… Let’s talk about all the things that are going well in our lives… Let’s give gratitude for everything we perceive as being right in society … Let’s choose to see the magic in every sunrise… And let’s shift our focus from ‘service to self’ to ‘service to others ‘

… and the way to do this, is to always choose love

About the author: Karen Star is a passionate writer, poet, yogini, mother and vibrational alignment coach. She’s down to Earth with her head in the stars – Clearly from another galaxy. Speaking her truth from her heart, she delights in demystifying the bridge between quantum reality and our human experience, as we ride the highs and lows of the roller coaster through life. She lives in a reality where everything is energy and we are all dancing to the sacred music of the cosmos. Feel free to connect with Karen via her Facebook account.


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