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You Are Not Human. Here’s Why

By on September 2, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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You Are Not Human. Here's Why

by Cameron Dube,

Have you ever had an out of body experience where your awareness leaves this human body, floats above it and you gain a whole new understanding of what you really are? Some call it astral projection, a fancy way of saying people meditate until they’re able to leave their body and live on an entirely different plane of existence. This may sound absurd but it can teach you a lot about yourself and how to overcome some of the problems like depression, fatigue, laziness, anxiety, addiction and jealousy that nearly every human faces. No, you don’t need to experience astral projection to realize that you are not the human body in which you reside. Through meditation and common sense, this way of looking at your conscious experience can radically transform your life.

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You Are Not Your Thoughts

Notice you are breathing. That’s right, you most likely forgot your body was automatically doing that for you until now, yet you also have control over your breath at any moment. Like you can take yourself in, take a deep breath and then let your body take over again. Same goes for your thoughts, they are constantly running through your mind at dizzying speeds. It’s said that we have 60,000 separate thoughts every single day. The issue here is that they are rarely unique thoughts. We usually think the same old stuff, day in and day out, which I feel the need to mention that you reading this is disrupting that pattern. Learning is one of the greatest things you can do to think differently and therefore slowly change your life overall. But that’s besides the point. You are doing with thoughts as you do with your breathing. Meaning you can take over your thoughts anytime you want, and you can let your brain go on auto-pilot at any moment you’d like.

You remain a still observer of all this. You are not your thoughts because they keep going even if you are not there to control them. Ever have really messed up thoughts or morbid thoughts? Have you ever had a really weird dream that left you questioning your sanity? Deep down, you’re simply conscious of all of these thoughts, and when you want to consciously take control of them, you’re allowed to.

You are not the thoughts, you are the consciousness.

Why is this helpful?

First of all, you no longer have to constantly think thoughts that lead to fear, worry, depression, and anger. It will take time and like a muscle, you need to train your brain so to speak, but you will eventually be able to control thoughts of lack to thoughts of gratitude. For example, the way you feel will now be under your control, not up to circumstance.

The real you does not get upset, anxious, stressed, worried, or sad. It is simply awareness, bliss, and peace. It only knows love. Through meditation, you learn to clear your mind and allow yourself to live from this place I call awareness. At this point, you lose sight of your petty human thoughts and you see the bigger picture. It’s a feeling and realization that is difficult to explain with words, so I suggest you adopt a daily meditation practice to yourself started on the path to controlling your thoughts. With control over your thinking, you can motivate yourself, you can gain more confidence and happiness. You essentially have total control on the inside world. So, no matter what happens on the outside world, you feel unstoppable. This isn’t to say there’s not a balance. You can just bliss out while the outside world is falling apart. Thankfully, that balance will come naturally with trial and error.

You Are Not Your Desires

Petty human desires, as I like to call them. Why insult them by calling them petty? It instantly creates two points of view, me and my desires. The true self and the self that desires something. By desires I mean, food, sex, fun, sleep, attention, wealth, power… the list could go on. Now, obviously, we need food to live (remember balance) but we certainly don’t need to stuff 9 sushi rolls and a couple bowls of pad thai to survive. That right, there is the ancient human brain trying to binge in preparation for a famine. Some get addicted to sex or porn because the old human brain gives you some good feelings when you engage in any activity that leads to reproduction. We sleep our lives away. We spend our lives accumulating as much wealth and status as possible, and still we‘re left unsatisfied.

There are two perspectives: the human who is desiring and the awareness that is above all. Through long meditations, I become a ball of bliss and joy. I come out of these meditations excited to follow my purpose. I forget about the desire for food, sleep, relationships, and so on. I am back to who I really am and I’m living from a place where I am in total control of my thoughts and actions. I can’t stress how amazing of a feeling it is when you develop a deep knowing of the fact that you are the human body you reside in. You are so much more. Some say you’re a spirit, a soul, consciousness, or awareness. All I can say is you have so much more control in your life than the world leads you to believe. The moment you’re aware of this fact, and I mean truly awake to the fact you are in control, your life will never be the same.

Cameron Dube, HUMBOWL

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