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Your Body Is The Temple Of God

By on May 14, 2018 in Health
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Your Body Is The Temple Of God

by Derek Kato,
Contributing Writer,

Our bodies are temporary, and we merely rent them from our creator. The human body is the temple of the creator and it should be treated with the utmost respect. We need to be extremely careful about what we let enter this temple. This includes the air that enters our lungs, the sounds that enter our ears, the light that enters our eyes, anything that touches our skin, and of course the food we eat.

They say, “you are what you eat” but your body “eats” air, light and sound just as it does food! If all you consume is light from screens and all you hear is the sound of machines, you will slowly become like a machine. Our cities are designed to suppress our ascension, and to turn everyone into zombie worker machines.

It is imperative that we spend as much time as we can in nature so we can breathe fresh clean unpolluted air, listen to natural sounds and absorb the direct light spectrum from the sun. This is healing for the mind, body and soul, and helps to prepare our bodies for the next level of our existence, the ascension!

Eating whole foods that are locally and organically grown are the most harmonious to the body and will help during these times of extreme energy shifts. If you don’t have access to high quality foods for a temporary period, never settle for low quality fast food, just fast for a short period! Systematic under eating will make the body more efficient and will allow the body to adjust quickly to energetic changes from the Earth (as long as you don’t have any serious medical conditions like adrenal fatigue for example).

Lastly, don’t ever put anything unnatural on your skin. This includes sunscreen and makeup! Try to limit showers as much as you can (as the tap water is treated with toxic chemicals) and don’t use soaps with toxic chemicals or find ones with only natural ingredients and use them as minimally as possible..This will be a good start!



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