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Your Feng Shui Birth Element

By on February 19, 2015 in Health
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Feng Shui Birth Element

Birth Element

Feng shui birth element based on birthday can help you understand some of the influences that shape your life. They are important because they help define the chi energy you attract.

You can understand what main element governed the year in which you were born and any influences it has over you.

The 5 Feng Shui Birth Element are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal

Understanding the Five Elements

The five elements are dependent upon each other in order to maintain the balance of chi. The order in which the five elements continuously cycle in balanced chi are as follow:

  •  Water – Nourishes plant life
  •  Wood – Produced from water
  •  Fire – Feeds on wood and produces ash
  •  Earth – Ash turns to earth and produces metal
  •  Metal – Draws water and the cycle starts over

What Does The Elements Mean To You?


The element of the year in which you were born has an influence over you.

If you were born in a year with the following element:


This is where you feel most at home. Water brings a sense of calmness to you and you love being around and in water. You are also a person with fresh new ideas and have a sense of ease .

You are naturally drawn to the north direction.

Your best colors are blue and black.



You are a health conscious person and enjoy good health and vitality.

You are a nature lover and is happy especially surrounded by trees and forests. With a wood element there is a tendency towards great prosperity and wealth.

Directions – East and Southeast

Best colors – Brown and green


The fire in you brings passion, impulsiveness and high energy. People with fire elements have everything needed to support their careers and achieve their goals

Direction is South with support from the Northeast and Southwest.

Colors are red, pink, purple.


Flourishing relationship and stable relationship are the forte of people under earth element.Home is an important haven where strength and harmony reign.

Direction: The center of the home is earth as are the Northeast and Southwest.

Colors are yellow and tan.


Brings the element of vision and clarity. Precision and efficiency follow this energy and helps to crate balance in life.

The directions for metal are West and Northwest. Metal is used to activate the water in the North.

Colors – black, gray and white

What you you?  Comment below and tell us!


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