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Fear Based Energy On Your Lightbody

By on May 5, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Fear Based Energy On Your Lightbody

by Dawn Bailey, 
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

You were born with a perfect high vibration lightbody. You had a high vibe and were full of unconditional love. Most lightworkers had trauma and pain in their childhood. This trauma accumulated on your lightbody as fear based energy and weighed your vibration down. The kundalini journey to your higher self is the process of this fear based energy being removed in layers from your lightbody to restore your lightbody to what it once was.

The first layer contains your repressed will power. These were times that you went through traumatic situations and could not use your willpower.

The second layer contains your repressed emotions about the traumatic situation. These were times that you weren’t allowed to or didn’t feel comfortable in expressing your emotions.

The third layer contains your repressed thoughts about the traumatic situation. These were times that you told yourself the past is the past and didn’t allow yourself to think about the traumatic situation.

The fourth layer contains your memory about the traumatic situation. These memories and illusions come from your subconscious about the traumatic situation.

The fifth layer is the subconscious wound from the traumatic situation.

The kundalini process is the divine sending energy to your lightbody to remove these layers of fear based energy, so you can reach the wound and heal it. It works through the first layer first repressed willpower, repressed emotions, repressed thoughts, repressed memories, and then the subconscious wound.

This fear based energy collected over the years on you and now it is being removed with help from the divine.

You may think, “Well, I have been on this journey for 20 years. I have always been a spiritual person.”

You don’t start the kundalini journey until the Universe jumps in and sends you the kundalini energy. This process started in 2012 for lightworkers and in the last 6 months for the collective.

You may have always been a wonderful, kind, and caring spiritual person, but the kundalini journey did not start until 2012 or later. If you look back, your life would have started to change around this time.

Depending on how you perceive energy, you may have gone a few years on the kundalini journey unaware of what was happening to you. We all perceive energy differently. Some see it, some feel it, some know it, and some hear it. I went about 2 years before I knew. I had strange symptoms going on with my body and spent most of my time at the doctor having tests run, only to be told I was healthy and nothing was wrong.

This is what is beginning to happen with the collective. They will be looking for answers in the 3D way and after they can’t find any they will be looking for a lightworker. Lightworkers have the answers they seek as we are the truth holders. The Law of Attraction will draw the collective to you and who they need, who has the answers they seek and can’t find in the 3rd dimensional world.

Lightworkers have a very important job in transition to the New Earth. Never ever doubt how important you are to the Divine.

Love and Light,


About the author: My name is Dawn and I have studied the kundalini journey, chakras, and energy for 5 years. Visit soulsisterstruth.com for more information on the kundalini journey to your higher self.

Image: Pixabay

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