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Mirroring – The Most Important Thing We Do For Each Other

By on March 16, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening

Mirroring - The Most Important Thing We Do For Each Other

by Jamie Rea,

Mirroring. This is the most important thing we do for each other. This is true relationship. Those who can’t see themselves can’t see others. Parents who mirror for their children create children who know how to see themselves and others. It starts there. True love sees.

“To be SEEN.~~

You ask me what you should look for in a partner?

I tell you: find someone who lets you be SEEN. If you find this partner.

You will rise into a version of the potential for your life that is greater than you could have ever predicted in your wildest imagination. What I tell you is to find someone who sees in you what you’ve always seen in yourself and always secretly and desperately wished the world would see.

There are parts of ourselves that we desperately want the world to notice. Little, tiny areas that we feel we bring value to the world around us. THE RIGHT PERSON WILL SEE THIS.

The right person will SEE IT ALL. All the parts of your world that never quite felt understood or appreciated. The person you should choose is the person who makes you feel so effin seen without even having to show them.

They just get it. They just see it. They just feel it. They just intuitively understand.


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They see your soul. They feel your soul. They have a presence with you that makes you feel that they feel it too.

And when you feel truly seen.

You drop out of your head and into your heart.

You relax.

Your nervous system calms down.

There is no need to rush things.

No need to force things.

There is just space to BE.

Space to be YOU.

Space for your love to breathe.

Space for love to breathe and be free.

Space for love to be wild.

And a trust that this is ENOUGH.

Not just enough.

But you are a dream.

You are extraordinary.

You are a gift.

You are the sum of all the best parts.

I’m telling you.

Choose someone you don’t have to explain your soul too.

Choose someone who makes being you easy.

Choose someone who makes being you feel like the greatest contribution you could ever make.

Choose someone who loves you for who you are now but also can see all your endless possibilities for growth and expansion.

Choose someone who creates sacred space for your truth.

Choose someone loves you in a way that it gives you permission to love yourself in a way you never have before.

Choose someone who makes you feel more understood than anywhere else in your entire life.”

~Jamie Rea

Image: Pixabay

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