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Step Into The True You

By on February 19, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening

Step Into The True You

by Lucia Ashta

Everyone that is alive at this time in the world has something important to contribute to the grand scheme of things, to the all of everything. It is imperative that as many people as possible awaken to their life purposes to overpower the effects of darkness on this planet and its peoples.

Every single person born into this world is at his or her essence a soul. This world is our learning ground, one where we can easily become confused as to what this lifetime is really about and forget the knowledge that we always carry within us. We are at our core elegant, magical, empowered souls. We are beings divinely connected to the source of everything.

As human beings, we live a daily existence surrounded by a constant stream of evidence of the miracle that life is. We are continuously shown that there is more to life than what can be explained by the rational mind. If we are to look at the human body alone, we can find a seemingly unending supply of examples of the miracles that allow us to live through the rising and setting of each day’s sun. Each breath alone is an unexplained miracle. Who or what designed us to function so perfectly and harmoniously in a state of homeostasis that so many things can be taking place within our bodies without even our conscious thought or control?

Surrounded by this constant reminder of the magical world that we live in, why is it that so many of us have such a hard time accepting that we have a grander purpose on this planet than simply “getting by?” Why is it that a person will more easily believe that she was born to be an accountant like everyone else on her father’s side of the family than believe she can intuitively know what ailment a certain plant can cure in people and animals? We know why. It is because this woman, along with most every one of us, was taught from an early age that we had to abide by society’s standards. We were taught that it was honorable to follow the rules, not to cause trouble, and to fit in with our peers.

But all of this programming taught us an untrue belief system that is based in limitations. Most of us were taught to repress the unusual, the different. We were taught to be quiet about anything that didn’t fit within the norms that were offered up to us as the acceptable standard. And because of that, we forgot so many of our intuitive skills. We forgot our natural talents and inclinations in the murky memories of the unaccepted. We forgot the knowingness that we just simply had without explanation. We forgot the beings we saw that others around us didn’t seem to see.

Now is the time to shed any layers of fear surrounding being different and to become the true person we are capable of being. There is no better time than now. For those of us that have been working to deprogram ourselves of these limiting belief systems and have begun to exercise abandoned intuitive skills, it is time to shed any and ALL that limits us. It is time to shed any concerns of what others may think of us. It is time to let go of that nagging concern that we may have just lost our minds. It is time to let go of that hold that “earning a living” in traditional ways can have over us. It is NOT irresponsible to follow our hearts and our knowingness. It is what we were made to do!

We owe it not only to ourselves but also to all of humanity to embody the role we came to this earth to play. In that way humanity will not just survive, but it will flourish. It is then that the planet and its creatures will be able to heal. Every single person has an important purpose to contribute at this time in human history. There are no accidents in the cosmic design. Every person has a role to play that is capable of transforming humanity’s story.

It is time to discover what your role is if you don’t know it already. What does your heart tell you? What do you dream of doing when you don’t have to tell anyone of your dream, when you don’t rationalize or justify? What makes your heart happy and free? What are you good at? What do you do that brings others joy? Your role can be small as it can be large, but all roles are important. Every one of us is a unique individual—there never was and never will be anyone exactly like us again—and our roles are as unique as we are. The divine design has put all human beings on earth at this time with a harmonious combination of life purposes, so they may all work together in a perfect synchronistic puzzle so complex that we could never see it with a rational mind.

It is through owning and stepping into our life purposes, to our hearts’ desires, that we not only honor ourselves as divine creations, but also do our part to contribute to the growth of human consciousness. Whom do we honor by leading a menial life in an artificial world? No one. Whom do we serve?

As more and more of us awaken to the true reality of this world—that this is a magical existence where our hearts and our beliefs determine what we experience—we can grow as a whole, one humanity. We must shed the darkness and the constraints because they cannot hold us any longer. We CAN choose to be who we came to earth to become.

Trust that you will be shown the way when it is your time. Where there is faith and belief, there is always a way.

About The Author: Lucia Ashta is an author and illustrator of spiritual books. Her latest novel, The Prophecy of Arnaka, is visionary fiction, and it follows a woman on the path of awakening; through thrilling adventure and suspense, she discovers deep wisdoms and a destiny she could never have imagined. You can find all of Lucia’s books through or Amazon.

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