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This Is What Different Feather Colors Mean

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This Is What Different Feather Colors Mean in5d in 5d in5d.com www.in5d.com

Have you ever found a feather and wondered what it specifically meant?

Please refer to the above chart to find out!

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In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, In5D.com

This Is How The Anunnaki Took Control Of Humanity in5d in 5d

In the article entitled, “This Is How The Anunnaki Took Control Of Humanity,” Robert Morning Sky stated: When you’re one with your fire, here’s what’s going to happen to the beast.  He’s going to see feathers.  They’re going to manifest in front of them and he’s going to dream about feathered beings and he’s going to have feathered beings in his life… birds will fly in.  Suddenly, the feathers are going to become a crucial part of his existence.  The gift of the feather is this:  You’re One with your fire; feathers are going to be falling out of the sky; you’re going to dream about feathered beings; birds are going to appear; feathers are going to appear in the middle of your living room floor; feathers will be everywhere… it is the AKU.

The AKU, according to Morning Sky, are responsible for giving the Anunnaki their genetics to pass on to humanity, which is basically the genetic royalty of the Universe. While many of the ruling elite believe their bloodline is superior to everyone else’s, it’s actually the other way around! What they fear the most is us learning about our genetic royalty and how their bloodlines have been so tainted through incest that they’ve become literal genetic freaks.

So, perhaps when you find a feather or when a feather “just happens” to appear before you, it may be a reminder of your genetic royalty from the AKU!

Sending you all infinite Love & Light,


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