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11 11 Journey of a Starseed

By on January 13, 2015 in Indigos with 0 Comments
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11 11 Journey of a Starseed

Most people these days believe in the possibility of life on other planets. Many people also believe in the possibility of reincarnation, i.e., that your soul inhabits more than one body across the infinite span of its existence. A Starseed is simply a monadic spark that has only recently (i.e., within the last one or two lifetimes), begun inhabiting a human body.

Starseeds may experience “dislocation” during their childhood and adolescent maturation. As a result of “recent arrival,” starseeds may feel “out of place,” “alien,” “different,” “alone”, “even persecuted.” These dislocations are typically handled as a result of the normal maturation process. That is, under reasonably non-dysfunctional conditions, starseeds can integrate and interact as “normal.”

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Awakening poses a particular problem for Starseeds. As awakening initiates, starseeds may present with mild pathologies. They can display general confusion, anxiety, represent unique and “other worldy” thinking patterns, and seem “unintegrated” at several levels. In addition, during awakening, childhood dislocations may be re-invoked in a pronounced way.

General acceptance and understanding should be proffered at this point otherwise the individual may reject their identity and consequently their awakening and especially if there is no conceptual framework from which the client can understand their position.

As consciousness awakens and appropriate concepts are introduced into the lexicon of the individual, general grounding advice may be provided. Remind the individual that they chose to experience these conditions and explore with them their purpose and vocation. Do not attempt to “normalize” or suppress (via psychological or chemical repressions) their perceptions and feelings but explore appropriate and grounded expressions of their identity and purpose.

In some cases, awakening and integration may not be immediately possible. In toxic and painful environments, the Starseed may (as will all souls) create resistance and distance from the painful exterior world. In order to assist with awakening, environmental, sociological, or psychological toxins must be removed and conditions improved.


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