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3D Proof Of Quantum Healing

By on December 8, 2016 in In5D Radio with 0 Comments
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3D Proof Of Quantum Healing

by Candace Craw-Goldman,
Contributing Writer,

What do healers do when healers get sick?

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Oh the irony! It was March of 2015. There I was assisting in the QHHT classes in Arkansas focusing upon the basic concept of self-healing and I had to make a trip to the Emergency Room. Yup, the cat scan confirmed what I already knew, I had myself a kidney stone. It was just at the entrance to the ureter and although the size was one that was officially considered “passable” that sucker had some very sharp edges. I know because I felt every one of them.

Why was this happening? And why was it happening right at that time, while assisting in a series of healing classes?

I was about to find out.

It was after the first day of the level 2 class that I had the chance to have my own session from one of the practitioners that I consider to be one of the best students of Dolores Cannon in the world today, Lory Pollina.

In my session with Lory, I found out exactly why I had created the stone and exactly why the stone was presenting itself right at that time, and also, exactly what I had to do to dissolve that bad boy so that I did not have to pass it in the “regular” and incredibly painful way. That session was my 12th, since learning this method of Quantum Healing from Dolores in 2008. It was also one of the most memorable.

I had met Lory a few months prior, in September of 2014. It was his first Quantum Healing class. It would be Dolores Cannon’s last, and just a month until she would pass away. I will never forget the first time I saw Lory. I was unlocking the auditorium doors and getting ready to welcome Dolores’ biggest ever class. It was very early, I think not long after sunrise, yet there was he was, waiting…he was the first in line to register and he was simply beaming.

Lory was and is, an exceptional artist and musician, and he was about to turn healer. We had a lot in common! He experienced a miraculous healing with his own QHHT session just a few months prior and he was here to learn how to help others achieve the same.

Lory’s stories, and yes, there are more than one of them, of healing his body are some of the best Quantum Healing stories I have ever heard and I have heard literally thousands of them! He recently joined me in a live webinar to share some of the details with our Community of healers.  This webinar was originally planned to only be shown “in house” to Dolores Cannon Original Support Forum Practitioners, but the stories were too wonderful not to share with the world so we took the video from that webinar and made a “Quantum Healing with Candace” show for all to enjoy.

In this show you will learn how this painting by Lory-

3D Proof Of Quantum Healing

And this man in history are connected.

3D Proof Of Quantum Healing

And also how this mysterious mark on Lory’s leg turns out to be a civil war “brand” from a past life!

3D Proof Of Quantum Healing

Lory’s healing has 3D proof as well, just look at these scans-

3D Proof Of Quantum Healing

Lory is one of the kindest and most thoughtful Quantum Healing Practitioners I have ever known. We often talk about the very best healers operating from “their hearts.” I can honestly say I don’t know of any healer who has a bigger heart and more compassion for his fellow human than Lory Pollina. As a healer myself, I was grateful to have his assistance when I required it. I learned that my own kidney stone, was the result of a toxic situation I had allowed to persist because I had thought I was protecting others by accepting it.  I was purposely going against my own highest outcome, because I thought too many others would pay a price if I did so.


My Higher Self explained that my stone would dissolve right where it was without needing to pass if I changed that situation and spent the next week walking several miles a day our beautiful farm. A subsequent scan proved that making that change and following the prescription to get out in nature really worked. I mention that briefly in this show as well.

I am proud to call Lory my colleague and happy to call him my friend. Lory lives in Buffalo, New York and you can find out more about his practice at his website, or give him a call at 505-204-0375.

About the author: If you are looking for a Quantum Healing practitioner near you, please visit our public listing site at If you are a Service to Others Practitioner of ANY Modality you are welcome to join our thriving Support Forum and Worldwide Directory! check us out at Finally to find out more about my practice and in-person as well as remote services, please visit my website at

Permission to share this article is freely given as long as it remains complete with all links and credit intact. Copyright 2016 Candace Craw-Goldman.

Image: Pixabay

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