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3D Sucks, I Didn’t Sign Up For This!

By on February 11, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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3D Sucks, I Didn't Sign Up For This!

by ELdoRa Rose,
Contributing Writer, 

Got this download first thing this morning upon waking up. This will be a hard pill to swallow for many, but I feel its time for some much needed tough love!

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3D Sucks

There are still quite a few amongst us that are still vibrating a victim mentality and holding the belief that some extra-terrestrial force or otherworldly force will one day land and “SAVE US ALL”. These individuals are living under the false hope that a Savior is heading to Earth to save the world and they mistake this to be the New Earth “EVENT” that is being talked about.

In general, the belief is “Someone outside of me will fix my problems and I will one day suddenly be rich, healthy, happy and living my dream”. These folks usually vibrate beliefs such as ‘I can’t wait to leave Earth’ or ‘Life is getting too hard’ or ‘3D sucks’ or ‘I didn’t sign up for this’ or ‘When will the spaceships land and when will it be New Earth’.

I myself have had more than a fair share of challenges including being physically abused as a child, battling and overcoming Cancer at the age of 30Y, walking away from a 20-year marriage to align with my soul’s calling to name a few. My attitude from the beginning has always been that of a positive GO-GETTER who can achieve ANYTHING and overcome ANY obstacle.

I ran away from home at a young age with not a penny in my pocket and everything I have created has been a direct result of overcoming my limiting beliefs and keeping a positive attitude towards life. No matter how challenging things got, not once did I allow myself to feel sorry for myself. Every ‘problem’ has a ‘solution’ its as simple as that.

Our guides wish to clarify this very important topic of victim mentality that is prevalent in many Lightworkers. Ascended Master, Angels, and ET’s view us as empowered beings and are never going to intervene in any way that takes away our Soul Lessons. Extraterrestrials have a LAW OF NON-INTERFERENCE called ‘The Prime Directive’. This law forbids them from interfering with any civilization until they have reached a level of self-sufficiency. Under no circumstances do they ever interfere with the soul growth of an individual and will wait until we have reached a level of soul maturity before interacting with us.

For individuals who subscribe to the belief system that there is a Savior outside of them, the Ascension process will continue to get more and more challenging. And the reason for this being that the very thing that this Ascension is aligning us with is that we take back all of our power and ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the circumstances in our lives. You are being reminded to master the lessons of standing in your own power and creating a life that feels good to you in the NOW.

This will be your journey from vibrating “I am sick of 3D” or “I can’t wait for New Earth to arrive as I am barely hanging on”


“I AM a powerful CREATOR and I take full responsibility for shifting my reality to one that feels good to me. If there is a challenge in my life, I understand fully that it is a hurdle that I created as my HIGHER SELF to teach my HUMAN SELF the lessons he/she needs to learn to be more aligned with ALL that I AM. Not only will I overcome these challenges and grow from them, but in doing so will leave the blueprints for humanity to follow my footsteps and that is my service to Gaia”

New Earth is a reality that we CREATE for ourselves by EMPOWERING ourselves from within and living completely from the heart. In this state, challenges simply DO NOT EXIST because we are completely in flow with our soul’s true path. Ironically, those who are facing challenges and difficulties are in fact CREATING these challenges through their RESISTANCE towards where their soul wants them to be.

The path laid before us once we follow our guidance is that of ease and bliss. Our Soul always shows us the way that is the path of least resistance. It is only the Ego/Mind that makes things difficult by questioning the guidance and avoiding what needs to be done due to fear of the unknown.


All that needs to be done is dropping the inner resistance and start following the guidance to align your lives with your Soul’s Path. That is the path that will lead YOU to your Heaven on Earth.

Any unresolved Soul Lessons that you carry within you now will continue to stay with you for the rest of your life and will even forward into future lives. There is no escaping this. process. The only way to transcend problems is to FACE THEM HEAD-ON and extract the lessons needed for your growth. Of course, teachers, angels, and guides are there to assist you but no one can do for you other than yourself. No one can override our free will and the difficult choices that we need to make are to be made by ourselves alone.

The day we learn this lesson our lives begin to change for the better. But until we keep shifting blame on to external circumstances we are pretty much giving our power away and saying ‘My life is too difficult and there’s nothing I can do about it’.

These are the times which have been referred to in ancient texts as the ‘Harvesting of the Souls’. All of our life-lessons and tests are coming up now to be done with once and for all. The level of determination, focus, and strength that we display in our challenging times of darkness determine how far we catapult ourselves into HEAVENLY TIMELINES in the New Age. You REAP what you SOW. Right now is the time of planting seeds for the future, so muster up all your courage, will, wits and power and create the future that you desire. Heaven on Earth awaits you <3


ELdoRa Rose

About the author: Every single one of my YouTube videos offers light-encoded downloads and templates. Watching these will help align your path to your highest resonance.  YOUTUBE CHANNEL LINK

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