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What Is An Empath And How To Survive As One

By on February 11, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

What Is An Empath And How To Survive As One

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by Meredith Martin,
Contributing Writer,

Ever wondered what an empath is? Or if you know you are an empath, ever needed some guidance on how to handle it better? If so, then I totally got you boo! Read on to find out what an empath is & how to cope with it like a pro.


Empaths: Have you ever…

*Heard someone share their problems and then…slowly but surely… you start to worry about those same problems too? Even if those problems AREN’T even yours?

*Felt weird around someone in pain? Or ever even felt the exact same symptoms as that someone in pain? This could be physical pain, emotional pain, or even existential/spiritual pain. For example: your coworker with a turbulent home life often comes into work depressed and distracted. And whenever you’re around them, you start to feel depressed and distracted too?

*Been drawn to help people? Like even when they don’t ask for your help?

*Felt the desire to save someone from their own problems?

*Been around a group of people who think/feel a certain way and just by being around them…and you start to think/feel the same way too? Even if you genuinely don’t feel or think that certain thing is true?

Well, if any of this resonates with you, then you may be empathic.


Empathic? What does that even mean?!

It means this: empaths are people or animals who easily absorb the energy of others.

And energy is everywhere guys! Because energy is our…

  • Feelings
  • Thoughts
  • Beliefs
  • Pain
  • Behavior
  • Ideas

And with all this energy swirling around everywhere, it’s easy to absorb that energy as an empath.

This means empath’s have the tendency to…

Make someone else’s problem their problem. Empaths have the ability to easily feel the energy of other people’s problems. Even when a problem has nothing to do with an empath, they’ll unknowingly take it on anyways because it feels so very real to them too.

Feel others pain. Empaths have the tendency to experience others’ pain. This means empaths can literally feel other people’s mental, physical and/or spiritual pain. It’s a very real phenomenon and it can really drain ya’ is you don’t know how to discern what’s yours and what’s not.

Want to over-reach their helping hand. Empath’s can feel drawn to help, heal or otherwise save friends/family/partners from their own problems. Even if it’s to their own detriment. It’s because an empath will want to ease the pain that they feel so readily themselves. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great to help others. But it can be a destructive cycle if you’re an empath and you’re constantly helping others instead of helping yourself first.

To take on someone else’s thought patterns. Yes, empaths have the ability to take on someone else’s thoughts. But it’s not just thoughts though. It can be beliefs, ideas, and behaviors too. Here’s an example: you’re friends with person A and you really enjoy hangin’ out with them. But you have a group of friends who don’t like person A. They have very specific thoughts about person A and they share these with you. Even though you know you don’t believe these specific thoughts about person A, you start subconsciously believing these things anyway simply because being an empath makes you susceptible to other people’s energy.

So without even realizing it, empaths can easily believe, feel, think or experience someone else’s stuff. Someone else’s pain. Someone else’s problems. And all of this can happen to empaths simply by being around other people.

But does this mean you’re crazy?


Does this mean you’re weird?

Absolutely not.

Does this mean you’re different?

Not as much as you’d think. You see, all of us harbor some level of empathic abilities. It’s just the intensity of it just varies from individual to individual.

So let’s recap:

1. We know what an empath is.

2. We know their energetic tendencies

But on a day to day basis, what does an empath feel? What do they experience?

Well, Empaths tend to experience…

  • Anxiety from being in large crowds, hospitals, or even cluttered spaces
  • Deep emotional experiences when watching a film or reading a story. *This holds true for both positive and negative story lines.
  • Wide ranges of emotion when listening to someone share a personal story or memory
  • “Off” feelings when visiting haunted spaces or areas where something traumatic occurred.
  • Feeling drained and void of energy when around too many people
  • Overstimulation in life overall. This includes but is not limited to loud or recurrent noises, false lighting, scratchy clothing, harsh smells, foreign spices &/or the everyday bullshit spun by your fellow mankind.

To be honest, it sounds like a damn curse to be an empath, huh? I hear ya’. But it doesn’t have to feel like that. All of this is actually a gift. But in order to perceive it as such, you have to have a very specific tool set.

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Let’s explain that tool set.

1. Discernment

Discernment is the ability to check in with yourself and to assess what is actually yours vs. what is not yours.

For example:

Ben went home for the holidays. He listened to his younger brother’s plight about how hard life is. After the holiday visit, Ben felt down because Ben knows how hard life can be.

But Ben used the tool of discernment to check in with himself. And he discerned that his “down” feeling wasn’t actually even his. It was his brothers. Team Ben: 1 | Team Depression: 0

2. Personal Boundaries

A personal boundary is simply a rule you create for yourself to help you maintain your own physical, mental and spiritual energy.

For example: Sally re-energizes herself by staying at home alone on Sunday evenings. But Bob cajoles her to come out & see a concert with him on her beloved Sunday evening alone. Sally simply says “no” despite Bob’s incessant pleading.

Takeaway: Sally maintained her personal boundary of staying at home. She maintained it by staying firm with a solid “no”.

3. Energy Protection

Energy protection is simply the intent & the mental effort to envision protection around yourself. And there are tons of ways to energetically protect yourself. But for simplicity’s sake, focus on your heart and envision blinding white light all around you. Do this when you find yourself in a draining physical, mental or emotional setting. Because envisioning this light will uplift and protect you no matter where you are or what you’re doing. And if you wanna supercharge the protection, ask your angels to help you. Whisper aloud or internally say ” Loving Angels, please protect my energy now. Thank you.”

There it is folks! Empathic abilities are a gift meant to help us experience & easily connect with the world around us. But to truly utilize our empathic abilities, we have to know how to discern and protect ourselves. On both a physical and energetic level.

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So know that you’re not alone in this. Know that you can actually be successful instead of defeated by this. And finally, know that it is within your power to know how to flourish within your own empathic abilities.

All you have to do is

1. Discern

2. Set up them personal boundaries

3. And energetically protect yourself

Because you are loved and you are totally worth it. May these tools further illuminate your path and your understanding mah’ dear friend:)

All the love,


Bio: Meredith Martin supports answer-hungry soul searchers figure out what’s holding them back by teaching them how to understand themselves. Both in this life and past lives. To learn how to see your own past lives for FREE without hypnosis or meditation,  simply visit

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