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4 Simple Actions To Improve Your Wellbeing

By on December 19, 2016 in Health with 0 Comments
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4 Simple Actions To Improve Your Wellbeing

by Liz Hargreaves,
Contributing Writer,

We all know how living in the 21st century is challenging and we forget how to feel good in our daily life.  Read on for a reminder of some simple action steps you can take to improve your feeling of wellbeing.

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Your Wellbeing

You can improve you day to day wellbeing by acknowledging the small things and by being grateful for any small thing which appeals to you.

This is a skill which requires practice. So next time you see something which you can appreciate allow yourself to say to yourself in your mind ‘that’s nice’, ‘that looks like fun’, ‘what a beautiful …..’, or some suitable statement of appreciation.  Then feel, really feel throughout your body the good feeling which is associated with what you are experiencing.

Four simple ways you can support your wellbeing

  1. Nature is a wonder to which people are typically connected in some way. Even in the midst of a concrete jungle Mother Earth shines her sunlight, cleanses with rain, delights us with bird calls and the joys of family pets.  Take a minute to appreciate these things when they cross your path.  I personally gain particular delight from rocks and mosses, perhaps a bit strange to you but for some reason they appeal to me.
  2. Children can remind us of the innocence and purity with which we were born – that is a good feeling.  As you pass a child be prepared to return their smile, for me it is always a feel good moment, and they seem to like it too.  Just be mindful and respectful of the child’s parent’s wishes about any interaction you may have with their child.
  3. Enjoy friends and speak to a stranger. As you know good friends are a tonic, strangers can be too. Many years ago I adopted a willingness to speak to strangers as if they were someone I knew at an acquaintance level.  This has been largely successful by my measure, by far most people respond with friendliness.  It can be such a joy to have an exchange, short or otherwise with a fellow human being.  Even in a lift or on the tube in London where the etiquette is no eye contact!
  4. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes especially when the person is having a bad day, you’ve come across them, the sad cashier, the grumpy boss.  If instead of taking offense you can detach and adopt a level of understanding, it can take the sting out of an uncomfortable situation for you and for them.  I for one get a deep sense of good feeling if I can help someone in this way.

In your every day there are many situations in which you can find positive feeling. Initially you may feel the positive impact is negligible to you. Your positive feeling is likely to intensify as you develop your habit of appreciating the small things.  When your body tingles or you feel lit up by appreciation of something small then you have established your habit of gratitude.

So try it out and don’t stop, it is worth it.


About the author: Liz Hargreaves has dedicated her life to helping others in search of esoteric knowledge relevant to their personal journey.  As a heart-centred being working previously in the field of finance Elizabeth is keenly motivated to contribute to a new type of balance in the corporate world.  She does this by sharing her own experiences and by researching new information which may align with the seeker’s need. You can find some of her work at

Image: Pixabay

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