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4 Stages Of Real Spiritual Awakening And How To Move Through Them More Easily

By on May 31, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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4 Stages Of Real Spiritual Awakening And How To Move Through Them More Easily

by Kelly Ashley,
Guest writer,

I’ve seen and read a lot about the stages of spiritual awakening over the years and to be honest, I’ve been left disappointed. For the most part I couldn’t understand how everyone else’s awakening was all rainbows and butterflies, while I became a hot, emotional, crazy, mess. I figured I must be doing something wrong. Why did it seem that everyone else could walk this path in linen robes, bare feet and a ton of stable grace and I was somehow failing. Even after so much time, I was still chronically ungrounded, anxious, emotionally triggered and finding daily physical life an unmanageable burden.

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Thankfully, that was then and this is now. I have an entirely different perspective now that I’ve come through so much of the journey. I can look back and see the patterns. I can stop waiting for enlightenment or connection from someone else’s perspective and know that my experience is real (and so is yours) – whether it fits into a preconceived box or not. So, that being said, I’d like to bust some of the enlightenment myths and instead, give you what I’ve found to be a more accurate account of the 4 key stages of spiritual awakening.

4 Stages Of Real Spiritual Awakening And How To Move Through Them More Easily


This is the stage that starts it all. And no, it wasn’t an accident. Your soul planned exactly what it was doing before coming down here – its happening for a reason. Large quotients of energy begin to flood your system. The psychic centers are opened (usually quite abruptly) and suddenly your feeling, sensing, seeing or hearing things that you weren’t aware of before. Your psychic senses are so much more acute – you may even begin having powerful spiritual experiences or sensations and you’ll feel more sensitive than usual too. Due to the heightening of these psychic senses you’ll likely feel the need to retreat – to pull back from people, places, and things. You’ll want to hibernate. That is entirely natural. Its ok.


Now your system is seriously online (and it needs to be for this next part). Energy is thrust (quite powerfully) up through the chakra system. The purpose is to dislodge the old ‘dirt’ from lifetimes ago which block that energy flowing smoothly straight through your system (giving you a purer connection to source). There are old emotions, heart breaks and trauma from past life times that our soul needs to heal. This is why our psychic senses had to be so heightened – so that we could tap into the information from our past lives and become aware of it.

During this phase you’ll feel really emotional. Your emotions will change wildly and erratically. You may feel you have no control over when or where or how strongly they come up. It can be really hard. And if you try to hide, the universe will stick people in your way to trigger the emotions that need healed. So the lady at the gas station will give you a look that triggers an inexplicable sense of fear in you. Or you’ll just happen to meet a new love interest with the same name as the one who broke your heart before. Things will get really synchronistic, and probably quite confusing but this stage will pass. And the good news is, that once these issues are done, they are really and truly forever DONE. They’ll be healed and cleared so well on the soul level that you’ll likely never feel them in the same way ever again.


Phew! By the time you get to here, you’ll be feeling inspired, creative, full of ideas and equipped with an inbuilt sense of duty to help or serve in some way. You might just feel like Superman – and so you should! However, there are likely still some little niggles that show up as you move into a new project – the likes of which is probably entirely new territory. Sometimes at this stage you get a little second wave of the previous. The universe is testing that all of these issues (who weren’t who you truly are) are gone for good. You might find some old patterns, issues or pains surge again. And when they do you’ll likely feel exasperated, and irritated at yourself, and question if you’ve made any progress at all. But they’ve been inflated and intensified for a reason – so that you’ll clear out every last nook and cranny of that low self esteem, or loneliness, or anxiety. You’ll finally be free of it!

This time can be a little nerve wracking, as you step into a cause or a new career or the thing that fulfills you most. Its nerve wracking simply because its new. And while your soul has let go of fears that you can’t do it, or worries that it wont work out, it also has never had an experience without them looming over you. It can feel odd to try something and do well, or to find your space in the world. Allow yourself to realize that everything is OK. You are safe and guided as you try new things and find ways of living that truly express who you really are.


Now is the stage when most folks will tell you that you have reached guru status. I’m not going to tell you that, because personally, I think it’s ungrounded. Divinity is about being so clear of old pain, and negative beliefs and assumptions about life, that you are truly pure in your energy. You are true to who you are. You are in your divinity because, much like a beautiful diamond is encrusted in muck and coal, you have removed and cleared everything that is NOT who you are. All that’s left is a polished diamond.

You were always divine – no matter where you are in these stages, you are still divine – its just easier to see that beauty and authenticity without all the ‘muck’ on top (and it makes your psychic abilities so much more accurate too!). Your interactions with others are clear and genuine. You reach a new level of freedom because you are no longer bound by the beliefs that once held you back. You might end up like a guru. You might walk bare foot across beaches of sand, blessing others with a gentle pat on the head; or you could just be a normal person, aligned with their life purpose, enjoying the sunshine at a family barbecue – fully present, stable and grounded in the moment – like me tonight.

Ok, so now that you know the 4 main stages, you’re probably itching to move forward and know the next step. I tried A LOT of different techniques to help me move through awakening more smoothly (I’m a bit like a geeky spiritual scientist, testing and evaluating so many different techniques). I did healing for 9 hours a day (whoops). I did meditation for 2 hours at a time (double whoops). I even went on week long courses to open up my psychic senses further (wait what?! Now that’s just silly). Yep, I’ve made pretty much every mistake you can make on the journey of awakening – and made it 10 times harder for myself too.

It wasn’t until I learned effective grounding that everything came into alignment. I know what you’re thinking. Boring old grounding. Well, not exactly, because I found that traditional grounding methods often don’t work for us. We have so much energetic power being blasted through us that we need effective grounding techniques that work, and work FAST. I’ve created a FREE 5-day grounding course to help you do just that, but more on that in a minute.

Grounding was the one thing I did that finally brought order and stability to my awakening. It stopped the whole process from being so crazy and uncontrollable. It calmed my emotions. It made normal life ‘normal’ again. And once all that was done, the purpose that I had been desperately searching for for years just struck my mind like a little golden power bolt – fully downloaded with the ‘how to’ manual. Now that’s enlightenment!

I realized afterwards that the reason I hadn’t found (or been told) my life purpose yet was because I wasn’t actually ready to receive it. I had been chronically ungrounded for almost 4 years, mostly completely unaware that that was the problem. Once I showed the Universe that I was stable, secure, balanced and steady, it just illuminated my mind and changed the direction of my whole life in an instant. It was incredible.

I know you want that too. You want to move through these stages – get out of the hard ones and into the fun and exciting ones. You absolutely can – and I’ve created a FREE course to help you do that right now! Visit our website in the bio below to get started!

Kelly AshleyAbout the author: Kelly Ashley is an intuitive therapist assisting others with their spiritual awakening process. Get your FREE 5-day grounding eCourse to help you stabilize your awakening here:

Image: Pixabay

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