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4D Consciousness: Alchemical Purgatory, Dark Nights, And Profound Awakenings

By on February 21, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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4D Consciousness: Alchemical Purgatory, Dark Nights, And Profound Awakenings

by Jelelle Awen,
Contributing Writer,

Ascension is the increasing connection to other worlds and dimensions, the lift UP, the sense of I am HERE yet NOT HERE. I am THERE and HERE….this is arising now, coming now, available now. Merging worlds and dimensions as you are letting these multiple realities into your NOW moments. Breathing them in as you walk around and breathing them in as you sleep deep, passing out and traveling and visiting. You are drifting often and weaving between the dimensional consciousnesses…..maybe dipping down into 3D, then awakening into 4D, and crawling there at times. And then, 5D comes in like a sunburst across your consciousness, spreading light rays across your sky.

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Third dimensional life is enough until it is not enough and then you begin the process of remembering, of gliding, of awakening. You feel the 4D transitional dimension of alchemical purgatory, the sorting out dimension, of THIS from THAT. 4D is for dark nights and for kundalini awakenings, both. It is the soul’s blood coming back to sleeping limbs. 4D can feel SO dark sometimes, walking in shadows, kneeling in glass type experiences. It can feel like the stomach flu, purging up and out that which does NOT belong to your soul. It can feel like epic journeys into vast terrains, all INSIDE of you.

4D can still be orientated in an outward focus, outward triggers, looking for outward manifestations. There are edges being worked about the outside while the inside is becoming more consciousness to you. The inside is calling out for you for attention and love and care. Closing down from the outside happens more and more often as you need to reboot and recharge.

You may feel like two versions of you in your life. The version of you that is still tied to 3D reality with friends and family who resonate on a certain level with you and even may want you to just remain the same, your 3D self. Then, the version of you, your 4D self, that is your soul awakening and your higher self coming in. Maybe you are more one version over the other. You may fluctuate between the two of them as you move your way toward embodiment of your higher self or 5D self.

You discover and water the spiritual side of you. You find and discover your soul in 4D as you begin to remember how powerful you are and what your soul purpose really is. You are letting go of material gain as your focus in life and become more and more curious about spiritual awakenings and movements and enlightenments. Becoming open to multidimensional experiences and experiences beyond the mind allows you access to wonder worlds of magic and infinite possibility. In 4D, you remember that magic is not something made up and you embrace the true gift of your imagination.

Changes, HUGE changes sometimes, happen in 4D. Old things collapse on themselves. Marriages end, friendships complete, careers change or are abandoned, geographies are shifted and left behind. It can feel at times like you are saying “no” and letting go of EVERYTHING and that you can’t imagine what will remain. You may be walking around in mourning so often that it is more familiar than joy. Yet, the trust is growing. The trust that the process is being held by the Divine and the process is leading somewhere.

You are fighting at times, battling the old conditioning that comes at you as a reflection from the outside and the inside. Yet, also, the love you are experiencing more and more leaves you increasingly weary to battle. The parts of you that have battled and fought for a long time begin to rest and more and more imagine that some day they will be able to permanently put the sword down. You may be an activist and an advocate – this may be important for your soul and awakening journey. You may want others to ‘get it’ VERY badly and get very frustrated when they do not. You may feel like burning down the world that the ‘bad guys’ live in even as your world is often burning with ash in the air.


What makes 4D possible to navigate is your soul drawing support and love to you in many forms during the phases of intense embodiment of it. You find more and more resonant souls and you gather together, you form bonds, and it helps to sooth the pains from letting so much go. You want light, you want to end your suffering, and you consciously begin to feel HOW and WHAT you need in your life in order for that to happen.

Gaia is currently in 4D consciousness it feels like and moving into 5D more and more. The death and rebirth sense of our current times, all of the upheavals, battles, polarizations, power struggles, injustices, wars…this is the realm of 4D consciousness exploration as human consciousness wakes up. The emergence and rebirth of the sacred human is a messy process at times as all birthings are. Yet, it is held with much love and the dawning experiences of 5D frequencies make all of it ultimately worth it.

Jelelle AwenAbout the author: Jelelle Awen is an ascending teacher into 5D consciousness, Divine guide-scribe-author, group facilitator, and co-creator/teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Image: Pixabay

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