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February Energy Update On Gridwork, Timelines, And 5D Earth

By on February 20, 2017 in Energy Updates

February Energy Update On Gridwork, Timelines, And 5D Earth

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by Rick Jewers,

The following are February updates that I posted on my Facebook page about Grid Work and portal activation, major timeline splitting toward the 5d Earth, and what you can do during this ascension time to dissolve the old and create the new. You can follow my regular updates on my Facebook page HERE.


February 9, 2017

Grid Work and Portal Activation complete and successful. Every activation is always a success, no exceptions. We are building and preparing the 5D Grid of which is actually the most important Divine intervention ever shared to Souls in Human Vessels. What is actually happening is indeed unprecedented.

There is required observation and wait periods between activations, for various reasons. There is also information not given to us, until just before the activation, which involves annexing other areas during the activation. For example, at the last minute before the last activation, an area in Central Mexico was added, with the Mother Mary Energy attached. When this sort of thing happens, there are usually tangible reports that are related, that come out of that area.

There are many attributes of these activations that I wish to share in the future, if it is approved to be written on the current timeline. This is a touchy subject because all particulars cannot be left on this timeline, but will be available to you on higher timelines so that you may know exactly what happened.

Love and Light

February 11, 2017


It is happening. Major Timelines are currently splitting. Some of you are able to physically see the splitting off of the New sun and the splitting off of the New moon, as you straddle the last 4D timeline and the first lower 5D Timeline. What you are visibly witnessing is 2 Timelines at once, and most importantly, the birthing of the 5D Timeline that will be first accessible to you. In short time, all of you will see it or at least, know. Events are accelerating at a handsome speed.

The Merlin Energy is here, as of today, stronger than it has been here, for Centuries, and perhaps stronger. This Energy is available to you in only assisting you with your individual Ascension requirements at this time, outward use of this powerful stream will not work, it is conditional to Ascension assistance only. The Merlin Energy was integrated within the last Activation to assist in speeding up the transition to 5D.

Gaia is currently stressing as Her transitional energetic split occurs . Although Divinely governed, real time affects to Gaia do occur, mainly because the energy stream connects all in some manner, matter……..

The recent invitation to more of you to participate in the overall Grid Activations, has several important reasons, of which another reason will be addressed Now. It was/is encouraged for you to participate because of Your individual benefits. Your experience, mainly with utilizing and developing your gifts further, plays a significant role in each of your futures. There is no better time, than Now, to give birth to as many of your gifts as possible. The connection is clear, your gifts function by energy, you are discovering more applications for your Divine Energy, your Divine Gifts.

We do emphasis the importance of having all 5D Ascendees being fully compatible with 5D by Mar 22nd, and this will be assured by Divine Council that this is so. Just follow your prompts as given by your Guides, to pull your own weight, and know that incoming waves of energy will be administered as required. Your Ascension is ascertained..

There is never a cause for alarm, but always, a cause for excitement.

The Mexico Anchor of the Mother Mary Essence was approximately 7 km west of San Christobal.

Love and Light

February 13, 2017 #1

There is a constant raising. Many anchors are being severed individually, as well as on a Collective level, the results are, Great.

The 5D Grid is being constructed by many individual groups and individuals at this TIME. The completion date of the sustainable 5D Grid is March 22 2017.

Many aspects of this Now in relation to what you may consider as 3D, stays here, hence the various forms of separation experienced. Be ready to drop all 4D when you receive your individual confirmation so that you may easily align with your 5D connector that attaches you fully later, to the 5D. Interpretation in relation to this may vary, but ALL are correct, it matters not the explanation, but, that you get there. More truths are given to you in the 5D and you are more readily able to put things together better and make more sense of what has happened and what will continue to happen when you get there.

As of today, due to certain Activations, Gaia has Ascended further, than any other attempt in her existence as a Sentient Being. In the Atlantean Era, when it was fully known of Gaia’s situation then, attempts were made to correct GAIA’S positioning in space and time. As you know, that attempt was unsuccessful. In the Lemuria Era, the attempt, was unsuccessful. This attempt is successful.

It is possible for some to step out their door into a totally New world in a few months. Although transition is anticipated to be smooth, by each joining their timelines into the 5D, MIRACLES do happen, and the further you Ascend, the riper the atmosphere for such. Have little expectation of how it will be and keep your focus on the temporary end result, of getting there. Pay very close attention to all the Angelic signs you receive and do not resist any flow, go with the least resistance and let yourself be fully guided to what you may do each day leading up to Mar 22nd. Assure that your vibration is highest, eliminate ALL fear and aspects thereof, from your Being. Trust fully in the Divinity that you know is real, and trust that they are guiding you. Do not become part of any drama attached to this world, Unless instructed by a Higher Source to do so, as part of your mission in the present.

Love and Light

February 13 #2

The faster we go, the higher we lift.

Because of that Divine message above, we proceeded with several serious activations yesterday. Although much of what is actually happening will not be recognized by many Souls in this Now, and partially on the lower 5D Timelines, You are the Ones to assure the safe haven of lower 5D timelines for others to grow their Soul within and upon. The Ascension elevator will soon be opening its doors to these lower 5D Timelines.

For those Souls with greater knowing allowed to be realized by them ,in this Now, You continue up the elevator. Nothing is really set in stone for you, once compatibilizing yourself with a 5D Timeline, YOU MAKE INDIVIDUAL CHOICES, WHERE YOU GO FROM THERE.

As you take up a position in the 5D , more information becomes available to you, on how things actually work. It is important to say now, at this point, many magical doors are more readily accessible to you there, but as always, have little expectations. It is important to have expectations that allow for you to be fully open to receive the possibilities, knowing that in your reality, everything is temporary, in accordance with your Soul choices. While you still have remnants of Human thinking, combined with Now enhanced abilities to manifest, you may alter your desires to degrees, so to avoid this, keep totally open to the possibilities that may go beyond Human comprehension.

At this point, You are indeed assigned a huge Divine task, a task as Being the Salvation for many, whether they know it in this lifetime or not, it does not matter. What does matter, is that the mission is completed in a timely fashion and the safe haven of 5D is secured, which it is ascertained to be. Continue on and follow your inner guidance as well as opening more to your own Divine communication and the Collective Christ Consciousness. It is always best for you to see and witness things yourself, rather than taking another’s word for it. If you have not already received your own confirmations, open fully to receiving and even asking to receive, I strongly suggest for you to get this channel opened Now.

My messages do come from Creator, Creator tells me what to share with you, and what not to share. I KNOW these messages are real, but you may not, so overcome asking for a middleman, when you have the full ability Now to connect with Mother/Father, and come to KNOW, so that you may also assist others and your own Soul growth. Remember, this time Creator did not send One, this time, many were sent, and you are One.
Love and Light

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February 15, 2017

The current Grid Work greatly affects/effects all events upon Gaia, and You as an individual Ascending Soul. Everything is accomplished at the Energy level, meaning, that your individual energetic fields, Auras, etc are greatly influenced, which also means that you do have a responsibility as a Soul, to be prudent with the purification of Your energy signature, and maintaining a certain higher condition of Your Human vessel. You are responsible for tuning Your frequency to the 5D in order to attach and build Your 5D timelines. You transition into the 5D rather than waking up one morning with everything perfect. These pathways and Portals You construct to the 5D will be used later by other Ascending Waves and Individual Ascending Souls. The pathways are timelines to follow, for all that are Ascending with their physical body intact. What You are doing is unprecedented.

It is time for You once again to fully accept and stand in your role as being the Vanguard, doing the work and understanding it, and assisting others with understanding. You have been called to a service of High importance. Many of You thus far have been shown that this is certain. It has been ascertained to you at a 4D level by confirmations that must be accepted by You. Others coming along, WILL receive their irrefutable confirmations in due time. You have enough, to proceed even further into the unprecedented, realize the knowledge, pass it along, and leave a written record for others to utilize later. You are All One and time does not separate, it is an illusion put in place for the Human experience/s. A Souls existence is forever, unless of course, Universal Law at the Highest levels are broken intentionally by a Soul or Souls.

The reason You are Ascending in this manner, taking your Human Vessel with you, is to save a playground for the Human experience and open New playgrounds for the Souls ready to experience beyond the Human concept. Two lower 4D timelines are left intact with apocalyptic endings while the 5D timelines will carry Humanity and more into the New experiences. The 5D had to be constructed with access by a partial Human Vessel to accommodate this scenario. The Dark Souls created destructive timelines and they will reside there carrying out what is allowed, of their existence, the lower 4D timelines are left temporarily intact to accommodate this scenario, their manifestation created, by breaking Universal Law. Because of the rapidity of the deteriorating 4D Timelines, the 5D had to be constructed Now.

It needs to be understood and shared to All Humans the extent of what the Dark Souls did that caused Father/Mother/Source/Creator to step in and allow more of the Divine Truth to be released to Humanity. The Dark Souls brought HUMANITY TO THE BRINK OF DESTRUCTION, without Divine intervention at this time, Human extinction would have occurred.

The extent of the Dark Ones intent, precedes all written history upon Gaia. The last several centuries of your time is where they made the most undesirable impact, compounded by the utilization/pillage of Energy from Gaia’s increasing Human population.

The Dark Ones continually seized and kept hidden, technologies that were released to Humanity to advance and evolve civilizations upon Gaia. The Dark Ones purposely kept the actual medicines from You and replaced them with actual toxins guised as drugs/pharmaceuticals/vaccines, that would suppress Your Natural Evolution. The Dark Ones used constructs of fear, such as wars, to keep Your vibration low which interfered with a Natural Ascension process. The Dark Ones intentionally poisoned all water and food on Gaia to great extent, through mining, extraction of fossil fuels, creation of many toxic chemicals they used in pesticides and herbicides, through pharmaceuticals that went into waste disposal systems then released into the water table, through nuclear power and nuclear waste dispositioning, contaminants in their war ammunitions, etc. The Dark Ones poisoned the air, through emissions of toxic chemicals that eventually fell to Gaia’s surface and entered the food and water chain. The Dark Ones created religions with fear mechanisms intact to control and suppress.

The Real Truths were hidden from You intentionally, other Truths were Divinely buried for You, to be exhumed, which were also seized and hidden by the Dark Ones. The Life Force was robbed from Your Children, by enslaving them in schools where only conditioning was taught and administered, to conform them to the enslaved society the Dark Ones created to feed off. The Dark Ones created money to control You. The Dark Ones created games of competition to separate You and establish themes of disempowering fear aspects, through competitive sports. The Dark Ones created monarchs, rulers, governments, oligarchs, and religious leaders to play roles in controlling and suppressing You. The Dark Ones sat at the top of the pyramid structure of the enslaved society they created for Humans.

You hold the keys and the codes to transition to 5D. Unity dissolves structure of the Dark and more readily assists with this transition. Your Unity is to focus on the New, detach Your focus from the old. As the old is dissolved by You, the New is Created. The more Unity, the quicker and more favorable the outcomes. There are many Divine Teams with certain missions to accomplish this, unless You are part of a Divine Team that is dissolving and disclosing, then You are to continuously detach from the 4D timelines, while focusing You Energy upon Creating the New. It is imminent and ordained that this society as you know it, collapses. The transition between the collapse and the New, began in 2012.

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To assist with Your transition:

  • Practice All virtue
  • Keep vibration highest
  • Keep fully open to the impossible and miraculous
  • Fully believe this is happening
  • Keep detaching from this 4D existence
  • Trust in Your Highest Power
  • Relinquish all fear and aspects thereof
  • Drama should be avoided
  • Pay utmost attention to Your Guides and the signs You receive
  • Share all of Your magical/impossible/miraculous confirmations and experiences with others
  • Move comfortably slow on these 4D timelines
  • Sleep when your body tells You, to the best of Your ability
  • Refrain and distant Yourself from all chemicals; environmentally and consumption wise.
  • Refrain from alcohol

Love and Light

You can follow Rick’s updates on Facebook on his page HERE.

Image: Pixabay

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