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Energy Update – StarGates Alignment Of The Physical Body

By on January 27, 2017 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - StarGates Alignment Of The Physical Body

by Lisa Brown,

StarGates Alignment of the Physical Body/Physical Reality World Continually Synchronizing ALL to Higher Frequency Bandwidth Existences NOW

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The physical body/physical reality upgrades and re-calibrations shall continue to increase as we go. We are in continual Star-Gate alignment, continual crystalline activations, continual upgrade-mode, continual physical reality alignment, continual physical body upgrades/integration process that do not stop anymore. They may shift to a different activation, but they do not stop. Substantial increases push the physical body harder to integrate, push the human harder to let go/get on-board/open up/connect up, push the physical reality ….. this is what Super Quantum Timeline Collapses do. They collapse the separation of time, the separation of programs, the separation of consciousness once held…..

Time collapses and unifies… bringing together more dimensions in one physical space. Where the human aspect was able to hold on/maintain control/suppress before, these options are ‘taken away”. Now, nothing is “taken away”, all are pushed into a higher vibrational reality than before. The physical body cannot walk in a higher dimension and hold onto the density/separation of “before”. The lower vibrations (emotions/thoughts) and of the physical now “play out” at an expedited rate… for the human this creates chaos, pushes emotions up and out, triggering illusory/dis-empowering mentality beliefs previously re-inFORCED with physical realities that we created out of vibrational beliefs.

Humans have no idea what they believe and what they do not, they have no idea how any of this works, have no idea of what needs to occur to anchor multiple dimensions in their own physical body/reality world.

None of this occurs because we are “bad” or did anything “wrong”. That’s an old mis-perception as well. Each SOUL CHOSE TO AWAKEN from the HUMAN EXPERIENCE/EXPERIMENT from living in an unconscious reality held together by an old MATRIX that has collapsed. Human’s try hard to stay in that matrix, try hard to hold-on out of fear of the unknown, try hard to hold fast to old mentalities that do not apply anymore.

I was not a bad person, in fact, I was an awesome human, if you will. I worked hard, applied myself, achieved many awesome things, yet then it was time for me to awaken, fully, intensely and fast. My world went into ULTIMATE TIMELINE COLLAPSE MODE, as will each unconscious reality now.

The ONLY WAY to do this process easier, it to apply HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS KNOWLEDGE to your every moment, what your physical body is experiencing and your physical reality does too. “Trying” to do this the old way creates suffering/loss/dramatic realities to experience… for experience is our TEACHER, it’s brings us the KNOWLEDGE that we would not listen to/were not willing to see before, it gives us the “proof” that our human asks for/needs… yet there comes a point where we don’t NEED suffering/loss, devastating and dramatic to wake us up. The human needs polarity to show it what it “doesn’t want” to get it’s butt in-line, serious, committed…..

Human’s wait until there is nothing left, until all choice seems to be gone, until physical reality stuff is removed, relationships are removed, for these “focuses/focal points” get in the way of what is truly important and really true. Human avoids at all cost until avoiding is no longer an option, until “that” is in their face and dealing is the only option. Human has to be broken, for the walls around the heart and the barriers of the mind (veils) are too strong. We do not need to be broken, taken to that place, if we are willing to do what is necessary to wake ourselves up and honor this process above all.

Each will have to choose, HOW THEY WANT TO EXPERIENCE their own awakening/ascension/descention/embodiment process here. Every moment is an OPPORTUNITY for this. Every moment each has a choice. Every moment each can open up fully or struggle, fight and try to hold on to that which collapses so that a higher dimensional reality can come forth. Awesome awaits, amazing awaits, bliss awaits, magic awaits, infinite abundance awaits…. when the heart/body/mind are all open and ready, embracing, honoring, listening, seeing and committed to DOING ALL WITH INTENTIONAL ACTION from within.

The amount of sleep, rest, relaxation, nature necessary to honor the physical body upgrades/integration are beyond anything comprehensible before. The phsyicalness of this process will challenge everything human and all means of control will go. Control is different here. It’s the opposite of what all “thought”.

We’ve left the vibrational realities of ignoring this, avoiding this, controlling this and not honoring this. We’ve left the dimensions where human aspects are in control. Each must embrace their own Higher SELVES and connect UP to their own UNIVERSE (You-ni-verse) and connect with mamma Gaia Earth from a deep sacred place of love, respect, consideration, compassion and commitment like never before. The merging of Galactic Atmospheres, Crystalline (LeMUrian/Atlantean) atmospheres, Avalonian Atmospheres and Heavenly frequencies/atmospheres collapse the old human ones to merge into one NOW.

There is no denying this anymore. Yes it’s happening and it has been all along. Every moment we go higher in frequency, mega-huge, every moment all physical matter is genetically modifying itself to galactic soul-aligned encodements.

The physical body and physical reality now continually recalibrates, realigns, re-coded and embeds new programming here. These “birthing” and “growing pains”, if you will, are plasma diamond crystalline/rainbow frequencies (and more) embedding into the structures of all. The infrastructure of all being re-worked, substantially, to support our highest consciousness existene here on this physical earthly plane and our StarLightSun Ship that breathes love and unity through all. Each an integrate and vital part of our NEW EARTH EXISTENCE, with huge parts to play in our EVOLUTION now…. each with information that supplements and compliments the other, everyone has to open up and share fully now.

Disclosure will take on “new meaning” as more come online here. Each dimension has a different meaning, reality and outcome.

For each that holds back/hold out for themselves, they will disconnect now from the whole. Great lack will be the experience, for UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is all contributing, supporting, sharing, working/existing together as a unit/team and Galactic StarLight Crystalline Family, without the separation of the old.

Each will have to step up, continually. That part never stops. This cycle of “continually higher” means being able to handle/do/be/share more. It means receiving in direct correlation to one’s output, one’s overall transmissions, one’s exerted energy from their own heart-mind-soul. The physicalness proportionate to how evolved one is energetically and holographically. The denser, the more human, the more physical all of this is. The more energetic, the less physical, for energy dictates each’s experience here.

Each must stop undervaluing themselves to realize their full capabilities and potential here. Each must connect to that sacred place inside and realize it takes every one of us to accomplish this. Each must evaluate their own consciousness and see where they are not ready yet. Each must fully realize the scope of this whole process takes total dedication and commitment to something that comes from so deep within that “human” everything ceases to exist and is overridden with sheer determination to BE/DO and Experience all that you came here to.

Your highest DREAMS and DESIRES anchor and materialize in your physical for you, in response to you… it’s not as complicated as humans make it. It is challenging, for every mindset and belief your human had will go and be replaced with the PURITY and LOVE from the depths of your ENTIRE BEING and with the LIGHT of your WHOLE SOUL. ♥

Let go of your pre-conceived notions, your mis-perceptions, opinions and judgments of “how all of this is” and open up to embrace the unknown fully, for deep inside of you you do already know. (Re)Connect deep inside to this and do whatever it takes to make it happen. Your entire existence depends on this now. ♥

Bliss, magic, amazing, brilliant, exquisite, profound, sacred… this is what you’ve forgotten, lost connection to. Unity inside returns you. You do this for you and all others as you do. I love you. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Super Mega Quantum Galactic SOLar Crystalline Star Light BEing in this physical form

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