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Merging Of All Aspects, Energies, And Realities Through Higher Consciousness

By on August 5, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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Merging Of All Aspects, Energies, And Realities Through Higher Consciousness

by Lisa Brown,

AS MORE START TO REALIZE…. that YOU/WE are totally RESPONSIBLE for every nano-particle of (Y)our reality, things start to profoundly, subtly, dramatically magically change….

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Human aspects don’t get it… can’t see it… don’t want to… for it’s not yet within comprehension and it means STEPPING UP in a way that challenges every aspect of their old existence….

Each one of us have a human aspect, and many other aspects too. Merging all aspects here in the physical is a challenge, requires constant balancing all of all things/realities and can only be done through the PURITY OF A TOTALLY OPEN HEART AND MIND….

The dominant human aspect is beyond limited in every way. It wants to know first, it wants things “it’s” way, and it wants to continually try to control things…..

The Embodied Light BEing is in UNISON with all of it’s aspects and WALKS fully empowered and AS Love again…. There is no ego or separation, for this was an old program that becomes totally obsolete as one becomes Crystalline and evolves physically/emotionally/mentally BACK into Light again.

Merging of all aspects, merging of the energies, merging of all realities through higher consciousness light frequencies is an every moment process that doesn’t take work after awhile, it just takes BEing, honoring, doing intentionally and vibrationally as all presents….

Here, nothing is linear…. things arrive/materialize when we achieve the vibration inside. Our realities come forth in RESPONSE to HOW we exist, where we come from, from inside and with every particle of our BEing…. That which we DO is the driving force that dictates HOW LONG it takes to occur….

As all MASTER the PHYSICAL through BEing Energy Beings again, everything is easy again, natural again… as our UNIFIED SYSTEMS work cohesively all of the time….

We honor all Photonic/Cosmic/Quantum Light Upgrades as they occur INSIDE of our Bodies and we INTEGRATE at the SPEED OF LIGHT. LOVE is how we exist….. POWER is how we exist…. CREATORS in every moment…. we never stop creating, doing, being…. all in the same space inside…….

One can only COMMAND a PHYSICAL REALITY from inside, through a state of BEing that which holds all as one. This ABILITY is only one of our gifts, as PURE SOURCE LIGHT EMBODIED in PHYSICAL CRYSTALLINE LIGHTBODY form.

“That out there” is no longer confusing, for we seek nothing anymore. We do not wait for others, we do not allow the old programs, we do not get caught up in petty 3D/4D drama that burns up energy and life force and causes the physical/emotional/mental bodies to function in discord anymore. We do not have to compromise, for we see the energy of all. Every moment is total awareness, total understanding and FULLY REMEMBERED why we are even here at all.

Each will continually call forth, vibrationally, that which is held vibrationally in their physical body to “act out/play out” in order to clear any old separation programs still held. Each is here to open everything up fully, to feel a deep and profound love that can only be achieved by going inside, connecting fully and never disconnecting again. Each must BE their SOUL… in way that the human mind can’t yet comprehend… for FEELING is the way of our existence here. Feeling is PURE and activates everything we desire, know, came here to experience ….

MASTERING all realities means being IN-TUNE completely at all times. It means SEEING as your higher self/soul from inside, with all of your senses, with all of your everything…. It means ALLOWING all to occur as it is meant to be and ADJUSTING/RE-ALIGNING all yourself that needs your attention….

Your NEW EARTH EXISTENCE is your own EVOLUTION BACK… it is a whole new way of functioning…. Every bit of your human will be challenged… this is the point…. AS a Master, you challenge everything and transcend it yourself.


Get ready loves….. WE go higher and higher and higher in frequency constantly now. Everything you didn’t know was inside of you becomes visible…. in your body (by the way that you feel) and in your physical reality (by that which you see and experience)….. RETURNING to your forgotten existence means UNDERSTANDING HOW your own program works… for PROGRAMMING is another one of our ABILITIES/GIFTS, de-coding the old and re-coding intentionally by activating and anchoring the encodements and intricate geometric sequences held in your own Expanded Field of Consciousness and dormant crystals activated in your physical body structure as you EMBODY your own PURITY LIGHT again.

I love you from the depths of our galactic soul universe now.

About the author: Lisa Transcendence Brown  is an Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Teacher/Guide, Transformational Speaker on Multi-Dimensional Consciousness/Mastery & The Embodiment of Light

Image: Pixabay

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