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Energy Update – Quantum Timeline Jumps, Abrupt Awakenings, StarGate Activations And Time Travel

By on December 2, 2016 in Energy Updates

Energy Update - Quantum Timeline Jumps, Abrupt Awakenings, StarGate Activations And Time Travel

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by Lisa Brown,

“Crash Landings” are rocking many physical reality worlds for collectives who are awakening fast/expanding huge, staying expanded (we are supposed to) and then “unexpectedly” contracting back down into the physical where it’s “real” and not knowing/realizing how to navigate with ease.


Everyone has to do this… repetition and understanding are key.

This is just a small part of how StarGates and Multi-Dimensional Existence/Quantum Light “travel” works….

Expand into bliss & magic, seeee how exquisite all is, experience it, love it, play in it and then contract back down into an old physical reality to DEAL WITH IT…. Align it yourself… move through it AS YOUR HIGHER SELF/SOURCE aspects…. Every physical reality that you need to resolve/work through… you’ll go through each one of these cleansing/clearing and raising your overall vibration higher, then it’s “time” to do another bigger jump… Each jump gets bigger than the ones before.

Eventually you don’t contract back down anymore… you just constantly shift in & out of timelines/physical realities and you constantly and intentionally/naturally tune/re-tune… you and your whole physical reality too.

When a StarGate Activation/Alignment occurs, which is all of the time now, you/we all shift, into a different reality. Constantly. Your awareness of these means you are doing this with great ease.

Human aspects don’t understand this and it’s the hanging on or the disconnecting from NEW EARTH GRIDWORK that wreaks havoc…


Many are in the dis-mantling/de-construction phase, many in the expanded/floating phase… while others are in the re-construction phase, where foundations have already been built IN ACCORDANCE TO HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS EXISTENCE…..

As an Embody’er… we jump intentionally and huge… We can shift in & out of timelines with great ease…

Each Wave now goes through different phases…. everything occurring is to move everyone into higher consciousness existence….

Separation, resistance, fear… these keep humans in struggle mode and the loop cycle of “trying” to hold on and do all the same old way as before…

That’s not how this works…. When you contract back down/end up in an old timeline/reality, you can’t try to do your realities from your head anymore, from the same unconscious program/energy. These realities collapse faster/harsher/instantly now.

You have to DO your realities AS your higher selves, AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT, as your Ascended Master Aspects selves….

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These “new” timelines re-shape your priorities, re-structure your realities… with or without you on-board….

The huger the jump that more you have to DO…. in full-alignment… fully conscious…

The BEing phase is so that YOU CAN REMEMBER and then “bring that back to Earth/NEW Earth” and DO it….

Those who have MASTERED the BEing and DOing phase, WE are Busy… and we don’t stop… we transcend all things human, all things lack and we don’t get caught up in the judgmental/lack games like humans do. We have much work to do and we don’t play in the old realities anymore/feed that energy or slow down to wait until everyone is ready to come along. We honor all choices for “how to experience this”….

When timelines collapse/unify in the same space… you are going to feel pushed…. this is because multiple dimensions are trying to merge into THAT SPACE simultaneously and the old unconscious ones have to dissolve…

If you “try” to re-enter an old timeline/reality according to old mentalities and lack energy, you won’t be able to. That reality will collapse…

You have to elevate all yourself, you have to hold the new realities in place so that they can materialize in response, you have to maintain the highest vibrational realities at all times if you desire to experience them as physical realities here.

You will have to overcome your own human limits, not see/believe obstacles and pay attention to your own emotions/beliefs/actions so that you can re-program your own realities yourself, using your ‘NEW POWERS’ and simple/natural gifts for what you are here to be/do/share/contribute……

These HUGE Quantum Timeline Shifts & Jumps are affecting everyone now, touching all lives and enhancing everything through the PURITY OF LOVE again.

Your whole reality will dismantle in stages and have to be rebuilt from the “ground up” from inside of you…. If you are present, aware and honoring fully, this will be easy. If you are not, chaos, confusion and being a victim to it all will be the stance you take until you open up to hear/see/realize/understand/listen as your SOUL/Galactic Self here.

To make it “easy”, all of this was broken down across the human’s “separation of time”. Yet, for human’s that still exist in the Separation of Time, those dimensions though are continually collapsing as time ceases to exist… easy goes out the window for all to try to remain unconscious.

Choose HOW YOU DESIRE TO EXPERIENCE your own Awakening to Remembering, Ascension/Descention, Embodiment process of Returning to Full Consciousness again. Leaving the old programmed matrix realities is “hard” enough, even for those who get it and are embracing… harsh does not have to be the chosen way.

Huge jumps Huge landings…. chaos & confusion is a part of this as your physical matter adapts, as the physical matter of the external re-organizes itself too…. It takes much practice to MASTER THIS PROCESS….. We’ve been doing this for eons…. do YOU REMEMBER how to maneuver as a Galactic Star BEing here?

Christed/Crystalline/Unity/God/Galactic/Source Consciousness. Now. I. love. you.

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Lisa Transcendence Brown

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