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Energy Update – Powerful Awakenings Now

By on November 30, 2016 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Powerful Awakenings Now

by Lisa Brown,

Aloha beautiful light family!

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Happy NEW Moon and to more beautiful profound sacred, magical and blissful experiences to you!

Observing collectives, things are all over the place as distortions for many exacerbate, as separation energies surfaces, as the energy of deep hidden suppressed beliefs & emotions surface for clearing/cleansing/needing to be seen….

Many more being brought into consciousness through abrupt awakenings, still fighting/resisting opening their hearts to try to maintain separation through control. So many still energetically saying “I’m not ready, I need harsher to wake up”…..

While on the “flip-side”, the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, entire collectives having a blissful and magical time! Working together in unity, contributing, letting the old unconscious realities just completely fade out, for clearing of their own Akashic records….

Whatever Earth you exist on, I send out love to you today. I hold a space for all to open their hearts fully and let the fight and resistance fall away. Many standing in their power, which is necessary, yet one can get lost in what they are standing for if they go unconscious and get all caught up in the emotion and story again. We don’t fight… we hold our ground, we take our power back by pulling our energy OUT OF CREATING THAT…..

Our voice can be silent, subtle and powerfully strong. We need not scream to make a point. Our STAND is stronger because we don’t waver …. in our honor…

WE don’t bury our heads in the sand, we choose a completely different reality than the ones that are constantly collapsing now. Collapse is what the human sees… re-construction from the rubbles of ego/lack of love built realities is what we see. NEW realities birthed AFTER the harshness, greed and separation dissolves. After the fight to hang onto old realities goes, after one’s heart/ears/eyes open to purity and truth…..

WE SEE all realities that exist. We understand how/why all has to occur. Many don’t want to hear yet, for the still have too much resistance, too much fight, too much energy that’s got to dissolve or be broken….

Where is your focus each day? What do you allow? Where is your energy directed? Where do you allow your thoughts to wander? Where do your emotions dictate? Are you conscious, aware and taking command of your own inner reality by honoring it by using your own mastery tools? Can you do the same with your physical reality? Everything outside… are you in-sych with that perfectly too? Have you totally re-aligned and do you continually re-align your own reality through the PURITY OF YOUR SOUL?

Taking a stand through higher consciousness and fighting are two different things. One is inner power the other is you trying to take your power back and expelling all of the energy that your body holds as a victim….

There’s never a reason to go on the offensive, to spew, to try to convince, get defensive or overstep the boundaries of self-respect. There’s never a reason to overstep your bounds and engage in an argument to plead your case. There is always the option of just saying “no, that’s not my reality anymore” and stepping back/walking away to refocus your energy on how to take that energy and be productive, make a difference, contribute to NEW REALITIES instead of trying to convince others of how your self-created/believed reality is true… by continuing to convince yourself and others of things that create more of the old to suffer to.

These energies are going to push any unconscious programs to the forefront to be resolved inside of you. They are going to show you what you think you believe, what stories you keep telling, what you keep fighting for or need. Need is lack. Period.

So many do not even realize they are seeking outside validation… screaming at others, thinking they are trying to get others to hear. When in essence it’s them that aren’t listening to themselves and realizing what’s really going on inside of them.

You are in a time of “RESOLVE” and establishing that connection inside and not disconnecting anymore. Every time you disconnect, you go unconscious. Your job is to be fully conscious of yourself and what things outside are showing you about you…..

Your POWER as an Ascended Light BEing/Master is to MASTER ALL REALITIES through love. To transform all back into light. To shift the vibration of all to a higher one. To recognize your own stuff, to tune yourself, to pick the parallel you want to travel down, to see the reality that “that vibration that you are transmitting out” is creating for you and all.

When you engage an old reality, it’s to resolve it from inside of you. It’s to see the vibration of the whole reality and then to choose… and ask yourself the question… IS THIS THE REALITY THAT I TRULY DESIRE FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY BEING TO EXPERIENCE HERE? Then listen…. to everything…. every word, feeling, your body…. listen…

Watch realities, really observe them… let go of the opinions and emotional stuff… just SEEEEEEEEE… and then ask yourself, what does this reflect from inside of me? What does this show me about me? What does this ignite inside of me?

Use energy consciously………….. intentionally…. use it to make a difference AS LOVE… use it to empower, support, inspire and go get something awesome done. What you feed your energy into, you create, you experience, you reap the rewards of…. if you are feeding anything from a place of fear, hurt, lack… then you are creating this to re-experience again vibrationally until all of that energy is gone… and then you will shift, into a higher vibration… physically, with your whole body… and get to experience a different reality… one that’s been waiting for you all along, but there was too much energy before, too much resistance, too much “stuff” in the way….

Your NEW EARTH realities cannot come forth if you keep fighting them, resisting them and insisting that they are supposed to be the way you “think”. They cannot materialize as long as you are holding onto the old…. you have to be ready to receive them fully… or they cannot materialize for you as easily… for there’s something you are doing/believing/not doing that keeps them from BEING your physical reality now….

Timeline collapses now are in the multitudes…. these wreak havoc on human realities (hell) and bring forth brilliance for Soul Created realities (Heaven). Everything happens FOR YOU…. how resistant and insistent are you to try to hold onto that which must collapse for you to move into a higher frequency physical reality now? How much struggle do you have going on inside, how much conflict, how much unrest? This will tell you everything… the question is…. are you truly listening to what you already know?

Choose your Earth, your reality, your existence…. your experience is a result of this.

Lisa Transcendence Brown

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