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Energy Update – Quantum Timeline Jumps, Powerful Super Full Moon

By on November 15, 2016 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Quantum Timeline Jumps, Powerful Super Full Moon

by Lisa Brown,


How magnificent is this powerful Super Full Moon! Wowww. We got some amazing views last night, with capturing a few photos to share with you too! (Will post in a bit).

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We’ve been jumping timelines the last few nights/days where “time” actually completely collapses and all speeds up in the physical ….

Quantum Jumping and existence is a lifestyle that each learns how to maneuver with each one. In the early days, when there was a collapse, everything we had not dealt with/had avoided was in our face to “move through and deal with”… yet the more Quantum Light your cells are, the more you MASTER JUMPING by how you function and exist, the easier it gets, the more fun and awesome it is….

I used to call these different things along the way “Universal Obstacle Courses” was when I had to dodge all that was thrown at me and just let it all fly by, dealing with the few things that actually required my attention…. RIGHT THEN….

Then the more I realized HOW TO MANEUVER these and then start TRIGGERING these on purposes…this is where the FUN BEGAN!

When I started jumping by “human linear years”, then these were “landings”…. some were abrupt landings where I’d wake up and everything was going a million directions simultaneously all at once. Each time got a bit easier, until the chaos went and I was just aware of all that had to get done, so I stepped up and started getting it done. Moving through all of the physical realities that present, is definitely a balancing and MASTERY ART ….

Then I just woke up and all was done for me…. and I just got up and “did” what was waiting for me…. so very cool! I did have to cut out all distractions and things that don’t support …. I had to make a choice, as all do…. in every moment.

Your Universe will DELIVER TO YOU that which is meant to be. Because, you vibrate into that reality, you achieve the physical vibration with your own cells, the amount of PHOTONIC LIGHT that you hold, you Master you and all realities… as a Multi-Dimensional Master here.

These last many months, JUMPS are barely noticeable and very natural now. It’s no longer surprising, for you knew it was coming and would materialize all along. Now it’s like “cool, finally, now we can move to the next million-gazillion things that are ready to come forth too!” lol

You don’t have hesitation, you don’t hold back, you don’t get distracted, you don’t compromise, you constantly step-up and embrace, you do whatever it takes to anchor higher consciousness realities and hold them in place and you let everyone else go do their own realities their way, let them sit in their own judgment, let them experience whatever they need to figure it all out and you open portals/gateways/doors and keep them open for the next awesome thing, while closing portals on old realities that no longer support anyone as powerful sovereign beings here.

You will come to realize how all of this is actually created and how much you held inside. You will stop the old unconscious in it’s tracks and you’ll move on…. your heart is wide open and you love every soul, yet you also don’t need all of the human’ness in your own physical reality anymore. You choose your dimensional existence.

Human aspects don’t do well with Quantum Timeline Jumping, for this is not a linear reality and it messes with their “fixed realities” and pushes them to “do” “faster” than is comfortable for them. They want to take things slower, think about it, wait…. (usually until something happens to push them/break them/make them)….. We don’t need that in our own reality/world.

You will find a vast difference, the more you jump…. you will move through old realities and new ones instantly and boom boom boom, step up/get it done/make it happen…. They can’t see/understand, because these are energetic and don’t offer proof up front, don’t provide visible safety mechanisms, don’t cater to lack/fears … they actually trigger them… which is the point. “Safe” goes out the window and it’s “safer to jump” than to hold on. Yet it takes application of higher consciousness to understand this and an activated pineal gland to see holographically….. which requires the heart-soul connection to be fully active at all times too.

We entered SUPER QUANTUM a few months ago and since then we’ve hit mega-higher frequencies continually, which speeds up vibrational movement/existence for us all.

Right now we have gamma charging our cells and everything on earth, along with other frequencies too. We have Quickening, Stargates activating and tons more. Going to be a super Quantum Day, with so much more to come! Are you ready to JUMP HUGE? Just open your heart and get ready. Breathe and call it forth! Observe that which occurs in the collapse …. You can wait for a collapse or intentionally collapse…. How you experience is determined by which route you take….

Happy everything! It’s time for me/us to rock it out! Love to/for you!

Lisa Transcendence Brown

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