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Energy Update – Continual De-Construction And Re-Construction

By on August 22, 2016 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Continual De-Construction And Re-Construction

by Lisa Brown,

We awoke to Quickening…. after a HUGE several nights of timeline clearing (waking ones too!)…. Quantum JUMPS and WOW Catapults… much will speed up… depending on the vibration each functions from.

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The higher the vibration, the slower we are INSIDE… the more time and space we have…. The less “physical” anything is…. more peaceful, more vibrant, more beautifully magnificent and magical… Everything is in brilliant flow… smell the flowers, feel the Golden Solar Sun, breathing life force, creation and magic with every connected breath…. watch the physical re-align… in every moment.

The lower the vibration, the opposite…. Time speeds up and increasingly becomes more chaotic for full-collapse of the old systems, because the external vibration is higher now… Earth Ascended and everything on it must ascend too…. in the physical or not….

The lower vibrations continue to increase collapse mode, so that re-alignment can continually occur. This realignment is TO THE NEW EARTH GRIDWORK of higher dimensional consciousness existence… NOW. Everyone will go through continual de-construction and re-construction. How long each lasts is depended on how human/higher self soul one is…

The more human, the more the separation of time still exists within ones physical body template… As all merge their other dimensional aspects, these templates are returned/restored to “Original Template”, the distortions of the old cleansed and purified from the physical body structures, the more light is held, the less dense and the more space in between each cell. Photonic Light Energy is able to move freely and the Crystalline Structure (Crystals) process this information and light instantly… processes everything… through the entire body… not just the brain or separated body parts like before. The whole inside of the physical body goes through an overhaul process where everything gets re-worked/upgraded for walking in multiple dimensions … AS A LIGHT BEING here.

AS the SOUL awakens inside of all, everything starts to change (shift) into a higher vibration… the old unconscious realities no longer have a place to live….

The mind is strong, the human is strong… it will unconscious put up a fight and struggle to keep it’s reality fixed… Yet, this is not how NEW Earth is…. and everyone HAS to come to evolve further… through expanded consciousness… in order to stay in a physical body here…..

The heart must open fully, no more struggle, no more protection mechanisms, no more resistance to opening up. Opening up to SEE, to FEEL, to BE and to DO from a higher state of consciousness, all as Higher Selves…..

As all start to go inside, they realize there is unlimited peace, beauty, magic and magnificence to experience as they do. The old outside world loses it’s luster and appeal, for a NEW ONE IS COMING FORTH and it’s beyond the human’s wildest DREAMS…. It comes forth at first lucidly, through the dream state, and sleeping is required to access, activate, clear and anchor in…. Every day a little softer, subtle, profound and simple….

Inside, all find their power again and activate all of their gifts, powers and abilities too…. baby steps in the beginning, for this is unchartered territory for the awakening human aspect seeing the colors of NEW Earth, the magic of NEW Earth… learning to walk again, talk again, function again… a whole new way…. all in light, all in/as love….

Vocabularies change, words change, vocal cords upgrade, for the old unconscious vibrations of untruths and unkindness can no longer be spoken… it’s not within capacity to speak as we once did. Feeling vibrations through the physical body structure, things don’t feel as they once did. Energy moving through the body, we take more care in what we subject ourselves to. WE choose not to try to process the lower vibrations anymore, yet we can transmute easily with our new crystalline structures…. we can process all easier, faster…. for we don’t have the “slowness” of the old human delays (thinking)…. for everything comes from our higher self/soul heart.

Anchoring our higher selves in our physical body, existing as a Walking soul on NEW Earth … a whole new existence, new realities, new relationSHIFTS, new physical everything…. a compliment of what we become as we evolve in Light. Love rules our world and magic does too. Fun, happy, peace, kindness, compassion, respect…. all from a sacred space inside that emanates out with every breath, through every cell…..

Physical realities change… they shift as you do… in and out vibrationally and IF YOU ARE FIXED, they shift without you.

You have to choose, dedicate & commit… if you desire to IN-JOY and enhance your life here. If you desire to bathe in abundance, frolick in your dreams and have a magical blast… You must CONNECT TO YOUR OWN SACRED SPACE inside… use nature, use whatever it takes and incorporate it into your every moment here.

When you DISCONNECT from the NEW EARTH GRIDWORK, you go unconscious again. You are the one that has to keep your heart open, your mind open, your energy relaxed to expand your consciousness to all dimensions again.

Our realities are not hard, there is no struggle…. those are the old earth realities held inside….. you can shift in a moment… the moment your heart opens and you become conscious and fill yourself with the purity of love fully again……

Here we are the PURE ONES… the ones without distortions of the old….

NEW Earth is no longer a place “far off”… it’s here, all around you NOW. You have to shift to a higher frequency, you have to look for it, you have to allow yourself to see and experience it…. or you are the one that closes the portals (doors). Everything… all up to you (your vibration, openness and where you come from). Your reality is your creation…. every tiny teeny particle of it… a vibrational transmission & response to what you hold inside and allow in your own physical reality world.)

We’ve been here for years….. open everything up… to experience it in your physical reality now.

Lisa Transcendence Brown

About the author: Lisa is an Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Master of Energy & the Physical again too (So are you!), Author, Transformational Speaker, Teacher/Coach/Guide.

Image: Pixabay

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