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You Are Perfect!

By on August 22, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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You Are Perfect!

by Sharon Young Bishop,
Contributing Writer,

I awoke this morning with this question in my mind. What’s wrong with you?  And as I pondered it in my hearts eye, I began to see the answer very clearly.  There is nothing wrong with you. You are a perfect infinite being. There is nothing about you that needs to be fixed. You are not broken, you are not a mistake, you are enough. In fact you are more than enough!

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Who are we to pass judgments on one another? Everyone should have the right to live their own life however they want to. Who are we to police one another? Everyone should have the right to live their own life without judgment. Whatever we see in one another that we don’t like, is just a reflection of what we see in ourselves that we don’t like.

We came here to learn the lessons from the lives we live. we came here to be different from one another, but once we get here we fall into the matrix of the 3d programming, forgetting who we really are, forgetting why we really came here, forgetting that we are infinite consciousness, one with the universe, Forgetting that we create our own reality, forgetting the contracts we made with ourselves before we came here. Forgetting that there are no limits. Forgetting that this 3d world is just the school of limitations of which we are in these classes getting our masters degrees from. Forgetting that we collectively create this 3d illusion, and yet it is real because we are programmed to see it as real..until..we wake up. And, most of all we learn how to forget who we really are and we become clones of one another. Yet You are Perfect!

But NOW, it is time to wake up, to remember who we really are, and to realize that we are all one. We are all one moment in consciousness, living lives with different points of view. We are all unlimited consciousness who agreed to come to this planet of limitations to integrate the polarities, to merge the light with the darkness, to incorporate the so called good with the so called bad. Because there is no good or bad, there is only our perception of what is good and bad. And You are Perfect. You are divinely created creators. We have told you before and we will tell you again… You are awesome!.

We came here to explore and to break through the matrix programming. we came here to see, to be, to enjoy. We are the masters of limitation. we are the masters of forgetting who we really are. we are the masters of integration. we are the masters of turning darkness into light. And when we wake up from this self induced sleep we realize that we are the ones who have set the limitations upon ourselves and we are the only ones who can remove them.

Therefore, now that we are awake, we fully realize that we are whomever, whatever and however we want to be. We are spiritual beings having human experiences. We are pure infinite consciousness. We are one person, and We are many personalities, and We must surrender to like who we are. We must learn to be happy with who we are, and be eager to meet who we are becoming. We will never get done, and we can never get it wrong. All is right. We are the I AM… and that is all that matters.

Therefore we refuse to live our life in the 3D matrix box anymore. We refuse to live by the 3d program anymore, We create our own reality and we enjoy our own creations. We will do what we came here to do. We will explore whatever, whenever and however we want to explore these lives of ours. We know that we are one and we are many, We set the rules and now we unset the rules. We will live our life without limits, without judgements, and without conditions.

We have changed the way we looked at things, and the things we look at have changed. We will live ever moment without regrets, love every moment without fear, embrace life with gratitude, great joy and happiness. And most of all we will love EVERYONE without judgements, and without conditions. Because in this NOW, love is all there is. Love is all that matters, love is all. Real love, true love, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is without judgements and without limits. You my friend…You are perfect!

About the author: Sharon Young Bishop is the blog owner at One Vibration Sharon is in tune with Higher Self, Angels, Guides and channels Higher Self messages. She also works with Sound/Energy and Crystal Energy Reading. Being a psychic Author and poet she is in tune with the vibration of the golden web..The Akashic and the other side.

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