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999 Dark Portal Daily Protection

By on December 2, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

999 Dark Portal Daily Protection

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by Morag,
Contributing writer,

999 Dark Portal Daily Protection

The whole world and his cosmic canine have come to watch the greatest show on earth, of light and dark playing out in Gaia’s ascension field. Starseed, lightworkers, light missionaries, healers, shaman, time travelers, cosmonauts walking the material plane, we are being hit with a force field of intense dark frequencies.


Heavy vibrations carrying emotive wavelengths engineered to corrode integrity, dissolve self esteem, corrupt core strength, cut cords between chakras, fill our energy fields with negativity and generally fu*k us right up. We stand our ground, drenched in the light of crystalline lightwaves. We are activating as light beings inside a dark matrix.

Dark portals are psychic attack on a grand, global, mass scale. Yep. I’m not kidding. The 999 CERN activated corridor of darkness (the cabal really are this stupid) is doing three things to us. You ready folks, its hardcore. *triggers ahead*

Flooding the material plane with astral entities, etheric parasites, tortured lost souls, demons and drifters, anything they can suck out the astral and funnel at us. Some ghosts will gladly go to the light, others will fight tooth and nail resisting, refusing. Birthed in black holes of evil they have no concept of love.

The fear they generate activates smaller dark portals woven into the 3d matrix mainframe, coded in human psyches. Think JK Rowling’s Dementors, vacuuming all the joy and love out of the atmosphere, petrifying us in dense fear frequencies. They hover over cities and towns, their black hole souls blanketing the atmosphere in heavy sinkhole depressions.

They cause bad weather, bad moods and bad energy. Our third eye responds to dementors the way we respond to a sketchy looking gang of hoodlums, exit stage left, alert, avoid, alert, avoid, don’t make eye contact, head down, get indoors. Force fields of light up when out and about beautiful people, this isn’t paranoia, this is 3rd eye sight, stealth mode advised. Selenite is kryptonite to darkness, line pockets, kids, and homes with it.

Helplessness, low moods, loss of self esteem, doubting ourselves, doubting our perception and understanding of the world. Doubting our own gut, our third eye communication, our heart biorhythms of truth and love. CERN is like a smoke machine at a rave, pumping out black entities, saturating our atmosphere with astral parasites seeking to drain our chi, our light, our love.


How do we know these low feelings are being generated outside of us and put into us? Because we’re not down, we’re not upset, we’re not unhappy in our core. We’re flying high on waves of 333 Portals of Light. We know the world is changing, we are the change and we consciously see and manifest timelines in determined lit angelic positivity. Detach. Observe Self.

Are low feelings mine? If they are look at the causes and try and ease stress and anxieties with healing and meditation. If negative emotions are not of our creation, we are confused by their heavy vibrations, they will feel External not Internal. Get rid of them. Mantras are Voice Activation instructions in the matrix. All energies not created by me I return to sender.

This should be a daily mantra during dark portals. Clean our energy field and mindbodysoul soul frequencies throughout the day, especially if exposed to commutes, crowds, synthetic lights, air vents, air conditioning systems, artificial atmospheres or pollution. Super clean in nature if fortunate enough to live near it!

Hallucinogenic properties are engineered in dark portal energy wizardry. Inversion. Black mirrors to the light, love filled, trippy, floaty lightness of being we experience in 333 or 1111 portals. Instead we experience bad trips, dark visions, we see the astral, the dark web, the spider and his soldiers, ghosts, ghouls haunt us. We feel helpless, hopeless, paralyzed, our mojo feels long gone. We can lose our connectivity to source, feel shaky in our truth, lightworker down.

This is the aim, to frighten us so much we believe we are locked into post apocalyptic zombie timelines. The machine works on inverted manifestation. By controlling our minds, programming us to wavelengths of fear, greed and competition, they are able to control and embed our manifestation in negative frequencies. We expect the apocalypse (we’re already in it, the end and beginning times are here) because it’s shown to us every day on tv, billboards, tabloids and our streets.

We lose belief, feel hopeless, despairing, terrified and lost. We in turn manifest those timelines. It’s a labyrinth of chemical induced, astral warfare. We are being targeted friends, take ownership of this. If it manifests as gangstalking trust guides and angels are by our side at all times. If it manifests as depression, loss of confidence, seek healing therapies to realign. If we feel intimidated by sheeple pointing the finger and saying we are crazy for BEing spiritual, woke. We say ‘red pill and proud’, we stand our ground. We are not crazy, the system is.

We live in a world where the poor die everyday, the super rich rub our faces in their obscene wealth and most folk turn a blind eye. Anyone defending this needs their head read. We, my friends, the woke folk, know about the Anunnaki, astral entities, the matrix, Babylon, and all its evil rabbit holes, we are the ones who will get everyone else out of this mess.

So stand our ground, don’t let these dark curses, black trips, hardcore comedowns, shake our resolve to raise our vibrations in love, light and laughter. Joy is the best weapon against these dark portal frequencies. Creativity will realign our frequencies. Laughter and love, intimacy and beauty, will restore our faith in humanity. Fu*k em. We know ourSelves.

We know where we are, much of the amnesia is lifting. Trust SELF above all else. Channel Truman, even when it was totally ridiculous that his whole world could be constructed around him, to manipulate and use him, he stood his ground and trusted his gut. We have to trust our gut in these current dark energies.

We are being intensively battered by hallucinogenic bio warfare harnessed in CERN frequencies on the astral, now funneling into to the matrix. We have to trust ourselves. *Spoiler Alert We are living Shutter Island friends. We ARE Ted Daniels. Hallucinatory drugs to make us lose our mind, our sanity, our connectivity to our truth, our gut, the real world, are in the air, in our food, in our fags, in the water.

We were plugged in as soon as we arrive. Teddy is already drugged when we first meet him on the boat, it was in the cigarettes. He has been fighting them, trying to retain his consciousness just before we meet him. He is not sea sick, he is sick from the drugs they have given him. The plaster and the bruises, new, fresh, just happened. They ambushed him at the jetty before he even got on the boat.

From birth, even before, locked in patriarchal wombs, we are ambushed from the start. Amnesia, migraines and suspicion etch his face as he fights to regain his balance. We never see Teddy not drugged by them. He fights to hold onto his truth, he recognises them as Nazi. He has a strong gut and knows himself. He knows they have drugged him, he has lucid times that he holds onto.

Much like Guy Pearce in Memento, Teddy is trying to piece together what they’ve done to him during his woke moments. We are Teddy and Guy. We are Truman awakening to a terrifying reality. We are Neo waking up, unplugging from what our eyes, the elite, the world tells us is truth and what our gut knows to be lies.

All these films are trying to tell us, we are poisoned, dumbed down, drugged right from the start. We unplug, wake up, fight the system, by trusting Self over everything else. They Live, we put on the glasses, we choose to stand and fight for truth and divine justice.

We can break black portal mind control waves in regular, anchored, mindbodysoul nourishment practices.

1. Mantras for protection, clearing and healing.

2. Cleansing and clearing energy, smudging daily.

3. Yoga, meditation, nature.

4. Journaling helps us know ourselves. We can read back and break memory loop technologies by reconnecting with previous insights, epiphanies and growth. Our journals become our memories, evidence of our journey to self knowledge and self love. We create a record of our truth till we break memory loop programs for good.

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5. Dreamweave, Pinterest, screenshot, visualize and believe in our dreams. Our future, happiness and love, we create in our new world. Dreamweaving is key to dissolving negative chemical mind warfare. We are the creators of the light matrix blueprint. Our dream weaving is manifestation of love within the matrix mainframe. We are the coders, upgrading the system from the inside out.

6. Trust. Trust the light matrix is plugged into the mainframe. Trust all will work in our favor if we allow it. Avoid filling spaces with stress, anxiety, fear, these energetic frequencies are dense, cloudy, they fog up our third eye, block our gut instincts.

They’re sticky like webs, clinging to our truth, seeking to dim it, mist it in shadows and doubt. Instead clear all that negativity away and surrender to a space of divine trust, the universe has got our back. The light matrix is PLUGGED in, we can build its power by recognising it, seeing it, and feeding it with our own positivity, optimism and self assurance.

7. Essential tool kit for dark portals – smudging, light and dark crystals for personal and home protection, water for hydration and quiet space for meditation, reflection, connection to guides and clearing.

The biggest threat to the woke community during this CERN activated corridor of darkness is disruption of our peace of mind. This is what they are targeting. They want us to give in and think we’re crazy because they tell us we are. We’re not. We are questioning a system that is clearly, utterly and completely wrong in every single way we look at it. A system run by pedophiles, for pedophiles, by pedophiles. Yep. That’s the ugly, dark, hardcore truth.

Even the Daily Hate can’t ignore TrutH, aristocrats, and Tinseltown, rabbit holes popping up everywhere. Entertainment, politics, economics, social welfare, war, resource control all of it is a complex cover for child and female sex slavery. The end point of all the rabbit holes, the horrible evil bitter poisonous pill we have to swallow to finally, completely, wake up. This is all about child sex rings. The people running the show need, want, choose to abuse children and women.

This is their fuel. Whether we subscribe to Crowley theories of devil worship, or any of the other myriad of theories as to why they want our children’s innocence, to rape us of our futures, our lives, our world, is all out there for us to figure out.

The Matrix is the construct to cover it all up. We facilitate mass child sex networks by ignoring truth. The normalization of pedophilia is main-streaming as I write. So when told by our sexist boss, nosy neighbor or narcissistic lover that we’re crazy, flaky, ungrounded, tripping, paranoid or fucked up because we don’t believe the system, stand our ground.

Say the words the unbelievers, liars and deceivers, devil pleasers, sheeple and show offs don’t want to hear – children are being raped in a system that feeds off them every single day. We don’t trust our governments, our leaders, our kings and queens, too many lies, too much deceit and rampant corruption. Where are the missing children? Words that make black and blue pillars balk in fear, horror and distaste. Narcissistic curses and glorification of busy algorithms block all these truths.

Their lives are about bills, busyness and bullshit. We ain’t crazy, its the fekin world that’s crazy. Channel Truman, channel Neo, Trinity, Dorothy and Alice, don’t believe everything we are told. Find out. We can feel really shaky, freaked out, anxious, scared, unsure of ourselves during these intense waves of psychic attack. Truth needs to be told to stand strong amid tsunamis of negativity.

Break the energy wizardry of this black portal by KNOWING SELF and refusing to allow anyone else to shake that self knowing. Self awareness, self trust, self care, we have worked hard to cultivate, grow and evolve. Harness 1111 quantum leap courage, 333 lightwave confidence and 444 lightbody activation.

We stand our ground. Anchoring our light to Gaia. We will not be moved. 999 dark portal wants us to waver, dissolve or destroy what we know to be truth in our heart. There’s more of us than them, and we are only just getting started. The light revival of humanity is happening and we are here to ensure nothing gets in the way of liberation.

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Use our own force field to block, dismantle, dissolve and derail all negative energetic attack, whether its from CERN, a callous colleague at work, an old curse or matrix implant. It all adds up to the same thing. Stay in the light. Stay protected. Be savvy, secure in your self worth, stealthy and stable. We can do this, no problem.

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We stay focused with dreamweaving our intentions into the manifesting timelines of our world, weaving positivity into Gaia’s ascension field. Look for evidence of the light matrix plugged in. Surrender to divine protection by releasing stress and anxiety and allowing the universe to take care of us, to guide us through the labyrinth of dark portal activity we are blinded by currently. Our third eye is a hotline to our higher self, our heart is hardwired to the angels.

Channel, raise our vibrations, tune in and stay there, it’s all good beautiful people. A walk in the park will energize, a walk by the sea will blow the cobwebs away, hugging a tree will realign us to natures high vibrations. Laughter, love, peace and happiness are our weapons, our tools for safe surfing black waves, whilst still riding those higher vibe 333 activation waves of lightbody goodness.

In light and love cosmic surfers, ?


Image: Pixabay

About the author: I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling.

Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

Image: Pixabay

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