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Psychic Attack And Light Protection

By on December 1, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Psychic Attack And Light Protection

by Morag,
Contributing writer,

Psychic Attack And Light Protection

With so much going on energetically, it becomes tricky identifying causes and effects. 444 lightbody activation, triggered by 1111 or 333 light portals is different from symptoms of 999 dark portals. All of the above are affecting us. We move through the closure of 1111 quantum leap, establishing our biorhythms in 1112 steadying ourselves in higher vibratory fields. 333 light gateway continues till mid December, heart, throat and root chakra activations.

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We release ancestral, past life and childhood trauma in 66 karmic clearing. And to top it all off we are being subjected to the most intense dark portal we’ve experienced so far. There’s a lot going on folks, I’m going to break it down here and offer some tips for navigating energetic friction with our mindbodysoul intact.

1111 and 333 portals of light trigger 444 lightbody activation in our mindbodysoul being. Light portals open in our atmosphere, penetrating the biodome, flooding our atmosphere with high frequency cosmic waves. We have been experiencing these waves intensively since 2012. Lightbody activation is the expansion of our chakra system, bringing us online as energetic beings. We experience physical, intellectual and spiritual awakenings, upgrades and downloads. Our lives change as we seek to embrace, accommodate and integrate upgrades to our DNA.

To create energetic space for upgrades we release karma. Upgrading from 3d to 5d on the material plane in one lifetime is virtually unheard of in the multiverse, certainly a lifetime as short and limited as the human linear life span. Andromedans live for 900 to 1000 years, they are able to experience all the magic, wonder and growth of the enlightenment in a calm, easy going manner, time stretches for them.

Human life span has been artificially manipulated. We are a GM population. Food, air, water and manufactured goods are engineered in low vibrations, toxic for our evolution. Sadly none of this is by accident.

The Anunnaki infiltrated earth many moons ago. The Anunnaki worship Satan, the fallen angel, he is their idol, their god, their master, their warlord. Despite being limited to lower dimensional frequencies due to their low vibration, the Anunnaki have developed quantum technologies to cloak themselves, shapeshift and jump dimensional timelines. It was easy for them to subdue humanity, they have done this many times before.

Since 2012, people have been trying to align with Gaia’s ascension field, this is what our mindbodysoul being wants to do, raise our vibrations. We are being locked down, chained, blocked from accessing lightwave downloads. Whilst Andromodans were able to welcome their prophesied ascension, exploring lightbody activation, karmic clearing and ancestral healing in a deeply spiritual and technologically advanced way. Humanity’s awakening is more like an emergency road side rescue, paramedics on hand, jump start required.

There is a massive, tightly coordinated rescue mission in full swing for the hearts, minds and souls of humanity on earth. Travelers, volunteers, lightworkers and healers infiltrated the matrix the only way we could, by taking on human lifetimes. Many of us have questioned the need for amnesia when we entered, we have been told this was for full immersion in the matrix, so as not to be identified. This is true. We did agree to a certain amount of amnesia to aid our navigation through childhood.

However, the amnesia backfired, first wavers were devastated spiritually and emotionally by raw violence, fear and greed here on planet earth. Many were taken out before they reached adulthood, under prepared for post war 1950’s, 60’s earth. Second wavers took more power back, came in more awake to the evil presence here. Third wavers holding the fort for transition, too many lost, inert, apathetic, confused, egotistic, caught in the spiders dark magic web. Many of us have been taken out by a vicious system that knew we were coming and had been hunting us in many different ways since we got here.

We have been susceptible to narcissistic manipulation due to our empathic natures. We have been seduced by addiction due to our desperation to expand crown chakra awareness out of the boxed in matrix, losing connectivity to our organic physical well-being. Some of us have been targeted by dark entities in human hosts and on the astral. Sleep paralysis, demonic visitations, psychic attack, black magic and dark energy wizardry have all been used to take us out the matrix. In our physical 3d world, we have been chained up, our wings pinned from birth.

They. Saw. Us. Coming, folks.

It’s time we wise up and start owning our survival, our prowess and our warrior fire. The empath is rising from the flames, and she is not happy. She looks around, eyes wide open, SEES snakes, lizards, vampires, users and abusers, feeding off her, twisting her mind up, ripping holes in her heart and her soul. Does she forgive? Does she forget? She detaches with boundaries of self love, observes the feeders writhe in fury and agony as she cuts off their energy supply. She feels sacred rage, seeks divine justice for all the harm they cause to the innocent, the vulnerable, the needy and the disempowered.

Karma will do her beautiful, swift and sage work. The souped up, fired up empath can sit in a sacred circle of light, load up her light weapons, protect herself in divine crystalline force field, and take aim. Fire at will. This is a new world friends, warrior upgrades coming through. Light burns the darkness. Literally burns it. Light sears into black souls causing a myriad of symptoms, nothing quite making sense.

Headaches, gut aches, chest pains. We can pull out every single knife in our back in deep meditative shamanic self healing. What do we do with them when they’re pulled out? Do we dissolve them in light or fire them right back at sender. We can construct a light mirror, a sphere of mirror light all round us. As we exist inside our force field, our mirrored force field, we can instruct the mirror to reflect all negative energies sent to us right back to sender.

The mirror reflects, blocking all their energies getting to us, permanently returned to sender, ain’t no bad karma in that. If folk are sending us love they’re gonna get it all back. If they are stabbing us in the back, the front, all sides, well, it could hurt when it is reflected back at them. Our higher self will show us we are being attacked in synchronicity, numbers and meditation. We will experience a sinkhole in our energies. We send fuel to our sphere mirror, making sure it is returning everything to sender.

We experience the physical, material plane wrath of these people so used to draining us energetically. Without us, their props, their narratives crumble, they expose their true snaky natures in desperate, irrational, illogical behaviour and actions, betraying themselves to all who are observing. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. Some, bullies, are just fly by night nasties, riddled with entities feeding off their weakened, greedy, corrupt natures. Others are hunters.

If you resonate with my words, feel you have been hunted, know that it is a compliment, we clearly make such powerful waves here that the darkness felt the need to assign us our very own demon handler. Whatever. Cut them out, burn them out, vacuum them out of us anyway we can. Reputable shamanic healers can clear entities as well as ancestral curses, attachments and even demonic hunters sent to take us out the game. If this resonates instruct your higher self to find you the healer you need to clear your energies mind, body and soul. The time is now to cut it all out.

Hunters are weakened in the ascension field, their addictions are catching up on them, they are plagued with illness, migraines, stomach problems, kidney, liver and heart issues. They are distracted by their own twisted sickness.

How to identify parasites, players and hunters and how to get rid of them energetically for good.

1. In all walks of life we experience bullying, intimidation, gossip and backstabbing. It confuses us as we feel we don’t do anything to instigate the negativity, toxicity and unpleasantness. Our light is bright, we were largely unaware of it for decades, yet all these demonic attachments, parasitic entities can see us coming a mile off. An alcoholic boss? She is going to pick on the lightworker in her team, whose light hurts her demon alcohol attachments.

An envious partner, they will belittle, diminish, blow out our light as often as possible, it reminds them of their own inertia, apathy and weakness. The lightworker is just BEing, YET his or her presence is offending, assaulting, burning negative attachments, entities. Sometimes the human host will not know why they are so vile to the innocent lightworker, negative behavior can be a compulsion when feeding attachments.

2. Loss of energy, appetite, self esteem, sleep and peace of mind are the hallmarks of psychic attack. Whether this is from an individual or on a larger scale within the matrix, we must learn to combat these attacks by consciously protecting our energy.

3. Witchcraft has its own signature, a heavy, black note of bile planted into our energetic beings. It can cling to our DNA for lifetimes, plaguing ancestral family lines with sores, depression, anxiety, black holes for self esteem. In order to take off the heavy, dark cloak of witchcraft we embrace our angels and our divinity. We heal. We seek help if we can’t get it off by ourselves, from reputable healers able to deal with ancient and new witchcraft curses.

4. A family member, carer or close friend has tried to hurt, wound or even kill us. Hunters jumped into families as soon as they were able to identify the blood lines travelers were attaching to for clearing. If we resonate with the traveler identity, being hunted since birth or early childhood is a common experience. Stealth mode, soldier training and divine trust in the truth in our gut, is our survival, our armour and our mission.

5. The demon hunter will have a human servant, a feeder, an individual who upholds them, their needs and their construct of the world above all else within the family unit. This may have forced other, normal members of the family, into orbiting roles, pushed away by the dark intensity of these old energy connections. Narcissism, violence, sexual and emotional abuse, mind control and manipulation will be the hallmarks of family life if you have been hunted either as a traveler or as a volunteer from arrival in the matrix.

The good news is since the activations, we are so light filled we burn negative people, their attachments and their demons, just by our physical presence. They will separate from us physically, we literally hurt their being, but will continue to come at us on the astral and in the digital world, seeking to troll us, disrupt our higher biorhythms, haunt us or paralyze us in dark witchcraft. It’s up to us to take steps to protect ourselves. We can choose to protect ourselves and move on.

Or we feel the call to sacred rage warrior missions in preordained contracts regarding our mission here. Light warriors are receiving a new set of upgrades through this 333 portal. Accompanying and building on upgrades integrated earlier in 2019 during previous 333 portals, we are now experiencing a massive upgrade in our supernatural abilities.

Ghosts, ghouls, demons attachments, dark portals, its all becoming as real to us as shops, trains and stations. None of this has been happening by coincidence, we are joining the dots now. Our lives are taking on a holistic, decompartmentalized context as we assimilate with our higher selves, we SEE the bigger picture.

Lightworkers here to raise the vibrations, heal the world, change the world in peace, love, light and harmony, protection is key to survival. Light warriors I feel your sacred rage, Christ in the market place, divine justice, we’re coming for you frequencies, protection is key to our survival. All of us are receiving massive downloads, upgrades, as we push through this current maelstrom of energies.

5 Essential protection steps for light filled folk

1. Mantras

All energies not created by me I return to sender.

Force field of Light up.

I construct a mirror between me and _______ blocking their energies from me and reflecting back all they send to me.


2. Black and white crystals for light protection, dark energy transmutation and clearing our auric field.

3. Paying close attention to number patterns, synchronicities, feathers, all are messages from guides, higher self, the universe, to help us lean into Divine alignment.

4. Smudge, smudge, smudge. Sage. Incense. Essential oils. Daily.

5. Self care forces us to put boundaries up, pushing folk who hurt us away. We maintain those secure spaces with Self confidence self awareness and self love.

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We are doing this. We’ve made it this far and we ain’t going anywhere. The world has already changed. Her ascension from 3d to 5d is elemental. In fire we burn all blocks, all limits to our wellbeing and happiness. In air we breathe new life into our mindbodysoul being, dream weaving truth into our lives.

In earth we ground to Gaia, anchor our light and connect to nature’s divine frequencies. In water we surrender to the flow of universal love, we are the containers, we hold space for the ascension of Gaia. In ether we achieve the alchemy of soul integrity, we release our spirit to energetic bliss. The angels sing with us. The Federation have our backs. The matrix is being rewired to light vibbraaatiiiooons. We hold love for Self above all else, protecting, caring for and nurturing ourselves in source love light.

Sending y’all a big cosmic love hug x

In light and love beautiful people.


Image: Pixabay

About the author: I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling.

Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

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