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The Most Brutally Honest, Loving, Liberating Sentiment

By on November 30, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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The Most Brutally Honest, Loving, Liberating Sentiment

by Jeff Foster,
Contributing Writer,

The Most Brutally Honest, Loving, Liberating Sentiment

“I love you. I respect you. I love being with you, spending time with you, exploring the world with you.

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But I do not need you. I do not need you for my contentment, my wholeness, my ultimate fulfillment.

You are not, and never have been, responsible for my happiness. And you will never be to blame for my unhappiness.

I release you (myself) from the impossible burden of having to live up to my expectations and assumptions, of having to adapt to fit my unending needs, of having to be the One to complete me, for I cannot be completed by you or by anyone.

I no longer wish to abandon myself for another; I no longer want you to abandon yourself for me, my love. I am already complete, as you are.

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Seek your own happiness, and I shall seek mine, and let us play and dance and sing and meet and open our hearts in the middle. Sometimes our paths will cross, sometimes not, but let us remind each other, each day, each day we have left of this precious life, of our inherent completeness, let us remember the exquisite wholeness that we are, let us remember this love…”

– Jeff Foster

About the author: Writer/Teacher/Poet of Presence. New book THE JOY OF TRUE MEDITATION out now.

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